The Doulagivers Training Program created by Suzanne B. O’Brien RN has been awarded “Worldwide Leader in Healthcare” by The International Nurses Association. It is our mission to offer this training for free/donation globally to help foster education and support for End of Life Care worldwide. Please contact our office in New York City to find out how to bring this training to your community or organization. Suzanne B. O’Brien RN

Free End-of-Life Doula Level I Family Caregiver Training Testimonials

Doulagivers Level 1 training was a Godsend for me and my friends. I found Suzanne’s class while researching how to support a friend who was diagnosed with glioblastoma, an aggressive, terminal brain cancer. The class is offered for free and provides all the helpful information we needed to support our friend during his end of life experience. I gained so much through this course, that I ended up going back and donating money for the class! Do yourself a favor and take this course, and if you can, donate! It’s more than worth it! Thank you Doulagivers and Suzanne for making a terrible loss a little less scary and much more profound.

Jana M., ~Eternally grateful.

“The four week FREE End of Life Doula Training Level 1 webinar was absolutely amazing. I love online studies and opportunities for personal growth and this course definitely has to be one of the very best I’ve had the chance to partake of to date. It is such important knowledge that I believe it should be included in every high school /university curriculum. Suzanne engages learners in a personable, compassionate and practical manner. She takes serious subjects and makes them empowering through providing knowledge and a skillset that anyone can employ for a more positive end of life experience either for themself or when caring for those they love. I am forever grateful for this course and cannot recommend it highly enough.”

Susan D., Thailand


“If you have 4 hours (1 each session), you find great comfort and information about supporting people through the process of dying. I loved it.”

Jana H.

“I had no idea how useful our little training last month would become.  I just drove 600 miles with my 7 year old daughter to visit my sick grandmother over spring break.

In the 48 hours I was there, I helped her fill out a living will and health proxy.  I helped arrange a transfer for her from the hospital to hospice, I helped her friend and caretaker understand that “it’s ok” because it’s what she wants in her end of life journey and that is ok to be sad.  I was true to my grandmother and her wishes as family circumstances got dicey.  I brought incredible joy to my grandmother by being there, honoring her wishes and giving her time with her great grand daughter.  I gave my daughter the gift of understanding and honoring the end of life as a noble process.

And, I was able to, myself, be at peace, say goodbye and have no regrets.

The gift you have given me is absolutely priceless.  I couldn’t have done all that a month ago.

I am very tired, but will sleep very well tonight knowing that I am honoring my grandmother in her very important process to the end of her life here on earth.

thank you so very much.”

Nancy W.

“This training helped me to reflect on the fact that end-of-life is about living, loving, and no regrets.  Incorporating the scenarios really helped me pull the concepts together in application of what we were learning.   Thank you for a wonderful training.”

Chalan W.
Thailand class picture

This is what a group just said about the Level 1 workshop:

  • “Suzanne was informative and a lovely human, sharing/facilitating important conversations.”
  • “Well organized”
  • “Lovely facility”
  • “Enlightened, non-judgmental, encouraging.”
  • “Much more than I expected – it flew by!”
  • “So much practical information given in one day.”
  • “Wonderful! Most meaningful!”
  • “Dynamic, purposeful and fun.”
  • “Suzanne was exceptional, engaging and helpful.”
  • “Thank you! This is an important conversation!”
  • “Excellent training. Certainly makes me interested in further End of Life Doula Training.”
  • “Great program, much needed.”

End-of-Life Doula Practitioners Training Testimonials

“Hello!  My name is Beverley and I am proud to be a certified Doulagiver with a practice in western Canada called Courageous Goodbyes TM.

For as long as I can remember, I dreamed of supporting individuals and their loved ones facing life limiting conditions, the senior years and the end of life transition.  I knew I was being called but lacked the knowledge, the confidence and the courage to start transforming my dreams into reality.  That all changed the moment a complete stranger told me it sounded like I should be an End of Life Doula!  Those four words gave me a title, put my thoughts into action and brought life to my dreams as I unveiled my true purpose.

At the time, I had no other place but the internet to turn to.  I was thrilled to see a few results pop up when I typed in those four words. Most of it seemed a bit out there and not in alignment with my vision until I came across Suzanne O’Brien’s Doulagivers website.  As I watched Suzanne’s videos and interviews on YouTube, it affirmed her authenticity to me, her certification program was reputable and award winning.  I was excited and ready to take the next step.  However, I allowed every day life to consume me, take priority and put the pursuit of my dream on the back burner.

Then a few years later, as the result of workplace burnout, I was forced to step back and seriously evaluate my life.  Through self reflection, I made important changes that allowed me to resurrect a new me that is and does what makes me happy.  It was a difficult road to travel but now that I am at the junction of a new road, I am grateful for the illuminating lessons learnt.  This period of transformation provided me with the courage to proceed in pursuing my dream and aspirations.

This lead me back to the internet to see if I could find out more about end of life doulas. I was thrilled to see Doulagivers pop up and amazed at how many more sites filled my screen. Actually, it was overwhelming!   I did my due diligence.  Was put off by some, drawn to others however after chatting on the phone with Suzanne, I confidently made my final decision to pursue to become a certified Doulagiver because of her core values, desire to be of service, to make a positive difference in this world and her authenticity.

I was no longer alone once I made that decision.  I have Doulagivers to turn to for support and guidance.  Suzanne provides professional and business advice, ongoing learning opportunities to stay current, develops new certification programs, sets high professional standards for Doulagivers to adhere that provides us with a reputable status in the communities we serve.  It connects us to other Doulagivers from all over the world to network with, learn from, seek advice from and comfort when the need arises.

I am blessed to be a Doulagiver and honoured to be a part of this life giving community.  Dreams can and do come true and I wish the same for you.”


Beverly Sheils, Canada-Courageous Goodbyes

“I have just finished going through the Doulagivers Levels 2 and 3 Certification Program, and simply put, they were wow! Being non-nerotypical (dyslexic and dyspraxic) I will need to study them at least another round, as well as incorporate these teachings in a tactile manner in order to fully process everything shared. However, my initial response is what a joy it’s been to partake in something so filled with integrity and compassion. Additionally, not having a medical background, I was pleasantly surprised that the explanations of various disease trajectories and how to approach those in end of life situations were in a (for the first time in my life) easy enough to understand and non-threatening format! Doulagivers also provided generous amount of materials to support the classes. Most importantly however, was Suzanne’s supportive, easy to approach, inclusive manner. She made it easy to learn as she was always available and welcoming of any personal questions and shared tips to help learners succeed and flourish within a community of caring people. As with Level 1 Doulagivers Training, I would highly encourage others to take these courses.”

Susan Dustin, Thailand

“Last year while looking to update and refresh my symptom management skills, key word searches led me to discover Doulagivers.com and one of Suzanne’s Obrien’s publicized interviews on the internet. Having worked as a nurse for over 23 years and in the field as a Hospice RN for over a decade, I immediately realized that the information presented in her free Level 1 education was only possible to accumulate by having walked that walk. Caring for someone who is experiencing loss of function is a task there are very few resources for once the burden of care falls onto unsuspecting families and friends. The fast-paced high technologically driven health care systems of today leave many of the average patients unable to find their way. Programs like Doulagivers are stepping into this void to embrace the growing need for more compassionate care at end of life. I completed the Level 3 Doula Program and am happy to belong to this growing community of compassion.”


-James Desiderati RN, Caring Choices

“Suzanne has put together a wonderful training program coupling her professional experience and the organic need at end of life.  The certification program is so well rounded and taught me how to hold space not only the patient but their family as well.  As a result of this training, I can ensure the families I serve have the best end of life experience and care possible.  I highly recommend the Doulagivers End-of-Life Doula training; it brings back the holistic model of care for the end-of-life.”


Dawn Whelan, Connecticut - My Last Gift

“Thank you so much for the weekend, your training, and the spirited and open-hearted enthusiasm with which you embraced all of us these past few days. I feel like I’ve been blessed in meeting you, and now feel re-invigorated to dive back into what the universe seems to be calling me to do.  I can’t thank you enough – and am looking forward to what’s next.”



Agency and Hospice Testimonials


“Suzanne B. O’Brien RN has taken her many years of experience as a Hospice and Oncology nurse and created Doulagivers End of Life Doula Training. This phenomenal training teaches families the skills they need to care for their own loved ones at the end of life. 100 years ago the skill of how to care for the dying was handed down generation to generation. It is time to bring this back. Just like the birthing doula model helps guide us into the world, death doulas are trained to holistically guide us out of this world. We will all be touched by end of life at some point in our journey, and with the right kindness, compassion and support, death can be the sacred natural experience it was meant to be. Thank you dear Suzanne, for your powerful, soulful work.”


Kris Carr, New York Times best-selling author, wellness advocate and cancer thriver

The staff of Promise Hospice wants to thank you for spending a weekend with us completing EOL Doula and Elder Care Doula Certification Training. Your presentation was like a torch of light, illuminating just how beautiful the end of life can be. Comments from the staff included, “I have a deeper understanding of how help assist my patients with unresolved issues now.” “I understand how to be a companion, as well as a caregiver.” Suzanne’s EOL Doula training was such a wonderful and worthwhile investment for the employees of Promise Hospice. She shifted the focus from following the rules and regulations of hospice programs, to understanding what it means to walk with a patient and family during their final journey. Suzanne provided true insight into holding space at the end of life.

Thank you for everything!”


Beth Aungier , Owner, Promise Hospice/ Promisecare doulas

“In Door Co, which has one of the oldest population averages in Wisconsin, we often serve clients who are dealing with end of life issues.  We wish to give our caregivers tools and training to increase their comfort level in addressing the needs of those clients and their families.  The Doulagivers program will better equip our caregivers to provide the best possible support for our clients and families.  We are also excited about being able to share the Doulagivers information with the community and play a role in bringing back a wholistic approach to the end of life journey.”


Kay Bidwell, Advocates In-Home Care

“The feed back from our volunteers after your presentation has been extraordinary. Not only were they enlightened by your material, but also the stimulating Q&A period. Thank you for bringing to light the importance of addressing end of life issues.”

Director of Volunteers, Mary Manning Walsh Home NYC

“Suzanne eloquently explains the need for greater support of loved ones at end of life and brings a unique perspective to palliative care.”

Benita Zahn , PBS Television