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Doulagivers® Certified End of Life Doulas  are thoroughly trained in all three phases of End of Life Care. Before being awarded certification, students must obtain a minimum of 30 hours of bedside experience, successfully complete all learning modules, pass the Doulagivers final exam, and pass a level 2 background check. Every Doula is required to be an active member of the Doulagiver Membership in order to keep updated with the most current education and evaluation of their ethical practice.


Christine Farrug

My name is Christine Farrug and I have been a hospital pharmacist for 35 years. I am married with 2 grown children and 1 very sweet cat. After witnessing the death of several close family members, I realized it is my calling to help others with their end of life. It will be my lifelong duty to continue to learn everything I can about helping patients and families at this sacred time.


(248) 9090683


Judith Arasi

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.
-Maya Angelou

My name is Judith Arasi, I live in Massachusetts with my husband Mike, and dog Chesney.  I enjoy cooking, running, hiking, and gardening.  I am most at peace with nature, and actively practice meditation and the precepts of Reiki. I strongly believe that the mind, body, and spirit all work together.

Since childhood, I always knew I had a calling to help people, and have always been a natural caregiver with the ability to develop meaningful relationships with those around me.

I guided my grandmother, mother, and mother in law through their end of life process.

After retiring early from a 25 year career in Dental Office Management, I began volunteering as a Hospice Companion /Patient Advocate.  It was there that I quickly realized this was the path that my life was meant to take. I am passionate about being in the moment with my patients, providing quality companionship, life legacy projects, opportunities to reminisce, and helping to grant end of life wishes.

During my time with hospice, I became trained in the Angel/ 11Th Hour Program, which supports patients and their families with vigil visits and respite care during the transition and active dying process. I am also an active member of the Volunteer Bereavement Program offering support to family members through phone calls, visits, letter writing, and presenting life legacy gifts.

As a Certified End of Life Doula, I continue with my passion of providing emotional, physical and spiritual care to my patients and their families.
My training allows me to educate and support you beginning after the initial diagnosis, and continues through the three stages of end of life. I will offer recommendations for physical comfort, advocate for you with your medical/ hospice team, and guide you emotionally to your “next place”.

In addition to my certification through Doulagivers Institute, I also hold certifications in Reiki I, Reiki ll, Dementia Care, and Grief and Bereavement.

A wonderful Chaplin once told me to remember that “people will die the way they lived” and to always honor each person with dignity and love.
It would be my honor to support you in your journey.


(508) 517-0236


Teneil Fogg

Death is one of life’s sacred passages, but in our culture it is one of the most denied, ignored, and feared entity. Teneil Fogg worked in health care for many years until she answered her calling in death care. As a Licensed Funeral Director by trade, she still felt many families weren’t able to get closure and say good bye to their loved one in the way that they wanted to. As and End of Life Care Specialist, she would like to meet the families and their loved one where they are at the end of life journey, to work with them and give them a sense of peace with the steps of end of life. She provides families all options in advance planning, advance directives, end of life transitions, creating meaningful vigils, elder doula care, as well as all aspects of funeral planning. She strives in helping families cope with death through recognizing it as a natural and important part of life.


(306) 962-7455


Astrid Balzer

Hello. My name is Astrid Balzer. I am a trained end-of-life doula. I have a Master in Social Work. I have 25 years of experience working with children, families and adults in the mental health field. I retired early and moved back home to take care of my parents. I became an end of life doula after helping my father who died after a year battle with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. I also assisted my aunt at the end of her life with Dementia. I learned first hand how I could have benefitted from having someone who had been down this path before, to guide me. It became my passion.

My first language is Spanish.


(314) 322-9736


Kalie Reimer

I am a wife and mother to two young children, living in Calgary, AB. Although I work as an administrator in the healthcare industry, my passion has always been helping people.

After nearly losing our infant son to a terminal illness, I became acutely aware of the importance of having the proper supports in place while confronting the unknown. During those tough times I relied heavily on my loved ones to care for me, make basic decisions and, most importantly, listen when I needed to talk. I faced caregiver burn out and learned how crucial it is to have a respite plan in place long before you actually need it. This experience lead me to explore the ways I could offer support to people in need during their most difficult moments. After joining online support groups I realized how many parents in my community were suffering while trying to face the terminal diagnosis, or death, of their child. This lead me to research the role that death doulas play in our healthcare system.

Now, I am a certified End Of Life Doulagiver Specialist. I offer emotional support to grieving families and loved ones during and after death, and I assist the family to reenter life after their loss. As a Certified Doulagiver Specialist I am trained in three crucial areas of care – Eldercare, Care Consulting, and End of Life Doula services. I have completed further training to become a certified Forgiveness Life Coach, a Mindfulness teacher, a Reiki Master, an Aromatherapist and a certified Meditation Coach, all of which I have to be complimentary to my doula practice.


Serving Alberta, Canada


(403) 875-3080


Laura Gill (Pool)

I love living in Colorado and enjoy the outdoors, gardening, cooking and reading. I was blessed to have grown up in a loving family with great models for parents and four happy sisters. I was both a teacher and a counselor for over 30 years and I believe becoming an End of Life Doula is a natural progression in my journey to support others.

I am able to use my wide range of skills, my love of caretaking and my personal experience with death to provide support not only for the patient with a terminal illness but also their loved ones.

I am a comforting presence in the midst of what can sometimes be scary and overwhelming. My experience with relationship and grief counseling with both children and adults compels me to reconcile differences and smooth the path at the end of life.

I believe that everyone deserves an end of life that is dignified, peaceful, graceful and meaningful. I am passionate about creating a sacred space for individuals and their loved ones to experience end of life on their terms.

End of Life Doula certification from Doulagivers Institute

NEDA Proficient

BAT, MA in Counseling

Sand Tray Therapy Training /Sand TrayTraining

Institute – Levels 1-4

Contact Laura: 970-214-0682




Mary Beth Sojka

Mary Beth has been a part of the health care community for many years. She has always been drawn to people near end of life, helping them to cope and keeping a peaceful space for them. One day she found there was a name for that, a Death Doula. She immediately signed up to be educated and worked with a client pro bono while taking the course. She is reiki master and certified crystal healer as well. Helping with the physical and spiritual aspects as needed.



(716) 903-9900


Christine McBeath

Through the years, my heart always knew a time would present itself for me to become a professional EOL companion. When I discovered the Doula Givers Institute, it so inspired my heart that I knew that time had arrived.

My background has involved many paths including tourism, raising a family, writing, travel and most recently, helping seniors transit from their lifelong homes to assisted living premises. An emotional journey for them, to be sure, and one that is usually filled with stories, treasures, memories and love.

It is enriching work but without doubt I can say that being an EOL Doula – sharing the companionship of heart alongside a solid body of knowledge to support and comfort those involved in the dying process – is one of my most precious life choices yet.


Serving British Columbia, CA


(604) 616-6762


Sandra Aligarbes

Being an End of Life Doula is a natural next step of the journey I have been on for years in caring for patients and family during the end of life process. I was trained as a nurse and worked in the ICU for several years before I landed a job working in home hospice. There I found my niche. Being able to provide information that was comforting to the patient and family, utilizing my nursing skills and being a calm presence in the midst of what was sometimes a very turbulent time has been so rewarding. Working with hospice I have learned that the final steps of the journey for many individuals include more than the essentials of making a person physically comfortable. This is truly a spiritual and sacred journey. Allowing the patient to express his/her/their wishes on how to proceed are essential. I truly consider it a privilege and honor to accompany patients and families in these final steps. While I no longer wish to work full-time, I definitely wish to continue my work with patients at the end of life as well as their families. As an End of Life Doula I wlll be there to support the patient and family emotionally and spiritually. I will be able to offer support and suggestions to ensure the patient is comfortable. I will also serve as a resource person to help connect the patient and family to community services for planning and making funeral arrangements. If you have any questions or I can be of service to you, please feel free to contact me.



(505) 215-0170


Suzette Mikita

I was born and raised in Connecticut. I spent my childhood amongst many activities including camping, babysitting, skiing, rollerskating and ice skating, reading every book I could get my hands on, and being a candy striper where I developed my love for nursing.

I moved to South Florida where I became a nurse in 2002. I have been involved in end of life care for approximately 19 years. I obtained my Palliative Care Resource Nurse certification in 2015. I also contributed greatly to starting the Palliative Care Steering Committee at Bayfront St. Petersburg Hospital in 2016 and I became a very active member of the Advent Health Tampa Hospital Palliative Care Steering Committee in 2018.

It is my sole purpose and calling to assist people in the traversing of the vastly complex end of life world. I look forward to rising to the challenge!

Bachelors in Science Nursing 2002
Critical Care Nurse 19 years
Member Advent Health Tampa Palliative Care Steering Committee 2018-Present
Founding Member Bayfront Health Saint Petersburg Palliative Care Committee 2015-2018
Palliative Care Resource Nurse 2015-Present
Certified End of Life Doula 2021
Phone: 941-258-8552


Christine Soza

Christine started her nursing career in oncology almost 30 years ago and has always felt a deep calling in helping her patients and families. She has held space and held hands with many beautiful people at the end of their lives, including her own parents. Later in her nursing career, Christine realized comforting patients and guiding families in end-of-life care has been her greatest life calling. Due to a series of life events, she is returning to the end-of life care once more.

This led Christine to receive her certification as an End-of-Life Doula from the International Doulagivers institute. She also recently received her Proficiency Badge from The National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA), certifying her proficiency in the NEDA core competencies.

“It would be an honor to compassionately care for your loved ones at the end of their lives”

Helping to provide a safe and sacred space for the end-of-life experience for your loved one in the Northern California/Chico area.

Please feel free to contact Christine at:

Phone: (530) 570-8640

Email: TrueNorthawakening@gmail.com

Website: www.truenorthawakening.com


Veronica Scheers

Veronica Scheers RN, CEOLD
Certified End of Life Doula
Guiding Your Light at End of Life

As a traveling EOLD I will be coming to you in person or as a Tele Doula to best meet my clients needs.

My goal is to meet my clients where they are in their journey. I will bring care and compassion to lead my client to a comfortable passing, in their home, with their loved ones. I will provide education and non-physical assistance to my client and their loved ones. I bring 45 years of the art of bedside care and will help teach this to loved ones as I care for my client during their transition.

I graduated from Samuel Merrit College in 1982 with an Associates’s Degree in Nursing. As an RN I spent 36 years at John Muir Medical Center in Concord, California. The last 30 years in bedside Critical Care.

(925) 209-3725


Michelle Jackson

Michelle Jackson, RN EOLD
I have been blessed to be a Registered Nurse in LongTerm Care for 30 years. I have supported many wonderful people that needed a little extra help and care with their daily activities, up to and including, support for that person and their loved ones while at the bed during their vigil period. Becoming an End Of Life Doula has heightened my awareness of my desire and hope that everyone has a peaceful, loving end to their precious, purpose-filled life. There are many steps needed to ensure this happens; reducing the fear, education, and Advanced Care Planning are great steps to start with. At Holistic Endeavour, I specialize in providing and Honouring End of Life Holistic Care and Planning as a Certified EOL Doula.

Serving Ontario, Canada

(613) 802 9808


Effie Baldwin

I am very enthusiastic about living a meaningful life and allowing my Spirit to move forward. I view death as a natural process to release the Spirit from the physical body. I’ve had the opportunity to hold vigil space and be at the bedside of several loved-ones who have transitioned. Therefore, it would be an honor for me to accompany you and your family on this journey. I want to provide information, support, and assistance before, during, and after your loved-one’s end of life experience. Together, we can plan and ensure the most sacred and peaceful final moments.


(843) 712-4413


Karine Ferro

As the Founder of Soulful Passage Doula Care, Long Island, NY, I offer multiple services such as End Of Life Doula, Elder Care Doula and Advance Directives Care Specialist (Living Will, Health Care Proxy and Living Well Plan). I earned my accreditation from Doulagivers Institute, an internationally recognized leader in the industry.
I am an active member of the National End Of Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) and a trained Hospice Patient Care Volunteer with Good Shepherd Hospice in Port Jefferson, NY.
I am versed in Healing Touch – a form of energy therapy beneficial in decreasing pain, calming anxiety, and deepening spiritual connection.

I can lovingly, compassionately and genuinely accompany your dearest one who is actively passing, while supporting your family during your neediest of times with a soft, generous and healing heart.

Providing such an intimate service is my life’s calling. I inform patients and loved ones how to best navigate the unknown and too often fearful end of life process, so you can feel a sense of control, empowerment and maybe, peace. I live to make the end of life transition as serene, meaningful and peaceful as possible, for my patients and their families. With a loving wisdom, I can discuss and reflect upon every step in this natural end of life journey.

I was born and raised in France. I am a caring mother of two beautiful adult children, and three rescued furry babies. I truly adore connecting with people of all ages, ethnicities, and faiths. My heart deeply smiles while practicing yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, reading a moving book, breathing in the gloriousness of nature or gazing upon inspirational art.

I would be honored to provide you and your cherished ones, the peace of heart and soul you are searching for.

(631) 428-0340


Liz O’Connell

“The art of living well and the art of dying well are one.” -Epicurus

Greetings! I’m Liz – a registered nurse, certified end-of-life doula, traveler, life enthusiast, and a grief warrior!

My mission is to serve as a guide for the dying and their loved ones to facilitate a peaceful passing. Think of me as an end-of-life coach. I’m here to hold space for others, providing a safe container to express the emotions, thoughts, and feelings that arise when we are faced with death. It is my honor to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually present for those seeking support.

It is truly my soul’s calling to partner with the dying to help ease the transition out of the physical body by: identifying priorities for a “good death” and cultivating safe space from which to experience the fullness of the death process in a way that supports the vision of the dying. ​I’m here to bring dignity and honor to the dying process and to help you navigate the experience with grace and love.

I offer in-person and virtual/online doula services and it is my honor to serve you.

*NEDA proficient*

Let’s connect!
IG: @deathdoulanurse


Rosie Brinsek

I have been a health care worker since becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant at age 16. I went on to complete my Registered Nurse degree, and gained valuable experience through the years working in nursing homes, hospitals, home health/hospice and clinic settings. Most of my career was spent taking care of the elderly.

My experiences led me to be curious about how some people heal from serious issues like metastatic cancer, while others decline due to seemingly minor issues. I was also seeking my own healing from the constant stress of working in the medical system. Thus I began to study the subtle energy systems that support healing. I became a Certified Eden Energy Medicine practitioner in 2010 and a Clinical Practitioner in 2020.

Through the years I have been frequently involved in the care of people who were dying. I saw that profound healing is possible in the process-healing of family relationships, healing from emotional wounds. To me, death is a human and sacred process. It’s a human experience, not a medical experience. With an interest in helping people through this process in a holistic way that honors their journey through life, I became a Certified End of Life Doula in 2021 after retiring from nursing.

Call/text me at 971-236-2029 or email me at radiantfhb@gmail.com for a free consultation!


Ashley White

Hey! I’m Ashley, an End of Life Doula. I am a free spirit who finds joy in helping people and making the world a brighter place. The path of practicing as an EOL Doula found me when I was working as an RN in the Hospice field. It was easy to see that death was something that not everyone wants to talk about as much as I do. It was also in these moments of quiet and solitude where I noticed how much I could help someone by guiding them in preparing for their passing. I am the friend who doesn’t fear death and who can break down Advance Directives and creating a Vigil. Let me be that friend for you!

(304) 308-0123


Penny Guilford

My name is Penny Guilford and I live in Gore, Virginia. I love anything spiritual and I read as much as I’m able to. I’m a birth doula, birth bereavement doula, and an end of life doula. I’m certified through Birth Boot Camp, Stillbirthday, and Doulagivers. I also have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and an associate degree in education, and I formerly worked as a certified nursing assistant in home health care. Part of my life’s journey is helping to guide others up and over the mountain from one life to the next, whether that’s celebrating a new little soul joining us in this world, or celebrating one of our own returning home, as much as we wish to keep them here. I would love to help you and your family navigate these sacred experiences.



Penny Phelps

Hello, my name is Penny Phelps and I have completed the End of Life Certified Doulagivers program. I am so happy to hold this space of presence and build trust and education a loved one experiencing their end of life and help create a beautiful space for a legacy to be transformed into precious memories.


Lynne-Anne McGrail

Lynne-Anne McGrail is the founder of A Peaceful Transition, a division of A Better You, Inc. based in Los Angeles, CA. She has a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She is certified as a Life Coach, an End-of-Life Doula (EOLD) and Doula Consultant through Doulagivers International. She also has her proficiency badge from NEDA– National End of Life Doula Alliance.
Aside from her “official” certifications, Lynne-Anne feels she has been in training to become an EOLD her entire life. She first experienced death at a very young age when her brother tragically passed away at the age of 13 in a house fire. Later in life, she experienced a rapid series of deaths—among them her best friend, her dad (after a 7-year struggle with Alzheimer’s,) and most recently, her 32-year-old niece. These experiences generated a deep understanding of the fragility and preciousness of life, and how death can serve as a magnificent teacher in the art of living well. Her true purpose in life is to be of service to both those that are terminally ill, and also their loved ones; providing emotional, mental, and spiritual support when and where needed.

Lynne-Anne also believes that to have peace-of-mind at the end of life requires preparation. As such, her work in the community includes education around the importance of having a plan in place through advanced care directives, healthcare proxies, etc. These preparations can prevent and relieve enormous burdens and excessive stress in what is inevitably a stressful time for any family. She also firmly believes that the more we know and the better informed we are, the more peaceful the end of life can be for all involved. Toward that end she facilitates monthly “death cafes,” casual, open and honest discussions around the end of life–free to the public–and dedicated to demystify and de-stigmatize the subject most of us try to ignore, but that we all inevitably face.
Lynne-Anne feels it is an honor to serve in this way and invites anyone to reach out with any questions or comments.

Phone: 310-367-5889
Email: care@peacefultransitionla.com
Website: www.apeacefultransitionla.com


Mindy Drossner

Since 1998, Mindy has worked with thousands of older adults and their families to bring quality of life, comfort and meaning to those in their later years or with significant medical conditions. While some of Mindy’s journeys with clients take just weeks, many are deeper connections that have grown over years and, as the individual’s needs change, her approach and focus does as well. As a licensed social worker, Mindy utilizes interventions to help reduce fear and anxiety, promote informed decision-making, strengthen relationships and reconnect to joyful living. Enhancing the well-being of her clients is the very heart of Mindy’s practice.

When a life-limiting condition or a terminal diagnosis is received, Mindy is there as an advocate, counselor and educator. She is trained in all three stages of the dying process to provide non-medical, holistic support to the body, mind and spirit, and she is sensitive to the logistical, physical, emotional and spiritual needs that arise throughout these stages. Mindy guides and assists her clients to promote self-determination and enhance understanding of the natural dying process. In addition, she offers support and guidance to individuals, their loved ones and their caregivers as they manage various practical tasks and as they struggle with sadness and anticipatory grief. Mindy recognizes the value of family and community, and she works within these systems to facilitate an end-of-life transition that is as peaceful, meaningful and dignified as it can be.

Mindy has served as the Assisted Living Administrator and as Co-Director of Social Service at a Continuing Care Community on the Main Line outside of Philadelphia, PA, where she has worked for 20 years. She has worked closely with both short-term and long-term residents as well as hospice patients and their families. In addition to holding a master’s degree in Social Work, she has a bachelor’s degree in Community Health Education, is a life-long student of yoga and meditation and has completed a pre-licensure massage therapy program. Practicing now as a certified End of Life Doula, an Elder Care Doula and as a Care Consultant, Mindy is following her calling to guide others through the aging years and through the universal dying process which all beings will inevitably face. Mindy is married to her high school sweetheart and lives with her daughter, son and their Cavapoo.

Mindy Drossner, MSW, LSW

Location: Pennsylvania, greater Philadelphia area (serving all local counties)

Contact: mindy@eveningsongdoula.com 610-937-1385



Marian Sensenig

Born and raised in Lancaster, PA, with a twin brother and three younger sisters, our family grew up very close emotionally and spiritually.

Then after high school, I went to northern Canada in mission work for six years. When returning home I worked in nursing homes and private homes caring for the elderly, domestically and health care needs. I continued some education in medical and completed a Certified Doulagiver program to better meet the needs of the dying and death experience.

Since my husband recently passed, December 2020, I am also adding bereavement solutions to healing. My goal is to meet the Guest and family needs emotionally, physically, and spiritually but not medically. This complete model enhances healing in all phases of our being alongside and support to the medical caregivers.

You are welcomed to contact me to learn what is available for your family needs. God bless.


(717) 405-7770




Sandra Aligarbes

Greetings. I am Sandra Aligarbes and I am an End of Life Doula working in the rural Northwest New Mexico. Having worked as a home hospice nurse for over 8 years, I am familiar with the physical, cultural and social diversity of the area. I am most appreciative of this diversity and very respectful of it. I can offer that specialized physical, spiritual and emotional support to dying patients and their loved ones. I look forward to the honor of serving my community in this way.


(505) 215-0170



Alice Long

I finished my education with an Associate and Diplomate in Logotherapy (Therapy through Meaning))from the Viktor Frankl Institute of Logotherapy. That was followed by a Doctorate of Ministry in Franklian Psychology from the Graduate Theological Foundation. I completed this education at age 50, after raising my family.

My published work on the subject is: LIVE LIKE YOU WERE DYING-Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy applied to the Hospice Patient and their family. I attempted to answer this question . . . . How does the hospice patient and their family find meaning in the dying process?

I was a Hospice Chaplain at the time when I started this education. It all started by reading the book, MANS’s SEARCH FOR MEANING. The principles of finding meaning in suffering were so applicable to Hospice that I set out to complete my education to apply it to full-time Hospice work. I now have applied it for years as a Hospice Chaplain.

I am an Interdenominational minister and have spent approximately 30 years co-pastoring with my husband in various churches in Washington and Idaho.

My approach to people as a Certified End of Life Doula would be helping the patient and family to discover meaning during this time period of their life, along with the guidance learned in my doula certification.


(208) 312-4888


Erik Peterson

Since graduating from a post-baccalaureate program in 2015, Erik worked various jobs until COVID-19 swept through their community of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The coronavirus had taken the world by surprise, leaving millions devastated and unprepared. Facing the harsh realities of a pandemic encouraged Erik to learn about caring for the sick and dying. Their relationship to their own mortality has been lifelong; enduring over two dozen surgeries and operations, Erik is not unfamiliar with the fragility of life. By enrolling in courses with the Doulagivers Institute and having lived through great adversity, Erik has gained the knowledge, confidence, and empathy to work with those approaching their end-of-life.

Erik Peterson is certified as a ‘Doulagiver Care Consultant’ and ‘Elder Care Doula’ through Doulagivers Institute and is soon to be a ‘Certified End-of-Life Doula.’ Erik has received their Post-Baccalaureate at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (2015) and their Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts (2014). They are also studying herbalism with the Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism.


(484) 474-0672




Barbara Marshall

Barb’s professional journey would be considered non-traditional by many. Barb earned her Bachelor of Science in Communication Systems Management during her mid-30s. While raising her children Barb returned to school in her mid-40s to earn her Master of Fine Arts in Healthcare Communication. From there she spent 12 years in the pharmaceutical industry and then nearly 9 years with Heartland Hospice in Indianapolis. During her time in hospice Barb discovered her passion: supporting those with life limiting conditions and navigating the end of life process.
Years before working in the field of hospice, Barb cared for her husband who passed from a glioblastoma at the age of 59. She learned much navigating his care which took them to Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis to the Duke Brain Tumor Center in Durham, NC and ultimately back home in central Indiana.
After spending nearly 9 years advocating for patients and families facing end of life situations Barb decided to leave the corporate world of end of life care to dedicating herself to becoming an End of Life Doula. Barb trained through the Doulagivers Institute earning their Badge of Excellence by completing all requirements for certification for End of Life Doula, Elder Care Consultant, Care Consultant and the Peace of Mind Planner for Advance Care Planning. Barb is also NEDA proficient and a member of LifeSpan Doulas. Barb has a passion for empowering patients and families to allow their loved ones to die well – whatever that looks like. Barb believes if people prepared for death and dying as much as they do for the birth of a child, people would not be as afraid of death. Dying is the one thing that everyone has in common and will happen to each individual. Barb’s goal is to educate, support, listen, and assist individuals in navigating of the end of life process.
Through Graceful Passage LLC as an End of Life Doula Barb will provide non-medical physical, emotional and spiritual support to the patient and their loved ones before, during and after death.
Phone 317.908.3399
Email barb.gracefulpassage@gmail.com.
Website: GracefulPassageLLC.com.

Susan Wolf-Hall

My name is Susan Wolf-Hall. I worked in the medical field as a Nursing Home Assistant, Health Care Companion and Emergency Medical Technician during the early 80s. I changed careers to the Environmental field for 15+ years.  After that I homeschooled my children for 13 years. During my lifetime I have seen death in hospitals and cared for family members at home during their end-of-life experience. I am now ready to give more time to helping those going through what could be a positive experience in difficult times.




Billie Crawford

Started with Horizon Hospice as a volunteer in 1998, became the director in 2005. Completed Doulagivers class in 2021.

I started this hospice journey long before those dates. When my sister died alone in a hospital. She had people that loved her very much, no reason for her to take her final breath without my hand in hers. If hospice or a doula would have been involved I know I would have been at the bedside. It was a long grieving process to come to terms with her death and the pain I felt in my heart not only because she was gone, it seemed magnified by the fact she was all alone. If I can help any person from that, it has been my life work.

(775) 934-4799



Pauline Meridien

With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare field as a respiratory therapist, both hospital-based as well as in-home therapy, I know the struggles families have at end of life.

As the primary caregiver caring for both my parents, my in-laws, cousins and finally my husband through their end of life experience has taught me many things about this time in all our lives.

As a certified End of Life Doula, I feel confident I can be of service to those facing their end of life; to ensure the highest quality of life to the end.

I hope to put this hard-won ‘education’ to good use for others in their time of need.

(603) 491-2889



Jennie Sikes

With her senior year of High school approaching in 1997, Jennie decided to follow in her mother’s footsteps of becoming a Registered Nurse. She completed her CNA prior in tandem with completing her HS degree and continued on in her education to obtain her LPN, however was guided in a different direction, becoming a medical receptionist for a well-known local cardiac practice.

Shortly after, with the needs of her home life and reducing work travel to ensure her child’s best care before and after school, Jennie started with an IT firm that did amazing right after the dot com era, utilizing her transferable skills in administration. She stayed with that company for 15 years and developed a successful career within Human Resources.

As her children grew, one, being out on his own and the other close to it, she realized it was time to get back to her roots and eventually out of the corporate world, where she could utilize all her transferable skills and other various holistic healing modalities learned throughout the years, to give comfort and guide patients and their loved ones of the through the end of life stages.

Jennie started her education with DoulaGivers in 2020, Palliative and Hospice care, in addition to a family friend who was nearing her end of life stages. Utilizing skills gained, it became transparent that this is the field in which she could successfully help her community and filled her heart knowing best career match.

Jennie brings to your family the ability to guide, coach, and educate in the End-of-Life stages, giving physical, emotional and spiritual support to the patient and their loved ones. Jennie is well versed in Christianity and Catholicism, however is non-denominational. Additionally, Jennie is a Usui Reiki Practitioner, Empath, Natural Intuitive, Spiritual Coach. She is also a Career Coach who helps others with resume writing and applications, interview techniques and landing the best-matched opportunity.


(571) 233-6754



Laurel Marr

Laurel Marr has an extensive resume of service that gives her considerable experience in caring for those suffering, especially in end-of-life care. She has spent her time in New York working in the Episcopal Church (Calvary St. George’s Church and All Angels’ Church).  She was a reformer of the prayer ministry and the organizer for pastoral care and the senior care ministries at Calvary St. George’s Church. This work includes caring for families and patients on a pastoral level, and Laurel also gained much experience in funeral planning. Calvary Church holds an important history in the story of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Reverend Samuel Shoemaker spiritually advised Bill Wilson, and many of the steps were written in the Rector’s office (61 Gramercy Park North). Laurel’s own recovery from addiction has given her a passion for service.

Laurel is a mother to two teenagers and has lived in Manhattan for nine years. She is originally from the Southeast and spent 10 years in Colorado before living in NYC. Her life out west taught her about the considerable benefits of holistic care.  Laurel studied Systematic and Philosophical Theology at the University of Nottingham (UK) and is currently a student at General Theological Seminary in NYC.

Learn more about Laurel in the meaningful testimonials at lmdoulacare.com.


Gail Wathen

Hi I’m Gail, a Holistic Health Practitioner and End of Life Doula. The journey that brought me here has been molded over the past 20 years and began with my initial yoga teacher training. After completing my basic 200-hour program and teaching at various locations, it became apparent that my practice wasn’t accessible to the population who could really benefit from it. This sent me a new direction and an additional 300-hour training where I would learn to work with people who had cancer and suffered from chronic illness. Part of the training required an internship. During that time the universe kept sending me clients who were end of life. As a result, I found that I had a gift for holding space and just being present. They would let me know what they needed from me. Their requests would range from guided imageries to movement that helped relieve lymphedema. This was their journey and I was just happy that they trusted me to be a part of it. In 2017 it became very personal as I had the privilege and honor to care for my mom during the past three months of her life. My training and experiences were invaluable as I sat with her on her journey home. The support of hospice was wonderful once I got over the emotional turmoil of having to contact them. For me, it was like I was giving up on her. I’m sure a lot of caregivers go through the same thing. This was the tipping point for me or the push I needed to pursue additional training as an End of Life Doula. My desire is to bring holistic care, guidance, and companionship to both the client and their caregivers that would ensure a peaceful and beautiful transition. Everyone deserves this.




Laureen M. Painter, OSF

Laureen Marie is a past educator having taught at the elementary and collegiate levels for 18 years. She also has nearly 30 years of healthcare administration experience serving in three national health care systems in Louisiana and Indiana. Her healthcare service included positions as a Vice President (Internal Medicine Specialists, Emergency Medicine, Life Air Rescue, affiliate health services programs, Mission Integration, Spiritual Care, colleague formation, to name a few areas of responsibility) and as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). She served on the Board of Trustees of a national healthcare system and was also the Chair of the Clinical Ethics Committee of a healthcare system. In her earliest professional career, Laureen served her local community as an Emergency Medical Technician.

In addition to professional endeavors, Laureen was also very active in the communities in which she lived. She volunteered with groups that enhanced human dignity and provided access to basic life services. She served on multiple community Boards that worked with homeless families and individuals, troubled teens, cancer patients, the underserved, and medically indigent persons. She is the past Chair of HealthLinc, the largest federally qualified health center system in north-central Indiana, is a founding member of the Community Benefit Coalition of 50 agencies offering a broad spectrum of services, and is a founding member of the Honoring Choices Board that educates people on end-of-life healthcare choices and the ethical decisions therein.

Laureen is a member of the Sisters of Saint Francis of Sylvania, Ohio and relocated to northwest Ohio in 2020. She hopes to find various avenues of service wherein she is able to use her past education and experience by volunteering as a Certified End-of-Life Doula in hospices, physician offices, long-term care centers, and patient homes.


Laureen Marie Painter, OSF, MA, MHA, LFACHE, CEOLD, NEDA Proficient

Northwest Ohio




Joanna Leffeld

Joanna has been guiding people as the “Moolah Doula” for many years helping people become empowered in their relationship with money. As an End of Life doula, she understands the importance of having one’s financial “house” in order.  She is a classically trained ballet dancer, yoga teacher, meditator and artist all of which form the alchemy of her life’s work. Joanna began her end of life work as a visiting volunteer at Sloan Kettering followed by hospice training in Charlottesville, VA where she lived prior to returning to the Hudson Valley.  She is dedicated to making end of life as uncomplicated and meaningful as possible for each patient and their family.



Joni Marra, Esq.

After receiving my certifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Breath Therapy, I started Inward Bound, LLC to give back to a universe that has blessed me my entire life.

My career started in the for-profit world; at the same time, I attended law school part-time. After graduating and passing the bar, I rose through the corporate ranks and led a significant business unit of an international company. Then, I heard the call to start giving back.

In 2008, I retired from corporate life. Hospice, pet rescue organizations and church fill to my volunteer appetite, as well as sitting on boards. And I learned, through formal training at the Cleveland Clinic, Integrative Concepts, LLC and from other sources, including International Doulagivers Institute, how to make a significant difference in the life of another person.

Joni is NEDA Proficiant



(216) 978-0433


Susan Luddy

Starting in my teenage years, I had some very interesting experiences surrounding the deaths of family and friends, and later on, caring for my elderly father for 10 years, and helping other loved ones as needed. While I have been called an empath, lightworker, earth angel, healer, guide and intuitive throughout my life, it wasn’t until the last decade that I started feeling a stirring in my soul, which led me to what I’m doing today.

After I enrolled in the Specialist program at the Doulagivers Institute and was immersed in completing this intensive certification training as an End of Life Doula, Elder Care Doula and Care Consultant, I realized I had found my calling, combined all of my gifts and stepped into my life purpose.

Since then, I’ve become credentialed by the National End-Of-Life Alliance (NEDA) and has earned the NEDA Proficient designation. From there I took additional training in Grief Counseling, became an Ordained Minister to lead end of life celebrations, and am a member of Lifespan Doulas. I have completed hospice training, background checks and am actively volunteering at and contracting with hospices, long-term care organizations and agencies, and work with private clients.

My main service areas include Sedona, the Verde Valley and Flagstaff in northern Arizona and additional areas within a 90-minute radius as needed. I also provide virtual services, educational opportunities and workshops online via www.theinfinitepath.com.

It is my honor to help with your end of life plans and journey while leading with love and sharing my light with you, your loved ones and our communities. I look forward to connecting with you.

Phone: 928-224-8499

Email: theinfinitepathdoula@gmail.com


Mary Jo Speer

Mary Jo Speer Ed.D., RN, is a diploma graduate RN, practicing Emergency Medicine for over 3 decades. She completed her Doctoral work at UNC Charlotte with a focus on end of life care. She had the privilege of caring for her Mother for the last 2 months of her life. She died in her home with family all around her throughout the dying process. Mary Jo’s intention now is to enable others to have that same peaceful end of life experience. Mary Jo has held a nursing license in 6 states, practicing in both a Level 1 adult and pediatric Trauma Centers. While in Tennessee, she was part of a team that led up to a Basic Level Pediatric ER designation throughout the entire state as directed by the TN State Legislature. She served as the Program Manager for the Center for Professional and Applied Ethics at UNC Charlotte. She also founded and is Executive Director of the Keener, Midgley, Speer Institute for Ethics and Social Justice to educate persons on “end of life care choices” Mary Jo is a Board Member of Dying Right North Carolina. DRNC is an advocacy group working to get Medical Aid in Dying (MAID) passed into law in North Carolina.


(704) 775-2052


Kristina Berano

Kristina Berano is a Connecticut native, recently relocated to central Florida. She has been married for over 26 years to her college sweetheart and they are the proud parents of two amazing children. She loves the color purple, sunshine at the beach, going to the movies, and chocolate candy!

With two college degrees and a successful career in the Hospitality Business, she found herself searching for more. This quest brought her to the feet of her beloved teacher, Shri Anadi Ma, heir to the Kundalini Maha Yoga lineage. Kristina pursued a career in yoga instruction and completed 500 hours of Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at the prestigious Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. She actively taught yoga to a dedicated group of students for nearly eleven years.

During that time she also received certifications in Medicinal Aromatherapy from Wisdom of the Earth and Integrated Energy Therapy from The Center of Being. She is the creator and co-founder of ‘Journey to Bliss’, a hands on healing experience she co-facilitated with internationally renowned energy healer, Kat Wynne Brown. Kristina and Kat offered ‘J2B’, an affectionate nickname their followers gave the program, for ten years throughout Connecticut and New York.

More recently she found herself called to the End of Life Doula profession. After much prayer and meditation, she completed her doula studies through Doulagivers Institute. She is also an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church, and is a certified Forgiveness Life Coach and a certified Spiritual Life Coach through the Transformation Academy.

Kristina is dedicated to serving you and your loved one through their final transition.




Kylie Pagent

After 25 years in the corporate world of marketing, events and management trainnig, I have pivoted and been re-training in different areas, including in the energetic healing modality of Reiki and as an End of Life Doula

It was whilst caring for 2 elderly relatives, three years, that I realised that I had a passion to advocate the focus on the elderly. In society today, we seem to spend so much energy and resources on our loved ones coming into this world….why don’t we do the same with our loved ones, when they are leaving this world?? They SO deserve this same focus!

Therefore I have set up my business Soulful End of Life, in Sydney Australia to care for the elderly and support families during this stage of life.

(+61) 413633295



Patrycja Wojtowicz

Patrycja is a certified End-of-Life Doula and a founder of Giving Tree Doula LLC, a private practice in Rockland County, NY dedicated to helping people plan, prepare, and experience their own death peacefully. She earned her accreditation from Doulagivers®, an internationally recognized leader in end-of-life training programs that offers a new, specialized non-medical holistic care. Patrycja holds a Master of Science degree in Chemistry from Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice, Poland. She is a member of the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance (NEDA) and is an active hospice volunteer. Patrycja is also a certified yoga teacher and a longtime practitioner and instructor of meditation.

When Patrycja became a direct-care hospice volunteer in 2011, she discovered her true calling – to help individuals at their last stage of life and support their loved ones through this challenging time. There is a dire need for personalized care and attention in this area. Patrycja is dedicated to filling these gaps. Over the years, she has learned that the end-of-life process, when approached with mindfulness and an open heart, can be the most intimate and meaningful experience. She provides a wholesome and peaceful environment and believes in empowering individuals with the choices that are available to them. Contact: 845- 450-0947 givingtreedoula@outlook.com www.fb.com/GivingTreeDoulaLLC


Connie Vazquez

I am honored to be an End of Life Doula, and I am honored to be a part of something sacred that we will all face one day. I love all living things and feel both humans and animals need a supportive, peaceful transition. If you have a pet, I understand how they can perceive what is happening and try to include them in as much as everyone, (pet and human) feels comfortable.

(352) 586-7513



Patricia Howe

I was born in Vestal, New York.  I have made my home in Ketchikan, Alaska.  I have been a hospice volunteer since 2015.  I cared for my father and father in law in our home until end of life.  I wish I had learned about end of life at that time.

With gratitude for being able to do this care, I needed to give back.  And I have embarked on a journey of the heart.  And I found I have a way with elders.  It pleases me to offer friendship at this precious time of life.  I am not medical, I am not family, I am the space in between and magic can be found there. It is my belief that everyone is entitled to a peaceful end of life experience.  I want to be a part of that movement.


(907) 6179762


Elizabeth Rawlins

“You matter because you are you,
You matter to the very last moment
Of your life,
And we will do all we can
Not only to help you die peacefully,
But to live until you die.”
Dame Cecily Sanders

Hi!  My name is Elizabeth Rawlins.  I am a Certified End-of-Life Doula through the award-winning Doulagivers program, and National End-of- Life Doula Alliance Proficient.  I am also a Social Worker and Bereavement Coordinator with Preferred Hospice in Lexington, Missouri.   We serve twelve counties in West Central Missouri.  We would be honored to serve you and your loved ones as you go through this unfamiliar territory of loss and life altering changes.

I grew up firmly believing I was the favorite grandchild to both of my wonderful grandmothers. Only as an adult did I realize that my sisters each felt that they were the favorite, also. In truth we were all equally adored by these amazing women. Though it has been many years since they passed, I can still hear their wise, kind voices, and feel their loss deeply.  As I began working at Preferred Hospice, I realized that every passing is a totally unique experience, and families need to be supported as they are going through the shock of transitioning as their loved one embark on the next step of the journey.

So many families do not realize that they and their loved ones are in control of their dying experience.  Whether at home or in a life care facility, Preferred Hospice and I are passionate about providing care, comfort and supporting options of the dying and those who love them.

For all inquiries and to reach Liz, call Preferred Hospice:


Linda Barnard

Linda is a Certified End of Life Doula and founder of Heading Home OC www.headinghomeoc.com.

As people near the end of life, they often talk about “going home”.  While death is a certainty for all of us, few of us are prepared for the last leg of this earthly journey.  As a CEOLD, Linda helps families anticipate, prepare and honor those final preparations.  She has 34 years of nursing experience including certifications in geriatrics, hospice and palliative care.

Her career shifted when several family members and friends developed terminal diseases.  Linda realized that beyond nursing skills, what terminally ill patients and their families need is true compassion, advocacy and a knowledgeable and trusted companion for their journey.  Someone to guide them through the unknown intricacies along the end of life path.

Heading Home OC serves people Orange County, CA.  For information or talk to Linda, please visit: www.headinghomeoc.com
email:  linda@headinghomeoc.com
phone: 949 329 2777


Kristina Berano

Kristina Berano is a Connecticut native, soon to be relocating to central Florida. She has been married for over 26 years to her college sweetheart and they are the proud parents of two amazing children. She loves the color purple, sunshine at the beach, going to the movies, and chocolate candy!

With two college degrees and a successful career in the Hospitality Business, she found herself searching for more. This quest brought her to the feet of her beloved teacher, Shri Anadi Ma, heir to the Kundalini Maha Yoga lineage. Kristina pursued a career in yoga instruction and completed 500 hours of Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at the prestigious Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. She actively taught yoga to a dedicated group of students for nearly eleven years.

During that time she also received certifications in Medicinal Aromatherapy from Wisdom of the Earth and Integrated Energy Therapy from The Center of Being. She is the creator and co-founder of ‘Journey to Bliss’, a hands on healing experience she co-facilitated with internationally renowned energy healer, Kat Wynne Brown. Kristina and Kat offered ‘J2B’, an affectionate nickname their followers gave the program, for ten years throughout Connecticut and New York.

More recently she found herself called to the End of Life Doula profession. After much prayer and meditation, she completed her doula studies through Doulagivers Institute. She is also an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church, and is presently studying to become a certified Forgiveness Life Coach and a certified Spiritual Life Coach through the Transformation Academy.

Kristina is dedicated to serving you and your loved one through their final transition.


(860) 3078267


LaKeisha Butts

La’Keisha Butts, also known as “BlackBird”, is the owner of Black Moon Art Jewels & Energy Healing; an urban label that alchemizes healing crystals, gemstones and metals into wearable art.

BlackBird is an End of Life Doula, Artist, Creative Intuitive and Reiki Master /Teacher who uses art as a conduit to channel healing. It is her belief that everyone has the ability to be the co-creators of their life and manifest more love, healing, abundance and peace.

Retired Systems Administrator with the U.S. Federal Government, Blackbird turned what was once a spiritually therapeutic, self-healing hobby into a full time business.

Aside from being a generational intuitive, BlackBird is also a Certified Meditation Coach and Healing Touch Practitioner. She also holds several fitness certifications.

Louisiana born-Maryland native, BlackBird is based in Durham, NC but serves clients all across the world.

(443) 5273330



Amanda Gerace

I am extremely honored to share the end of life journey with those who are dying and their loved ones. I am passionate about supporting a dignified and peaceful end of life experience and will do all that I can to help with that process. My own experiences with death have added unique perspectives and a belief that we can do more to ensure that this process can be both enriched and empowered by better support and utilization of resources so that this can be a sacred time spent in meaningful ways.

My training as a Doula (both for birth and death) combined with my almost 20 years of experience as a massage therapist have influenced my ability to listen well, create a calm, safe and nurturing space, and intuitively sense how to offer care, comfort and support.

In my free time, I delight in spending time with my son, cats and dog, exploring nature and other cultures, paddleboarding, hiking, Muay Thai kickboxing, writing, and gardening.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have!


(503) 2318869



Janice Durant

Our elders deserve every bit of respect and dignity that we can offer them.

End of life should be given the same reverence as the beginning of life.

I had the privilege of being my mom’s caregiver until she took her last breath.  My super power is that I “speak” dementia.  This has been a source of great comfort for the people that I have worked with who have Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

I have worked with our elders since I was 8 years old.  Being a part of an elders life is as natural to me as breathing.

It is equally important to help guide families (blood or not) through their grief to find peace and ultimately acceptance.

I know the power of listening from a place of true understanding.

I would welcome the opportunity to work with you!

Please call me at (315) 706-4024 – Let’s talk!



Molly Welch

“You will be a singer, in that I see you singing songs about the past and…commemorating those who have gone before us.” As a child of some privilege, and 20yr old theatre and writing major, I had no idea what this had meant when non-medical healer first shared this advice or foresight with me. My family, on father and mother’s side is predominantly devoted to medicine and agriculture.

I grew up the daughter of a talented emergency room RN who served underprivileged people—my mother later expanded her reach within of the web of life using her special gift for understanding the power of the human/animal bond and hospital administration, and created further connections in this web with a green thumb and compassion for plants, by establishing and championing green spaces in our community. My father is also a mentor as well as an active dad, and teacher in the cycle of life and death—for over 40 years he has been an amazing intuitive Veterinarian who practiced not merely the science but also “the healing art of veterinary medicine”, and serves pet families as well as his community, because he has a wonderful ability to see the compassion connection fostered by a healthy human/animal bond as a lasting legacy that uplifts the lives of all animals. These two parents encouraged safe spiritual and scientific exploration of birth and death as part of a healthy childhood curriculum in our house.

I was blessed to grow up surrounded by great grandparents and grandparents (within walking distance from my home) at a time when multi-generational homes were already becoming a rarity in the U.S. with two great grandmothers living well into their 90’s, I am no stranger to the wonderful elder care workers and at times, the failing modern institutional cultures which surround the aging and those challenged by illness. I served as an administrative assistant, eulogy writer, and obituary author for a family owned funeral home. In 2019 (ten years after those student jobs in the funeral home) I was shopping in a store when a lady stopped me and called me by my maiden name. She had remembered me because I positively impacted her when I interviewed her for her mother’s eulogy. I had just learned what an End of Life Doula does and this led me to research my dedication to this emerging field.

For 20 years I studied and worked as a veterinary patient technician turned administrator. Like many Doulagivers, my first doula roles were born out of necessity to a loved one: I was called to sabbatical from my job in animal medicine in 2010 to serve as an elder doula and then end of life doula, for my Grandmother who died on her terms, in her home, after living the best days possible during her lung cancer diagnosis. I enjoyed making connections and collaborating with care groups such as Home Instead and Visiting Nurses, and then Hospice to make her wishes known, even when she could not, and to live our best quality of the day together. She loved the sound of my voice and loved to here me sing. She taught me so much about death with dignity and the power of a positive passing surrounded by loved ones. I literally granted the gift and privilege to sing her soul home for her and she transitioned with lots of moments of smiles and calm on her face. My family encouraged me to write her obituary and eulogy, and we walked each other through this journey in the best way possible. It would NOT have been possible for me to provide this care without the mentorship of my husband, a former social worker—whose career had been mostly within discharge planning and medical social work. He encouraged me in that role and provided advocacy and support as a partner in this most important work.

When I joined the Doulagivers program as a student, he was considering enrolling in a following Fall or Spring. He helped advise me when supporting a terminally ill friend, immediately, who had just been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive thyroid cancer, to live her best twilight weeks surrounded by her support system—best friends (human and animal). My husband, Kim Welch, would have made and amazing Doula (or Anam Aire as he wished to be called). Sadly, his last words to me were “I am so proud of you for all your work you have done for K.” Within two hours he had an aortic aneurysm and died unexpectedly. I have also known what it’s like to be confronted with unexpected grief. I was able to write his obituary and tributes with the help of my old mentors at Browning Funeral Home where I had worked so many years ago. I am living and loving on this journey, even with the natural ups and downs of a life fully lived.

I have learned that 1.) When the Universe calls, its best for you to answer and 2.) Once you befriend death, you find that you truly spend the majority of your time living well. My personal motto as an End of Life Doula is to Listen, Inform, Advocate, Guide, Empower and Comfort. It is within my business plan to further join the death positive movement by engaging with a rich and diverse list of local resource and service providers, and to become an educated advocate for green burials and cemetery spaces and home funeral services in my area of the country.

Through Twilight Doula Services, LLC, I hope to provide excellence, compassion, more smiles, and yes even some laughter to my clients as an elder doula and care consultant, and as an end of life doula I hope to continue to serve as a songbird in the twilight for many more families to come.

(812) 484-8342



Cynthia Stout

I am a mother of 3 special needs children. All adults now. I have taken care of my oldest son who spent 3 years in Hospice and Palliative Care before his passing. I buried my father, grandparents, my first husband and my oldest son. I spent many years working in group homes for disabled clients, nursing homes, hospital and a Doctor’s office. I am also an ordained Evangelist. I have worked with drug addicts, rape victims and people who are in crisis. My current achievement is End of Life Doula!


(330) 987-2344



Julie Iverson

I have over 10 years of experience as a certified Geriatric Care Manager and am a recently certified End of Life Doula through Doulagivers. Through the years I have provided support for individuals and their families through the complex and often overwhelming transitions of aging and dying.

I understand that sometimes families live far away and are unable to assist with coordinating and overseeing the care of a loved one. Other times, families may find that they are simply unable to provide the necessary care and assistance needed. I am honored to be a companion to and resource for my clients, their families and their friends as they face these challenges, empowering them to have control over the way they live and the way they die.

I am passionate about helping my clients find their way through the aging and end-of-life processes feeling empowered, and leaving this world with dignity, knowledge, support and peace of mind.


Certified Geriatric Care Manager

Certified End-of-Life Doula

National End-of-Life Doula Alliance Proficient

(773) 497-0901



Stefani Cuschnir

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Stefani grew up in a tight-knit community surrounded by family. After studying Psychology at the University of Michigan she spent years traveling and collaborating with people from across the globe; learning and embracing various cultures and practices. Much of her career was focused in building and fostering client relationships and digital accessibility for all. In 2003, Stefani was first introduced to the significance and impact of being an end-of-life doula, as she guided a dear friend through her mother’s passing. While her role was unofficial at the time, she recognized that she had an intuition towards guiding people through this difficult aspect of life, and it prepared her for what would later become one of her greatest passions.

In 2013, Stefani was the support person and Power of Attorney for a dear friend.  She walked the full journey with her and her children from terminal diagnosis to end of life.

“We planned, we cried, we laughed and we walked together through each stage leading up to her death. Being present for her inspired me to learn more about the end of life process and becoming a Doula as a profession”.

After receiving her certification as an End of Life Doula, so that she could practice in her own community, Stefani is honored to help educate, support and provide a peaceful transition for patients and families. She is a firm believer that the connections we make and nurture throughout life, combined with each individual’s unique experiences, are what lead us to each moment of each day; and bring us that much closer to equanimity.

(703) 909-8084


Debbie Slack Katz

Debbie slack Katz has been a Registered Nurse for over 40 years. Debbie’s acute care experience includes Johns Hopkins Hospital, Cleveland clinic, as well as smaller community-based hospitals. She has worked at all nursing levels from staff nurse to director and in a myriad of clinical settings including ER, PACU, Mental health, and pediatrics as well as many medical and surgical specialty units. Debbie also brings the unique perspective of having overseen Employee Health services. Because of this experience, she has seen firsthand how injuries affected her fellow health care workers’ careers. Debbie has also worked in Community Outreach, Physicians Services and Risk Management. Debbie has worked in Washington D.C. as a lobbyist, directed the State of Maryland’s Early Childhood Home Visiting Consortium for the governor. She has also consulted on buying and selling physicians’ practices and acting as a general contractor on a hospital’s Wellness Center.


Debbie was first hired by Genesis Health Care as a safety and risk specialist working with employees and worker comp claims. Currently, Debbie is the corporate Director of Safe Resident Handling and oversees SRH for all of Genesis 413 centers. Debbie sits on several corporate committees including Ethics, Skin Integrity practice council and Clinical Product Evaluation. Debbie frequently consults with survey issues around SRH and managing family expectations. Debbie has just completed her End of Life Doula training.


Debbie is a lifelong community volunteer having served on over 24 boards and committees and the county and state level. She was recently inducted into the women’s Hall Of Fame for her County.

(443) 629 -5224



T. Michelle Churchman

Theresa Michelle Churchman, MIS, is owner and practitioner at Shoji Bridge Departure Doula. A cancer diagnosis when she was young helped Michelle develop a healthy view of death and dying, and attending her mother’s death led to her current passion for supporting people who are dying, for educating and advocating for death preparedness and death positivity. Michelle has a bachelors degree in communication, a masters in interdisciplinary studies and decades of experience in healthcare support. Michelle is a certified Doulagivers Specialist; a care consultant, elder care doula and end of life doula and practices in southern Indiana and central Kentucky. She is a member of the National End of Life Doula Alliance and a hospice volunteer.


(502) 594-9186


Jennifer Atkins

Hello, I am Jennifer Jayanti Atkins, Certified Doulagiver, Certified Yoga Specialist, BS in Kinesiology (CU Boulder), and owner and operator of Adaptive Yoga Specialist LLC.

As a longtime yoga instructor specializing in adapting yoga for people with movement disorders, I have worked closely with dementia, PD, MS, TBI and other degenerative conditions for years. I provide a lot of personalized one-on-one support for my clients and always seem to develop close caring relationships with them. As I have supported several beloved clients through their end-of-life processes, I realize that the kind of holistic support I provide quite naturally spills over into end-of-life care. When I heard about Doulagivers Institute, I knew instantly that I needed this high-quality education and expertise.

Having now successfully completed my training, I am actively practicing as a Certified End Of Life Doula. In addition, I am expanding my expertise as a Doulagiver Specialist. This prepares me to provide skilled holistic support for Elder Care, as well as provide end-of-life planning support as a Care Consultant with our detailed Peace of Mind Planner.

I am skilled in delivering online services, helping to bring together loved ones and provide needed support whenever and wherever the need arises.

I am very inspired to be doing this work and am passionate about helping people have a good end of life through death experience.

No one should die alone, and no matter how one’s life experience has been, everyone deserves a good end-of-life – in comfort, peace and loving support.


(541) 292-7563



Emily Pinzur

Khalil Gibran said “Work is love made visible.”

Emily is a certified end-of-life doula providing spiritual, emotional, and practical  support to patients and families.  She likes to say that end of life work is in her heart and soul. She graduated from Hunter College School of Social Work in New York City in 2003, and her doula practice is informed by nearly 20 years of experience as a medical social worker.   She has worked with a diverse group of people, in a variety of settings, but nothing grabbed her attention and heart like end of life care.

She is passionate about providing care, comfort and choice to the dying and those who love them.  She sees the need every single day, people struggling to start conversations about death and dying. After the conversations, she witnesses their joy, relief, freedom and peace.  It is her intention and deep desire to bring this peace to all. Emily believes that a death that reflects one’s values in life is everyone’s right.  She is proud to help her clients find the sacred during a most sacred time.

Emily loves supporting people during transitions, and death and dying is the biggest transition of all.  Her biggest personal transition was becoming an end of life doula.  Before that, she spent time with end of life patients and their medical teams as a social worker in home health, hospice and inpatient palliative care.  Emily learned a lot  and had many beautiful experiences but she saw that many of the patients and families needed more, and she did too…more information, more chocies, more flexibility, creativity and freedom.  More spiritual support.  More “whole person” care.  As a doula, she enjoys the flexibility to provide exactly what her patients and families need.  As a doula, she is a listener, an advocate, a healer, a guide, and a witness.

Doulas meet people at the bookends of life. Emily loves to sit with people in the sticky spaces where real life happens…the spaces of opportunity and reflection.

Emily is a born listener who believes in the power of story to teach and heal. She is a doula because she values the power of choice.  She loves to help her clients find what feels right for them as they tap into their sense of curiosity, gratitude and wonder about what’s possible.  Every person’s life should be honored in the way that’s perfect for them.

Emily’s End of Life doula practice, Silver Wheel End of Life Doula Care, is located in Seattle, Washington.  She serves clients virtually all over the country.



Colleen Loader

Located in Sydney, Australia Colleen Maree is a Certified End of Life Doula, an ordained non-denominational minister, a Reiki practitioner, project manager, qualified chef, an artist, and an expert seamstress
She has years of compassionate experience helping others with aging relatives, dying parents or loved ones. She is known for providing ongoing grief support for her clients, friends and family members after the death of a loved one. Her pragmatic kindness is most welcome to those who are flailing in one of life’s difficult times.
Colleen seamlessly utilizes her uniquely diverse skillset to assist clients with all of life’s transitions. Be they moving home after a divorce or helping a client and their family through the processes of a Terminal Diagnosis. Assisting them with creating a peaceful death and after death experience. She does this with grace, endless kindness and compassion.
Colleen’s organizational skills come to the fore when assisting clients with their End of Life and Peace of Mind planning. From Advanced Directives to acting as the client’s advocate during medical appointments. She will ensure that the client’s wishes regarding their treatment final arrangements are heard and acted upon.
Colleen believes in the power of technology to connect us across distances. She is available for online meetings and consultations and uses the full array of applications to keep in touch and be available when you need her listening ear. Time zones mean that whilst you are in the middle of a 2 am insomnia due to grief or stress, Colleen is available to listen.

For More information contact me on:
Email: colleen@liminasolutions.org
Website: https://liminasolutions.org
Skype: Colleen.Loader@outlook.com
Or Call: +614 0411 133


Christy Wilson

Christy Marie has been a death walker from her earliest memories. She was blessed to be raised in a family that accepted dying as a normal part of life and never shied away from talking about loved ones after they had passed.  She remembers large family gatherings after the funerals of loved ones and the feelings of love, grief, sadness and even joy in the sharing of memories and stories. Part of growing up was learning that grief is the price we pay for love.
As a young mother, Christy became a birth and postpartum doula. This training helped her when it was time to hold the space for her own father’s passing. As her children grew she transitioned into the field of early childhood development and is now completing a degree in Human Development with an emphasis on gerontology. She is currently an active volunteer with Hospice by the Sea as well as the co-producer of the annual Beautiful Dying Expo in San Diego, California.
Christy believes death is a sacred right of passage that should be approached with the peace of mind that comes from making your final wishes known. Preparing for the end allows you to live fully in the present moment and is a gift to those you love. As a certified end-of-life doula Christy works in the North San Diego and South Orange County region of California.
(949) 350-0676

Adrian Allotey

I am currently living my best life as a result of responding to a universal calling on my life; service to elders and their loved ones. My life’s mission is to promote the final years as a sacred, beautiful, honorable stage of life. I serve this world as a non-medical, end-of-life doula and elder companion who specializes in physical, emotional and spiritual care.

Through extensive and continuous end-of-life doula training, I am able to provide support, education, and suggestions for comfort to those with a terminal diagnosis. I am equipped with the skills to prepare those who have the diagnosis and their loved ones for their last breath, hold their hand through a peaceful transition and create a new normal for those left behind.

My own self-care regimen, personal growth, and intuition allow me to mindfully hold space and provide comfort for aging people and their families in a non-judgmental, loving manner. I improve the quality of my clients’ lives by being an active listener, understanding them and advocating for their wishes. I recognize and support the notion that social interaction can be their greatest need. I am creative in finding ways to keep my clients engaged.

My motto “my heart to your heart” is evident in the holistic companionship I provide. I have a toolkit of resources to bring maximum comfort; reiki, essential oils, crystals, etc. I am often referred to as an angel, a Godsend, extraordinary, beyond belief and words of the like. Contact me TODAY to see how I can be of assistance to you TOMORROW.

You can find more information at my website. www.yanaec.com

Phone: (856) 497-3512

Email: adrian.allotey@yanaec.com


Tasha Jacobson

For families desiring additional companionship for their loved one, I offer personalized doula services focused on creating experiences that bring a sense of fulfillment, peace, and comfort to aging adults’ final years and days. I hold a BA in Health Information Administration from the College of St. Scholastica, I have a working background in long term care and social services, and am a Certified End of Life Doula through the award-winning Doulagivers program.  I also serve as a hospice volunteer for Allina Health Services.  My husband and I reside in Minnetonka and cherish our three children.  In my spare time I enjoy hiking, kayaking, reading, and writing.

My life’s calling came as a result of caring for my mother during her life’s end, along with my work and volunteerism in skilled nursing facilities.

The truth I’ve discovered through hundreds of conversations with aging adults is that the most important factors contributing to their happiness and well-being are:  socialization, having a purpose, and the opportunity to be seen and heard deeply.

My belief is that these needs can be met with genuine companionship and holistic services designed to meet each aging individual’s unique needs and interests.  I’ve made it my life’s mission to promote the final years as a sacred, honorable stage of life so that our elders are cherished and given the respect and dignity they deserve. Creating Age Well Doula Services has given my life new purpose and direction, and I couldn’t be happier companioning each aging adult I have the honor to serve.

Phone (612) 655-9245

Email:  agewelldoula@gmail.com

Web: www.agewelldoula.com


Jill Bowens

“Service is the rent we pay for being. It is the purpose of life, and not something you do in your spare time.” ~ Marion Wright

Edelman Jill provides non-medical, non-judgmental, emotional and spiritual support, and comfort care for her clients through their personal and sacred journey at the end of life. She also provides support for their families. Jill can help with developing wishes for care, guidance with legacy projects, and she also offers respite to the family – giving them time away for self-care, as she knows first-hand how extremely important self-care is for the family caregivers.

Jill holds a degree in International Business Management, and has worked 30+ years in business administration. Her path of becoming an End-of-Life Doula began in 2014 while caring for her elderly dying parents. During her father’s last few months of life, he often spoke to her about his fear of dying. They talked a lot about death and dying during this time. A few weeks before he fell into a sleep coma, he told her that she helped him to be at peace with dying. He took his last breath of life, as she sat vigil holding his hand.

While caring for her parents, Jill witnessed other people in the nursing home who did not have visitors in the last days of their life. On many occasions, she would sit with these individuals. Some people wanted to talk, others just wanted to hold her hand. After the passing of her parents in 2014, Jill took the time to work through her grief but soon felt an emotional pull back to the nursing homes. The image of those vulnerable elderly people dying alone kept haunting her. So in 2017, she began volunteering for Season’s Hospice and Palliative Care of CT. Not long after, she earned her certification as a trained Doulagivers End-of-Life Doula.

Jill vows to honor all individuals and their families with dignity, kindness, compassion, and respect. She considers it an honor and privilege to sit with the dying as a compassionate companion.

Certifications: Certified End-of-Life Doula

Contact: 203-859-1369

Email: Jillbowens@yahoo.com


Janie Dalrymple

Janie Dalrymple, RN, BCPA, has over 15 years of experience in nursing including hospital-based bedside care, home health, and the outpatient clinical setting. She has a strong neurology background and was a Clinic Coordinator for an ALS Clinic for several years. Janie has been an independent advocate for others finding it difficult to navigate the healthcare system for the last two years, and she has expanded her experience to include certification as an end-of-life doula. She shows care and compassion to her clients with every interaction, and treats them as if they are her own family. She feels the highest gift she can give to her patients is the ability to help them make their own end-of-life plan and ease them, and their families, through the last phase of their life.


Angela Hershey

Hello, my name is Angela Hershey and I am a certified end of life doula in Indianapolis, Indiana. Wherever you and your family is in your sacred journey, I am here to guide and empower you!

My passion is to help patients and families find their way through the end-of-life process with empowerment, dignity, knowledge, support and peace of mind.

I have had my own experience with my mother’s end of life and have been a caregiver to my disabled brother growing up. I know first hand how scary and uncertain things become when someone in the family is faced with an illness requiring more support. I have also worked in the geriatric and hospice industry for over 7 years and I have seen many patients and families struggle with caregiving for a loved one at end of life. I provide end-of-life care training to family caregivers so you are well prepared, and empowered to see your loved one and yourself through their sacred journey.

I am skilled in facilitating end-of-life conversations in a kind, gentle, compassionate way, ensuring all members of the family are well educated, prepared and in a position to advocate to make well-informed decisions about their loved ones final wishes.

After loss, I provide support for the grief and bereavement process in many ways. This can include providing resources and coordination of home wakes, gatherings and celebration of life rituals. As a licensed massage therapist I also specialize in working with hospice and grief. You may also refer to me as a grief doula.

I would love to hear from you. I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation to discuss what needs you and your family may have. I can be reached at


Angela@mymassageandwellness llc.com


Carol Lyons

After retiring in 2017 from Yale University where I had worked within the School of Public Health for 17 years, my focus began to shift from work to service. I began to explore the thresholds of spirituality and the end of life experience. I was drawn to the end of life time and asked how I could be a companion to those who might be dying alone. I earned my certification as a Doulagivers® End of Life Doula in June of 2019, and now volunteer as a ‘loving whisperer’ at Connecticut Hospice, inpatient care, in Branford, CT. I sit with the dying as a companion for this part of their end of life journey. I am a compassionate and loving companion to the dying, offering the client and their loved ones non-medical, holistic support through the dying process, whether at home or in a facility, respecting the sacredness of the end of life.

(203) 675-2216



Robin Russell

I am a newly certified End-of Life Doula who integrates both the training and practices of a Health Educator and Transformational Artist into a comprehensive and customized service for patients, caregivers, service providers and communities. My services include one-on-one visits, legal and financial planning/administration, coaching and educational support, Reiki and musical arts-therapy, workshop/discussion group leadership, and ceremonial/event planning and coordination. I also do pet visits with my Cock-a-poo companion, Boo-Boo.

As a Doulagiver CEOLD Specialist and NEDA Proficient,  I care deeply about identifying and meeting the non-medical needs of those be-friending death and all the complex challenges that arise as we encounter both the mysterious and expected experiences. Education, support, advocacy and relationship-building conversations are the building blocks of a best-possible end-of-life experience. Yet the energy of love is the transformative power that ensures the beyond-the-best outcomes. Love is at the center of all that we do as compassionate companions along your journey. Still, its mystery eludes us.

Love, creativity, spirit, art, the unseen and unknown, energy, music, dance, story and dreams, are the areas of study and work I have focused on since I made the decision NOT to become an RN at age 20.  In 1980, I transferred from Nursing into Health Education, earning my BS degree from UVM in this newly emerging field focused on prevention and a holistic approach to healthcare. For the next 30 years I studied and practiced as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Acupuncturist, Energy Healer, Holistic Educator, and then delved deeply into the psycho-spiritual realms of Archetypal Dreamwork.
I moved back to Vermont in 1994, where I have stewarded both life and land, and the natural world has been both an inspiration and shared value amongst my colleagues and neighbors. Here I have learned much about death as well. Here, I have worked with people of all ages as a Musician, Dance Leader, Reiki Practitioner Assisted-Living Activities Assistant, and Hospice Volunteer. I have walked the journey of both my parent’s passing and the settlements of their estates, suffered and healed through losses and illness, as well as births, and built a wide network of meaningful relationships within and beyond my community.

Now, a new field is emerging once again, as the End-of-Life Doula movement fills ever increasing gaps in our healthcare system, and I cannot deny the events that opened this pathway for me to step into.
It was through a deeply self-reflective writing course that the gifts I had to offer were revealed. I did not see them, lost in my own grief and struggle of family losses. Yet my instructor saw a thread through my writing which inspired her to suggest that the role of “End-of-Life Doula” might be worth pursuing. When I looked into it, I realized it was a perfect fit for my passions, experiences and skills- despite my own aversion to the word “death”.  Giving back is a path forward. Since then, I have encountered love in so many forms and people I never expected. This is a healing path….for all that walk it.

I am delighted to now journey with and be serving families and individuals, communities and the global movement transforming how we approach, experience and transition through death. It is not a medical emergency, and yet, it is a time that will only happen once in the unique way that it does for each of us. The call to sacred time is what I aim to help others prepare for and journey through with loving support and hopes of wishes fulfilled. It is my honor and privilege to accompany you as best I can, and to be a resource for ideas and support.

(802) 391-4355


Roman Perez

Roman Guaraguaorix (Redhawk) Perez was born in the mountains of Kiskeya (Dominican Republic) and presently resides in Brooklyn, NY. He is an accomplished indigenous Taino artist, lecturer, storyteller, drummer, singer and respected community/spiritual leader. He is the Kacike (chief) for Maisiti Yukayeke Taino; a tribe of the Taino Nation. Since 1990 Redhawk has participated in Vision Quest, Sundance, Sweat Lodges and Taino ceremonies; throughout his experiences, he has grown into the spiritual leader he is today and end of life doula .

Roman Guaraguaorix comes from a long linage of and healers in his family. Roman works with the sacred plant medicines  help people with there own healing physical , emotional ,spiritual and mental, helping open their own consciousness to the sacred plant..

He now facilitates and leads such ceremonies as; Vision Quest, Lodges and Taino ceremonies, he continues to use his indigenous teachings to help the people. Redhawk has done presentations on Northern and Taino native teachings at notable institutions, including major universities, public schools, The Peabody Museum, Brooklyn Museum of Art, and The Smithsonian Native American Museum and a certified fire starter for the White Bison recovery program, a program to help Native people deal with the grips of addiction.

Inspired by the beautiful sounds of Taino instruments (log drums, shell, gourd rattles and conch shells)  he also does presentations through song and dance. Redhawk enjoys doing art work such as; working with feathers and painting with acrylics and other mediums.Creating Taino and other Native works. He also enjoys working with pottery and is distributor for Taino pottery art.

(917) 4826-685




Deah Kinion

Deah Kinion is a Certified End of Life Doula (CEOLD), a relatively new, and ancient, offering of presence to the dying. EOLD services offer family centered, non-medical, holistic care for the dying and loved ones. Deah offers mortality planning/resources, a holistic approach for a peaceful death, vigil/bedside comfort, legacy planning, and much more. Deah is trained by The Doulagivers® Certified End-Of-Life Doula Training which contains the Approved NEDA (National End of Life Doula Alliance) Core Competencies. Deah offers an objective and compassionate presence for the individual during their dying experience.

Visit Her website: http://mortalitea.com/

Or, Visit her on Facebook.

(507) 990-3299


Diane Ogren

End of life Doula trained by Suzanne B O’Brien Of Doulagivers I have been a nurse for 55 years and have been present for many souls passing from this life I would like to help with a peaceful passing for my clients and caregivers.

(954) 816-5316



Dorothy McElroy

Hi My Name is Dorothy and I am the founder of Final Life Journey Doula Company. When my husband died six years ago, I knew I had to handle his death correctly for our seven yr old son. This was his first introduction to death and I needed to make sure our son was able to say his goodbye in his time and his way. This is what started me on my journey to becoming an end of life Doula. My mission is to change the way people view death and to help them to have a positive relationship with their grief. I help people to have a good death. We will all eventually die and dying a good death is just as important as living a good life it may be even more important. There is much to know about the many choices regarding end of life care and how to plan for it. I can help you make the transition easier for everyone involved. I am also a Grief Support Specialist with a focus on children and young adults. I can also provide guidance with legacy projects and memory boxes. I provide services for the states of Wisconsin and Illinois and will travel to wherever my assistance is needed.
I can be reached at:




Julie Kendall

As a child, I was exposed to death at an earlier age than most.  Classmates, parents and/or siblings of friends, as well as some of  my own relatives, all passed away long before my high school  graduation.
As an adult, I knew that the passing of my close loved ones would be  difficult. However, due to my work experience in the medical field  and my early introduction to death, I felt I was better prepared than  most.
Nothing could have been farther from the truth.
Although I had helped others wade through the numerous
responsibilities related to the passing of a loved one, I had never  done so while enduring my own personal (and staggering) grief. The  impact that grief had on my ability to handle even the smallest of  details blindsided me. When my dad learned that he only had weeks  to live, circumstances dictated that I was the one who would make  the decisions and choices regarding medical issues, funeral  arrangements, people to contact and so forth. Although necessary,  each one of those decisions made me feel like I had given up  on/betrayed my dad. After all, he was still very much alive and  hanging on to hope, while I was less than a mile away picking out his  coffin.Death carries so many hidden hurts and unexpected difficulties.  Once the word “terminal” has been spoken, friends often begin  avoiding the one who is soon to pass (including their families),  because they have no idea what to say and feel utterly helpless.  They try to find something they can “do” at first (i.e. meals, errands),  but sitting in silence with someone suffering deep grief and fear,  makes them feel awkward. They often find it easier to “give you
some space” but, in reality, that “space” only deepens the trauma.  Most truly want to help… they just don’t know how to do so.
God has placed a calling on my heart to walk with those who are
trying to navigate this difficult and heart breaking path. It ​IS
possible to experience peace and comfort amidst the pain and  bewilderment that is common while passing through the shadow of  this dark valley.

The Hebrew word “Shalom” is most often defined as peace, hello, or  goodbye.​ And those are certainly accurate
definitions. However, the  root meaning of the word “Shalom” means “completeness or  wholeness”. It is this deeper definition of “Shalom” that I strive to  bring to you and your loved ones. To help the one who is passing find rest and a sense of peace knowing that their life had been filled  with value and purpose. And for those left behind, honoring what  has been, then gently helping them step forward into what is still to  come.

A sunset is as beautiful as a sunrise. Both have their allotted time  and place, and neither are in our control. Nevertheless, once we  begin our personal “sunset,” we have the potential to make a lasting  and valuable impact on those we love. A legacy that can change  lives, long after our “sun” has set.

I would consider it an honor to walk with you and your loved ones  through this time of sorrow, hoping, that together, we can create (or  complete) a lasting legacy that will bring much peace and comfort  to all who walk this journey together.

CBT Certified

DA Certified

Radiology Certified

Head Surgery Scheduler

Certified End of Life Doula

(720) 878-2338


Serving Colorado


Wendy Strong

Hi, my name is Wendy. I have been working with elders for over eight years; from daily companion work to end-of-life assistance and vigil. I graduated from the Doulagivers program in May 2019 and have my End-of-Life Doula certificate. I also completed the Care Consultant and Elder Care Training courses through Doulagivers.

I have a passion for assisting our elders through their life’s journey whether that includes days, weeks, months, or years. I look forward to helping you.

(919) 609-0897


Serving North Carolina


Cathy Burdette

I live in a state of glorious gratefulness.  Experiences in this life school have been profound.  I started as a caregiver for my Dad and subsequently my Mom. After her death, her wish was that I prepare her body. That precious gift led me to the realization that I had a calling assisting the dying and began to volunteer at a local hospice. Green burials and historical books on caring for the dying at home, as well as learning about Death Cafes etc, became my reading fare.
I began to study quantum physics and everything clicked for me.  Consciousness,  Oneness and Non-Separation have so much to do with Love and Compassion for each other.

In 2004, I discovered the world of energy medicine and knew instantly I had found my passion. I studied the Bodytalk system in the USA and actually became certified in So. Africa.  I was amazed  by the number of people who found my practice.I was thrilled and humbled witnessing their bodies heal themselves physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally, in an holistic  manner, and according to the bodies own priority.  After taking several advanced courses I was qualified to  participate in the Animal Talk classes and became certified to practice on domestic animals. Reiki had been my “go to” and after my experience with Bodytalk, it became my preferred modality.

After relocating  to Tarpon Springs, FL in 2013, I volunteered for Suncoast Hospice where I could only work with Reiki and had the opportunity to hold space for our dying patients. These past years have given me some of the richest experiences of my life.

Last year, and I can’t truly remember how, I came upon Doulgivers. A lightbulb moment. I had no idea that death doulas existed.  I received my specialized training from the award winning Doulagivers program with Suzanne B. O’Brien and am proud to call myself a certified end of life doula. Suzanne’s training encompasses many choices from our menu of services that a family can consider including providing practical, emotional, mental, and spiritual assistance to them and their dying loved one in all three phases of end of life. We can also include support after the passing of their loved one / friend. We hold space, decrease stress, help to ground and guide families. We are here to support loved ones through the entire journey. A good death is a fundamental right.. It is important to know that you have control.

Today,  I am excited to focus on educating the Tampa Bay area about the support we offer and how we can make a deeply profound difference in a loved ones dying process as well as their families. The need for our advocacy is growing each day. Please contact me  FREE presentations and our Peace of Mind Planner

I am offering services at:

‘Transition Companion of Tampa Bay’ and can be reached at:

FB: Tampa Bay Doula Giver

(954) 934-6929 cell

“Let us walk each other home.”
Ram Dass

Serving Florida


Denise Larson

After years of creating memorial sewing projects and supporting my own family and friends through our losses, I realized I had a unique ability to connect with those facing end of life issues in a calm and soothing manner. I began speaking at memorial services to offer support to the grieving and their families and became a companion in this time of healing.

I felt called to follow my heart and provide even greater support to families by being certified as an end of life doula through the national organization Doulagivers. I have also participated in certification through the National End of Life Doula Alliance and am NEDA Proficient.

With my experience, training, and unique abilities, I walk alongside you through the last stages of life and create plans to experience a beautiful death.

I work out of my home in Green Bay, Wisconsin and am available via phone, video and in-person. I do love to travel and am available for support in other areas of the United States.

Sign up for a free 30 minute consultation at www.familydeathdoula.com to discuss your needs, determine if I am the right doula to support your family, and then we can plan how to move forward.

(920) 883-9364


Serving Wisconsin


Wendy Wells-Chanampa

Wendy is a Registered Professional Guardian with expertise in senior care, a Certified End of Life Doula, a Certified Dementia Care Practitioner and a Certified Dementia Care Trainer through the National Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners and International Council of Certified Dementia Practitioners. She is also a Certified PAC (Positive Approach to Care) Dementia Care Trainer through Teepa Snow, MS, OTR/L, FAOTA

Wendy is extremely passionate about dementia care, focused on enhancing the quality of life for those affected. With over 30 years experience working with elders, she has extensive experience in dementia awareness. Wendy studied health care administration at Penn State University. In 2008 she became a registered guardian and started Senior Resource Consultants, Inc. Her practice includes care management, end of life doula care, family counseling, caregiver training, and educating people about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Her love of this population is evident in her training sessions and interactions. Having spent a lifetime acquiring experience in the dementia care field, Wendy has developed her natural ability relating to this population. Her unique hands on approach, real life stories and experiential learning are her trademarks. She is a speaker at events and conferences focused on caring for Alzheimer and dementia patients. She is also the host of seminars effectively teaching coping mechanisms and care strategies caregivers and care organizations.

(239) 963-6234


Serving Florida and Pennsylvania


Joe Baker

Having spent the last 2 years of my Mothers life at her bedside. I learned just how strong one attempts to be in moments where being soft and open to life is more important. She passed with me at her side assuring her all would be ok and that her time had come to say goodbye. After some 16 years of meditation and self reflection and spiritual pursuit carrying the lessons of the past. In January of 2019 I followed my heart to become certified in end of life care, in order to give to others what I so desperately needed when I was caring for my Mom in her last moments on earth. With your concerns and traditions in mind I will organize a End of Life plan to fit the needs of everyone around you in the most sacred moment of ones life.

(608) 425-0887


Serving Wisconsin


Adrian Allotey

I am a devoted granddaughter, daughter, wife, mother, aunt and community member who was blessed to care for my 106 year old grandmother throughout her life’s journey.  This profound experience taught me to understand and empathize with the challenges and vulnerabilities our senior population encounters.  As a result, I began to strategize and made it my life’s mission to promote the final years as a sacred, beautiful, honorable stage of life.  I became a certified end-of-life doula who works with elderly patients, including those receiving hospice services.  I meet the patient on their terms, see them as whole, and build relationships with the patient and family.

I serve this world as a non-medical elderly companion who specializes in physical, emotional and spiritual care.  My own self care regimen, personal growth and intuition allow me to mindfully hold space and provide comfort for elderly people and their family in a non-judgmental, loving manner. My motto “from my heart to your heart” is evident in the holistic companionship I provide. Holding this space decreases the stress and fears family members face when looking for care for their love ones; whether they are in need of respite relief, work long hours or live long distance.   Through my extensive end-of-life doula training, I am able to provide support, education, and suggestions for comfort. I have a toolkit of resources to ease the anxious person and their family members including virtual “elder cams,” essential oils, crystals, reiki, etc.  I am often referred to as an angel, a Godsend, extraordinary, beyond belief and words of the like.  Contact me TODAY to see how I can be of assistance to you TOMORROW.


The Continuum of My Offered Services:

Advanced directives

Elder companion

Finding peace and acceptance

Comfort suggestions

Unresolved issues

Remembrances to leave behind

Death plan

Sit with the dying

Funeral planning

Write obituaries and eulogies

Grieving skills

Follow up with loved ones


(856) 497-3512


Serving Northern, Central, and Southern New Jersey


Holly Hudson

My grandmother’s passing was the catalyst that drove my passion to the death and dying field. I was with her when she passed and it impacted me greatly. Since then, I began working with residents and their families in a community home for the dying. Over the past ten years, I have attended to many deaths on a personal level.

I have a calming presence and the ability to connect quickly with people. As your End of Life Doula, I will promote an individualized dying journey with compassionate care while comfortably holding space and engaging in mindful conversation with you and your loved ones. One of my past clients said that my simple acts of kindness meant so much to their family at a time when words weren’t enough.

I live with my family in Saratoga Springs, NY and enjoy traveling, the ocean, campfires and meaningful conversations. Please visit my website for more information.



Phone: 518-727-5280

Email: hhcompassionatecaredoula@gmail.com

Website: hollyhudsoncompassionatecaredoula.com


Susan Capurso – NEDA Proficient

I am Susan Capurso, founder of East End Doula Care. I live in Suffolk County New York. My professional and personal experiences have brought me to where I am today, serving, giving, supporting, educating and advocating. I strive to help your journey be about peace and balance rather than fear and anxiety. I’ve seen too many families go through this during the end of a loved one’s life. I’ve learned with a little planning and mindfulness, I can help make your experience be one filled with calmness and peace.

Life allowed me to take my business experience and tie it into my creative passions. By inter-twining the two together, I’m able to bring empathetic guidance and support into many homes and assist family’s during their sacred time. I bring a plethora of Legacy Projects to value for a lifetime to come. These projects are not only for the family, they help the patient leave the world feeling more valued and with closure. We find unique ways to celebrate a life well lived and complete. I helped lift the fog, I guide, educate and help your last chapter to be the most fulfilling one possible.

Today, I serve as a Hospice Volunteer in Suffolk County. I am a Certified Care Consultant (Advance Directives), Certified Elder Care Specialist and a Certified End of Life Doula having trained with the award winning Doulagivers Program in New York City with Suzanne O’brien. Now in my own practice, I’m here to help you travel your road serenely and peacefully.

I am a proud mother of two boys. My passions include photography and I’m a self published author. I love music and travelling to new places. I am creative in all that I do and enjoy bringing this into the many lives I help. Unfortunately, I’ve lost many loved ones over the last few years. I found there was a disconnect in getting the help I needed. There was a gap that was not being addressed. Answers to questions were not being received and the extra care we needed, was not there. I come in and take these fears away, focusing on you, right now when you need it the most.

I’ve learned that our death is natural. We come into the world for only a short time. Death should be a loving and sacred experience for both the patient and their family, my goal is to help facilitate this in the best way possible.


East End Doula Care

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Tobi Mares

From 2013-2015, I experienced great personal loss. I became so very fearful of my own death, and the possibility of losing anyone else. I needed to know there was a way to accept, understand, and improve this inescapable part of our human journey. Through various studies, endless reading, and volunteering with a hospice program, I began to view Death as another form of birth, a rite of passage, a new journey, that we can prepare for, spiritually, emotionally, and informationally. My path led me to End of Life Doula work. It is an honor to do this work and to be a part of this incredible movement. Being a doula, who supports others during the end of life, helping them understand what is happening, and creating peace during the process, is most rewarding to my work.

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Natalie Boland

Natalie J Boland RN-CEOLD, received an Associates in Science and Diploma in Registered Nursing in 2005 from Camden County College in NJ and currently works at the top Level 1 Trauma Center in Camden NJ.  Natalie has been involved in emergency and critical care medicine for the past 29 years.  Natalie received her certifications as an End-of-Life Doula and Doula Care Consultant via Doulagivers.com in early 2018.

A strong advocate for dignified End-Of-Life care, Natalie is determined to end the “war on dying” for patients in the critical care setting.  Her professional interests focus on providing comfortable, dignified & compassionate care to the elderly & all persons who are faced with a terminal prognosis. Natalie’s goals are to focus on providing Doula education to the surrounding public and to train those inspired to serve & preserve human life as non-medical End-of-Life Doulas.   Lastly, Natalie is an Ordained Minister with the Universal Life Church and believes that “we are all one and the same.”  In addition, she serves as Notary Public for the state of New Jersey.

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Robin South

Hello! I am Robin South- Owner and Trainer at Doulagivers® South Florida!  I feel I have been training my whole life to become a Doula- and now a Doulagiver Trainer.  I was very close to my babysitter as a child – I thought of her as a grandmother – up until the day she died on my eighth birthday. At that time her death was mentioned as a side note. Not to be talked about very much thereafter.

I began working in an eldercare facility at 18 and I noticed how the elderly were “hidden away to die”. No family visits.  No one to share the pain, loneliness or concerns with- -no quality of life it appeared to me.

A few years later, I had a family of my own and my husband was diagnosed with Chronic Hepatitis C. Here I was in my 30’s much like the elderly in the home, with no one to share my concerns, the loneliness or the pain of watching a loved one in pain and not being able to help.   After he died suddenly in an accident, those feelings multiplied.

I decided to go to college and earn a bachelor’s degree- but ended up continuing my Master’s Degree. As a requirement for graduation, I went through an internship. I was chosen as an intern at a Georgia hospital as an intern chaplain to help the patients, their families and anyone else I met. During this time, I had many opportunities to interact and sit vigil with families of elderly and not so elderly going through the dying process or grieving a loss in many other ways.  It was during this time that I noticed the healing that takes place when you hold space for the client and their family. I noticed the effects of encouraging conversations between the dying individual and the family members for both to have closure.

As a Professional Counselor in the British system, I took on a 27-year-old male client that had a TBI (traumatic brain injury). I worked with his family every week for at least 2 years. My client was totally dependent on his aging mother and 80+-year-old grandmother for 100% of his care -24 hours a day.  Here I was able to be the support person so that the family could share concerns, his progress, and their hopes and dreams for a better future for him.   Out of this experience, I brought my passion and conviction that everyone over 18 should have a living will filled out and that people should know where it is.

After I moved back to the US, I was deciding what next and I came across Doulagivers and began my training.  It was such a perfect fit for me.  I am happy that I get to be there for others at a time when I know it is truly needed.

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Elizabeth Wong

Elizabeth Wong is a certified end-of-life doula providing spiritual, emotional, and physical support to families.  She holds space for clients and families to navigate conversations around advance medical planning, and in the process, allows for the discovery of what it means to be living well, such that they can be present to their own legacy.

Before starting Doulagivers of San Francisco Bay Area, Elizabeth worked as a Labor and Delivery Nurse for ten years. She supported families through the various stages of labor, empowering them to make critical decisions regarding the safe delivery of their babies. She also was a Clinical Nurse Specialist for four years.  She continues to work with high-risk-pregnancy patients.  After helping patients overcome their anxiety and fear about pregnancy and birth through engagement and education, Elizabeth began to wonder why similar support was not available for people at the end of their life.

Elizabeth had her own family experiences with serious illness and death that ignited a deep passion for serving the elderly population and families who are confronted by aging and unprepared for end-of-life matters.  This passion and calling led Elizabeth to Suzanne O’Brien, a hospice nurse and the founder of the International Doulagivers Institute. Subsequently, she completed the award-winning Doulagivers training for End Of Life Doula, Elder Care Doula, and Care Consultant.

Elizabeth volunteers for Hospice by the Bay and provides free community-level end-of-life doula training. She also spends as much time as possible with her family, especially her mother who resisted conversations about health- or death-related topics.  With compassionate listening and patience, Elizabeth found success in pushing the boundaries with her mother by gently engaging and educating her about choices available that has opened the door for discussions around advance medical planning, funeral arrangements, and end of life wishes.

As previously mentioned, Elizabeth knows what it means to hold space for someone, and she will meet anyone where they are in this process.

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Jennifer Hoit

Jennifer Hoit is a Registered Nurse with ten years experience in homecare nursing.  She has worked extensively with patients from hospitalization and/or diagnosis of an illness through admission to Hospice, and ultimately end of life .  Oftentimes, her patients and their families avoided talking about death until a crisis situation arose and they often did not go into Hospice care until they were actively dying.  Jennifer felt that there had to be a better way to facilitate peace and acceptance for her patient and their families at end of life. Jennifer found her answer through completing Level 1 through Level 3 End of Life Doula Training with Suzanne O’Brien.  By teaching family members the art of caring for the dying, death is met more openly by the patient and their loved ones. Working with the Hospice nurses, the End of Life Doula bridges the gap between Hospice Nurse visits by continuing teaching and supporting the patient and their family. Also, the conversation around death can be started before there is a health crisis bringing clarity and understanding to this part of life.  Jennifer believes that there is no less beauty at the end of life than in the beginning and her passion is fueled by her intention to bring the community together to support and care for the dying and their families. She is also a Doulagivers Care Consultant and is trained to discuss advanced directives, as well as end of life wishes. She lives in Upstate N.Y. with her two children and two German Shepherd Dogs.

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Lynelle Houser

“I am a pediatric hospice nurse whose work in pediatric oncology inspired me to take the next step into hospice care. The gift of being a part of families sacred journey from diagnosis to end of life, has made me passionate about this work and wanting to offer deep spirtual and emotional support for the dying and their loved ones. As a Certified Doulegivers End of Life Doula Trainer, I mentor individuals and agencies that share my passion for the very sacred work as End of Life Doulas. Together we are helping to transform the care of the dying in our country, creating a layer of holistic support for the patients and their loved ones as they walk through this time in their lives.”

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Jane Whitlock

My doula work includes providing the information and reassurance people need to plan and prepare for the end of life. I educate and support the dying and their loved ones at every step of the process, and I create and hold space for the sacred nature of this experience. I also train others to become end-of-life doulas.

I was drawn to this work after losing my husband, Rob, to cancer four years ago. He was diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer at 49, and died four months later, on Christmas day. After his death I plunged into grief and struggled to take care of our two sons. I decided we needed to get away from our usual lives where his absence was so painful.

I ended up buying a camper and taking my sons on a seven-month road trip in a desperate attempt to help them heal by witnessing the beauty of the earth. We visited mountains, rain forests, oceans, and deserts. I emerged from this time with the realization that life is fleeting, finite, and more precious than I had realized.

I found myself drawn to all things involved with death and grief. As I reflected on my experience with Rob I came to realize the gaps in our experience with hospice. I began to see what would have helped. With time and healing I was drawn to becoming an end-of-life doula so I could support others as they walk this path. This works feels like the reason I’m here.

I am a certified End Of Life Doula, Elder Care Doula, and Care Consultant, trained by hospice nurse Suzanne B. O’Brien RN through her award-winning end-of-life doula training program, called Doulagivers®. I want to give everyone the ability and calm confidence to care for their friends and family at the end of life.


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Crystal Flores

My story begins with my very colorful parents. Two Hippies turned Nurses then eventually back to Hippies. My parents loved caring for others. Mom was a hospital nurse and dad was a mental health nurse. Although I wasn’t drawn to a nursing career, I knew I wanted to be an example of love and compassion, like them.
In 2015 Mom received a terminal diagnosis, brain cancer. My Mother; a walking talking medical dictionary, knew all too well what we were in for. Barely retirement age of 63, they had just started ‘The Golden Years’. I left my family in San Francisco to move in with them on the Oregon Coast. My main goal was to teach my dad how to live life without Mom. Three weeks into her diagnosis my father died suddenly in his sleep; heart failure. I became my mothers live-in primary caregiver, 24 hours a day. I loved & cherished every moment of her final months. I felt a spark inside that lead me to do Hospice Volunteer work that eventually lead me to start a non-profit business; ‘Your Ultimate Love Story’.
Your Ultimate Love Story is a Holistic approach to care for the dying AND their families during this very delicate time. We offer Companion Care, Respite Care, Coaching for loved ones, Document Organizing, Housekeeping & Organizing, Life Review Art, Personal Errands, Bereavement Care & Coaching, Honor Ceremony, Vigil Planning, Home Vigil Setup & More.  You see, they lived *THE* Ultimate Love Story, I’m just finishing up the chapters for them.
Crystal is a Certified Health & Wellness Coach Specializing in Holistic End of Life Care & Coaching. Crystal takes training and education seriously and considers herself a Student of Life. She is a Certified End of Life Doula with Doulagivers and is receiving a secondary EOL Certification in July through INELDA. Crystal has spent the past 18 years as a Sales & Education Specialist in the Health, Wellness & Spa industry

Mary Ellen Shea

“Death had been my constant companion since I was 14 years old. Unexpectedly, my dad collapsed from a heart attack and died immediately. It seemed that my life stopped on that ill-fated day! After 18 years of putting a smile on my face to hide an aching heart, I finally grieved the loss of my dad through the help of a spiritual advisor. However, my fear of death still remained.  Death came to visit me again in 1997 when my husband and I were confronted with his terminal diagnosis of congestive heart failure. To this day, I can still feel the numbness that overtook my body upon hearing the news. We were both in a state of shock and scared! All the plans for the years ahead were dashed. Almost immediately my husband withdrew into an inner space of solitude. I longed for our previous connection of talking about everything, but he said talking about his death was too painful to discuss.  Both feeling alone, we needed someone to talk with, someone to listen. Thank goodness for the hospice nurses, social workers, chaplains and volunteers. They listened and encouraged us to take one day at a time as our life transitioned through the roller-coaster days of change and impending death. Hospice was our companion and part-time confidant until my husband’s death in the spring of 1999.  Three years after my husband’s death, and overcoming my fear of death, I became a hospice volunteer to share what had so generously been given. Shortly thereafter a new career path opened, and I transitioned into fifteen years of successful hospice leadership, of which nine years were as a Hospice CEO. It was while leading a hospice in Maryland that I was introduced to the end-of-life doula movement, and a new chapter for my life presented itself. They say when one door closes, another opens. This is so true. The door to becoming a Doula and Doula Trainer opened.  One may wonder what attracted me to the Doula concept of non-medical care. It was my experience as a hospice CEO. I could see on the horizon that health care was changing and hospice was changing. I experienced first-hand the frustration trying to stay within the Medicare guidelines and regulations while hospice staff became frustrated and hurried in their attempt to see so many patients and families. Staff felt guilty knowing they could not fulfill all their patients and families needs such as additional education, support, and reassurance.  It is a “fact” that patients and families, at the end-of- life need extra reassurance, support and continual education as to not be so frightened. I know this to be “fact” from my own personal experience. Doula care is not meant to replace hospice, it is the “fill in the gap companion” to provide that extra and higher level of care, attention and education that is missing in many facets of our healthcare system today.  Once I researched and learned first-hand about End-of-Life Doulas, my decision was simple. I added a new division, Doulagivers of North Central Florida, to my transformation coaching business, appleSeeders. I trained and became a member of the International End-of-Life Doula Association (INELDA) and completed a Certified End-of-Life Doula Training Program with Doulagivers.
Now, I that I am an End-of-Life Doula Trainer it is my desire to bring six years of college education, my personal passion for end of life care and 16+ years professional hospice experience to join with Suzanne O’Brien, RN, Founder and President of Doulagivers to provide the highest level of education and certification for End-of-Life Doulas. Together we will Learn the Skill, Change the World!
Elder Care Doula
Certified End of Life Doula
Doulagivers Care Consultant
Doulagivers Trainer
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Email: doulagiversncfl@gmail.com

Genna Willard – NEDA Proficient

Genna has her degree and over thirteen (13) years of experience in the Dental field; encompassing Dental Assisting, Expanded Functions, Radiology, Orthodontic Assisting, Preventative Functions Assisting, and Cosmetology.

As Genna faced mortality, through experiences with her own family, she developed a passion for helping others through this season of their lives.  Genna feels that her professional experiences brought together with her passion for assisting others through this time in their lives provides patients and families a positive end of life experience.

Genna serves as a volunteer through Premier Hospice and Palliative Care Fort Wayne.  She has trained through the award winning Doulagivers program to become a Certified End of Life Doula, Eldercare Doula, Care Consultant, and Doulagiver Trainer.

Her hard work and dedication has afforded her the opportunity to start her own business, Doulagivers of Northeast Indiana, in 2018.  Genna provides her patients the ability to have a wonderful experience preplanning for end-of-life, having amazing support through end-of-life, and bereavement for the patients’ family.


Call (260) 701-0979


Ingrid Harrison

Ingrid has over 25+ years of business experience.  Her parents were business owners, and she learned the importance of one on one customer service, work ethic, and family values from an early age.  Having a diverse background in business led her to creating and operating her own personal service business, Affordable Personal Services and Pet Care, LLC.  Ingrid is dedicated to being the voice for the voiceless. She offers book keeping, shopping/errands, cooking, non-medical services geared for the elderly and full service pet care.  Ingrid’s background as a veterinary technician for 20 years, and having raised animals her entire life, lends expertise for pet services from Pocket Pets to Ponies.  What makes Ingrid’s services unique is her passion for keeping elderly clients independent and safe in their homes, keeping them with their beloved pets, and overseeing the care when they can no longer care for them themselves.  She knows the benefits of relationships people have with their pets, especially for the elderly, and end of life patients.  Ingrid has volunteered with many types of people and animal organizations, been a board member for a non-profit, and organized various fund raising events.

Ingrid began caregiving with elderly family members in her twenties, with friend’s family members, and having a grandmother with Dementia. This began her journey while seeing the need for advocating in the nursing home and healthcare system for those that cannot speak for themselves. This led her to become a trained Hospice volunteer with her beloved therapy dog “Alex”, and in 2016 became a Certified End of Life Doula.  An End of life Doulagiver gives Ingrid the opportunity to offer experience, and give direction/support with end of life choices, which goes in conjunction with Hospice Care. Ingrid enjoys living a healthy lifestyle with her pets on a small farm in New Haven County CT. She grew up in the area, and attended Paier College of Art.

For all inquiries and to reach Ingrid Harrison:


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Cynthia Buckley

Being born an empath to a strict New England family in the 50’s, was not only a challenge to my parents, but also a challenge to me as well. Showing one’s emotions or expressing feelings was frowned upon. I tried desperately to hold these feelings inside, but the tears always fell down my cheeks and the sobs that I held onto for fear of the sound, caused incredible pain in my heart. I would be known as a sensitive child”. This would be both a blessing and a curse.

I was protected from death by my parents out of sheer fear of how they felt it would affect me. Little did they know that one of the greatest gifts I was given would be as a companion to the dying in their final days and hours. I would bear witness to the holes and gaps in our medical system in the early 80’s as I took my first full-fledged End of Life journey with a loved one. Taking my grandmother home from the hospital and creating a sacred space for her in her own home where she wanted to be, seemed second nature to me. Before dying, my grandmother would take my hands in hers’ and say, “this is what you do.” A year to the day she died, my mother (her daughter) would take me on this journey once again. It wouldn’t be until some years later that I would remember the words of my grandmother and truly understand what she meant.

I have studied with some amazingly gifted teachers over the years, following a path of Alternative Medicine and Holistic Therapeutic Practices since the 80’s. Each of the gifts they shared with me through their teachings, has added to the tools I bring with me to the Sacred Threshold. As an ordained Minister and duly trained in cross cultural spiritual practices as a Minister of Walking, I also bring gifts of sound therapy, aromatherapy, flower essences, Reiki and most of all an open and listening heart. I remember being told to never forget our ancestors who preceded us…and that they stand behind us. As I gaze into the mirror, I visualize my parents on either side and behind them their parents and so on. A lineage that goes back beyond the Captaining of George Washington across the Delaware on one side of the family and the hanging of an innocent God fearing Christian woman, Rebecca Nurse, and the Salem Witch Trials on the other….  It is their strength, courage and compassion that flows through my heart.

I am a certified Soul Midwife, End of Life Doula, Reiki Master, Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner, Soul Coach and an Interfaith Minister of Walking Prayer. I am truly led by my heart and bring it into all that I encounter each day. Blessings from my heart



Phone: (520)576-3550 

email: pastoralpassages@gmail.com


Carol Campbell

Carol has been interested in the different transitions that we each face in life for most of her life. Her first interest was in midwifery and early childhood development. She has accompanied several people as they transitioned to the next world which led to her interest in that part of life’s journey. Now she is working on a new business where she will provide services to people who may feel vulnerable in the transitions they are enduring. Training to be a certified End-of-Life Doula seemed a most natural addition to the services she provides to her clients. Her business is called C.H.A.T.: Consult, Hospice, Advocacy, Transition. www.servethevulnerable.com

Carol lives in Murfreesboro, Tennessee but can meet with anyone anywhere on Skype or AppearIn.

Carol’s Certifications:

Certified End-of-Life Doula

Non-legal Elder Advocate

Reiki Master

Grief Coach (Summer of 2018)

Life Coach (Summer 2018)

You can contact Carol



Susan Dustin

Dusty is originally from Melbourne, Australia, but has lived close to half of her life in Thailand.

In 1977, she began her journey into full-time, non‐salaried volunteerism. What initially was a series of simple, idealistic, compassion based endeavors soon transformed into an incredible lifestyle! Over the past four decades, she has initiated and participated in thousands of care giving activities throughout Australia, South East Asia, as well as North and Latin America. Refugee camps, psychiatric wards, substance abuse rehabs, correctional facilities, hospitals, hospices, rehabilitation centers, educational institutions, emergency shelters and medical missions have been but a few of the backdrops for her projects. She currently holds the titles of published author (three books to date), World Laughter Yoga Ambassador, The Rhythmic Arts Project (TRAP) South East Asia Facilitator, Founder and Director of Rhythmaedu (a mixed modality approach to enhancing the lives of adults and children with disabilities,) and Deathwalker with Doulagivers.

While her life and abilities are highly varied, her desire to compassionately companion others during their end of life journeys either at home or within medical settings has grown over the years. Through her experiences, training in counseling and life coaching, and with the Doulagivers courses she provides practical, emotional, mental, and spiritual assistance to those and their loved ones in all three phase of end of life. She is fluent in Thai and skilled at bridging cultural needs and practices. She specializes in companioning expatriates and Thai people alike to achieve a meaningful and good quality of life through providing useful information, medical advocacy, translating services, and the ability to navigate often emotionally difficult and confusing medical settings.  She assists in funeral, life celebration, and ceremony planning as well as bilingual end of life directives. She facilitates bilingual highly interactive compassionate end of life care courses which include Level 1 of Doulagiver’s community, volunteer, caregiver training. She regularly hosts free to the public “Last Supper” seminars. These meetings are held in a similar fashion to Death Cafés over a cozy meal or snacks with an open agenda to discuss death in a comfortable and safe setting.  However, in keeping with Suzanne O’Brien’s vision to freely share valuable knowledge in order that others may learn how to make empowered, informed choices for their lives, “Last Supper” seminars include both teaching and question and answers sections to better reach the needs of the populations served.

Certified End-of-Life Doula

Phone: +66 (0) 832945342


Deborah Sadowy- Dargie

After losing her sister Kim to Brain Cancer and her sister-in-law Andrea to lung cancer, Deborah founded A HEART FOR THE JOURNEY; End of Life Doula Consultant and Reiki Services, providing services to Pittsfield, MA. and the surrounding areas.  She is an End of Life Doula and Care Consultant trained and certified through the Doulagivers ® award winning End of Life Program.  In addition she has intense training and certification in mediation.

Deborah is a certified Level III Reiki practitioner and her mission is to help people find peace and joy if only for a moment.

HEART FOR THE JOURNEY, Is blessed to be welcomed into the lives and homes of families during such an intimate and overwhelming time. To be able help families be informed and know of alternative choices and options that are available to them, to hold space and insure that end of life wishes are being carried out has been a privilege.



Certified End-of-Life Doula

Certified Care Consultant

Certified Reiki III

Certified Meditator



Deborah Sadowy- Dargie


Phone: 413-441-5630



Michelle Acciavatti

I specialize in advance care planning, patient literacy and advocacy, non-medical support of the dying, pregnancy loss support, home funerals, and green burials. End of Life Specialist is so much more than a title, it is truly my calling in life.  As death and dying begin to transition out of the medical realm, there are many new options for people at the end of life. This includes caring for dying loved ones at home and caring for the bodies of our loved ones ourselves after they have died. Along with these changes, comes an increased willingness to think about, talk about, and even plan the way we would like to die when the time comes.

I help facilitate a Death Cafe in my community. Each month I go to Death Cafe, I share my own thoughts and feelings about death and dying and hold space for others doing the same. Over the last three years, this has led to my own understanding about death and dying to evolve, broadening and deepening beyond my original comfort zone. Now, I feel confident in being able to meet almost any perspective of death, dying, and the afterlife with a curious heart and an open mind.  I have trained as an advanced care planning facilitator. I focus on helping people identify the values that will guide them and their health care proxies in making decisions beyond simply listing what type of care they wish to receive. Additionally, I help ensure that information is shared and respected.  I am here to help people feel comfortable with communicating with medical professional and advocating for their needs by guiding them through what it takes to be an informed and empowered patient.

For over 3 years, I’ve served as a hospice volunteer, sitting with over a dozen people as they near the end of their lives. Sometimes this involves sitting vigil beside people in their final hours. I’ve held space as these people process their regrets and triumphs, hopes and fears. I’ve learned life stories and long-held secrets, read Harry Potter and The Book of Mormon, shared jokes, hugs, tears, and moments of profound silence.  Some of the people I’ve sat with have been unable to communicate verbally and I’ve learned just how much can be communicated through eye contact, body language, and intuition. I’ve connected with family members answering questions from “Is this normal?” to “What do I do?” These experiences and my training allow me to provide spiritual, powerful, and emotional support for those who are dying and their caregivers. This is called being an end-of-life doula or death midwife. I can support people of all ages including women who are experiencing pregnancy loss.  I help people plan their own funerals. I am trained in the legal, practical, and spiritual aspects of having a home funeral in any state in the U.S. I am proud to offer my services as a home funeral guide for families who wish to have something different than a mainstream commercial funeral, including preparing the body at home, home memorial services, and green burial.

Website: www.ending-well.com

Certified End-of-Life Doula



Glenda Valentine-Grace

My interest in Palliative Care came about when I travelled the journey with my husband from terminal diagnosis to death.  Our Palliative team opened my eyes to the assistance they can provide and allowed me to see the need for Counsellors and Doulas to help support patients and their families during their journeys.

Following my Husband’s death I enrolled in and completed a Diploma of Counselling, following which I have researched and completed several Palliative and Doula Courses.

Along with the further education and the fact that I ‘have been there & done that’, it is an honour to be there for others and lend whatever support and assistance I can during this emotional journey.  I found it helpful to have someone available to talk to and ask questions of, I now find it rewarding to be able to do this for others.

End of Life Counselling and Caring would be honored to meet with you and see if they could lend assistance during your personal journeys. Glenda is located on the Bellarine Peninsula, but is willing to travel throughout the region.


Certified End-of-Life Doula


+61 411 438 507


Beverly Shiels

Beverley is the founder and CEO of Courageous Goodbyes TM proudly serving the communities of St. Albert, Edmonton and the surrounding areas.  She is an end of life doula trained and certified by the International Doulagivers Institute in their award winning End of Life Doulagivers TM  Program.  In addition she is a certified hospice palliative care volunteer through the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association.  She is a certified Level II Reiki practitioner, has a certificate of completion in pastoral care, a certificate in Pastoral Biblical Theology from Newman Theological College and certified in Mental Health First Aid by the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Courageous Goodbyes is humbled to be welcomed into the lives and homes of families during such an intimate and overwhelming time.  To be an anchor in their emotional storms. It’s a great honour for an End of Life Doula to be invited to help families create a sacred space that will sustain them as they share final memories and prepare for their courageous goodbyes.


Certified End-of-Life Doula


Phone: 780-910-3496


Marggie Hatala – NEDA Proficient

Hatala is a former Hospice RN, Reiki Master, and is passionate about both sharing her depth of experience and compassion with those facing serious illness and their families, as well as helping to educate others in this sacred care. Hatala is an author of Sally: A Memoir, and continues to write and speak about all subjects related to end of life.

Hatala lives in Door County, WI and is available by video conferencing anywhere. Visit her on Doulagivers of Door County.


Certified Doulagivers Trainer

Certified End-of-Life Doula




James Desiderati

James Desiderati, RN has more than two decades of nursing experience, with the majority spent in home health and hospice care. Hundreds of patients and families have benefited from his clinical expertise, compassion and empathy, and his caring conversational style. Jim also understands what it is like to care for a loved one from a distance. Jim received his RN from Excelsior College School of Nursing. He is a former Hospice RN and Nurse Specialist in Hematology/Oncology. Jim is also a certified End of Life Doula and co-owner of Caring Choices.


Certified End-of-Life Doula


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Dawn Whelan – NEDA Proficient

Dawn offers community end-of-life education, workshops, planning, posthumous services, and mentoring of end of life doulas. Doulagivers® Executive Officer and partner since 2016, Dawn is a founding member International Doulagivers Foundation, World Training Day, and is the founder/CEO of One Last Gift serving terminally ill children and their families.

Dawn has a Masters in Acquisition and Procurement Management with over fifteen years of experience in purchasing and contracting. Several years ago she was faced with her own mortality which broadened her perspective on life, thus creating a desire to assist individuals with end of life options. She believed that coupling the two together, her professional experience and passion, could bring individuals a unique opportunity to pre-plan for friends and family. In 2014 she founded My Last Gift which affords individuals the opportunity to show those they cherish that their love is infinite beyond the physical boundaries of life. In 2018 she founded One Last Gift, a non-profit version of these services for children and young adults.

Dawn serves as a hospice volunteer throughout Hartford and Tolland Counties in Connecticut.  She has trained to become a certified End Of Life Doula, and Care Consultant through the award winning Doulagivers® program. She has additionally trained with Henry Fersco-Weiss founder of International End-of-Life Doula Association (INELDA), Deanna Cochran’s Quality of Life Care End-of-Life Doula Program, Professional Doula International, and completed a certificate in End-of-Life through Allegra.


Doulagivers Lead Trainer

Certified End-of-Life Doula

Doulagiver Care Consultant


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Patti Urban

As an entrepreneur since 2006, and owner of several successful businesses, Patti continues to blaze new trails and take on challenges, finding ways to help families transition at the beginning of family life and at the end. Her new venture, Your End of Life Doula, is a doula coaching service specifically geared to patients facing terminal illnesses. The concept was born out of her work with seniors and her observation of the suffering of her end-of-life clients and the gap that exists between hospitals, hospice, and the patient. Its primary purpose is to empower individuals to make their own choices with regard to end of life.

Patti is also the former owner Comfort Keepers of Guilford, CT, the industry leader in providing in-home care that allows older adults and others needing assistance to live happy, fulfilling lives in the comfort of their own homes. She also founded Legal-Eaze, a company that specializes in international adoption. Located in New York City, Legal-Eaze has assisted in the adoption process of over 10,000 children from countries such as China, Guatemala, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and has strived to help families navigate the difficult and ever changing landscape of international adoption laws.


Certified End-of-Life Doula




Nathalie Bonafé – NEDA Proficient

After earning her Ph.D in Biology & Health from Montpellier School of Medicine (France), Nathalie moved to the United States where she trained at the National Institutes of Health and at Yale University Medical School. With 25 years’ experience in biomedical research, project management, biologics discovery, and early pre-clinical development, her passion resides in collaborative and inter-disciplinary approaches to problem-solving. In 2015, she challenged her life purpose, and spent time studying business development and community leadership with various groups of professionals and ordinary people, with the goal of creating more synergy between people, and engaging everyone involved to collaborate differently for better results and better lives.

Nathalie is a now the owner of  A Gentler Parting, LLC, your Compassionate Partner in Holistic Care Planning, in New Haven, CT. Through intensive study and training, Nathalie has earned certification as a Doulagivers ® Care Consultant, an Elder-Care Doula, and an End-of-Life Doula. She is also a trained Hospice Direct Patient Care Volunteer with Seasons’ Hospice and Palliative care of CT.

She offers non-medical, holistic advice to individuals and families who wish to plan better for their own or a loved one’s end of life. She guide her clients, patients and family, through their journey, in trust, providing a listening ear and educated knowledge. She offers Advance care Planning Services, Elder Care Services, and End-of-Life Doula services. Her services and rates are described in great details on A Gentler Parting.


Certified Doulagiver Care Consultant

Certified Elder Care and End-of-Life Doula


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Myra Bennett

During and after the loss of several family members and friends, with whom she shared in the care of, she experienced a calling to hospice nursing. At the time, she had been a nurse for nearly thirty years, with the goal always being the promotion of health and life. But it was only after becoming a hospice nurse that she recognized her calling in the field of death and dying, where she learned how to promote a good dying process and provide care and comfort to the loved ones.

As an employed hospice nurse however, Myra often ended her shift when the loved ones still felt her presence was needed. She longed for the freedom and flexibility that would allow her to be of service whenever and for however long it required. Myra felt so passionate about this calling that she enrolled in the Suzanne B. O’Brien End of Life Doula training course and became certified. She now offers her services at Compassionate Crossings in Sacramento.


Certified End-of-Life Doula


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