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Kristina Berano

Kristina Berano is a Connecticut native, soon to be relocating to central Florida. She has been married for over 26 years to her college sweetheart and they are the proud parents of two amazing children. She loves the color purple, sunshine at the beach, going to the movies, and chocolate candy! With two college degrees…

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LaKeisha Butts

La’Keisha Butts, also known as “BlackBird”, is the owner of Black Moon Art Jewels & Energy Healing; an urban label that alchemizes healing crystals, gemstones and metals into wearable art. BlackBird is an End of Life Doula, Artist, Creative Intuitive and Reiki Master /Teacher who uses art as a conduit to channel healing. It is…

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Amanda Gerace

I am extremely honored to share the end of life journey with those who are dying and their loved ones. I am passionate about supporting a dignified and peaceful end of life experience and will do all that I can to help with that process. My own experiences with death have added unique perspectives and…

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Janice Durant

Our elders deserve every bit of respect and dignity that we can offer them. End of life should be given the same reverence as the beginning of life. I had the privilege of being my mom’s caregiver until she took her last breath.  My super power is that I “speak” dementia.  This has been a…

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Molly Welch

“You will be a singer, in that I see you singing songs about the past and…commemorating those who have gone before us.” As a child of some privilege, and 20yr old theatre and writing major, I had no idea what this had meant when non-medical healer first shared this advice or foresight with me. My…

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Christy Wilsion

Christy Wilson

Christy Marie has been a death walker from her earliest memories. She was blessed to be raised in a family that accepted dying as a normal part of life and never shied away from talking about loved ones after they had passed.  She remembers large family gatherings after the funerals of loved ones and the feelings…

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