One of the many amazing gifts my end of life patients have taught me is what it means to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling LIFE. This was not what I had expected. It is through the “gift” of learning from them that I have created “Take Charge of Your Health” to share it with all of you.

Are you someone aged 40 or over and are suffering from fatigue, extra weight that just wont budge no matter how hard you try to lose it, and/or find yourself thinking, “Is this it?” Or, “I’m just not as happy as I thought I would be in life”? This is exactly what I would hear from all my friends over and over again. I myself started suffering from the same symptoms a few years after I turned forty, even while maintaining what I felt was the same “healthy” regimen I had been doing for years. There had to be another reason and there was.

Fitness means viable for life. This sounds wonderful, but most people only address the physical (exercise) and nutritional (what we eat). This is only part of it and where most fitness programs fall short. We are holistic beings. Holistic=Whole. If we only pay attention and nourish  1 or 2 of the parts that make us complete, we will at some point suffer unwanted illness and symptoms, sometimes very serious ones.

In order to achieve optimal FITNESS we need to understand, nourish and balance all 4 bodies of energy EQUALLY.

What You Will Learn In This Workshop:

* The 4 bodies of energy (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and how EVERYTHING in life is related on an energetic level.
* How the imbalance (even slightly) to these 4 bodies of energy can lead to weight gain, illness, depression and more.
* The ways to identify imbalances in each body of energy and how to heal them.
* How to develop a daily practice that will “nourish” each body of energy in order to live the most blissful life possible – Everyday!!!
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