Project Description

I am Susan Capurso, founder of East End Doula Care. I live in Suffolk County New York. My professional and personal experiences have brought me to where I am today, serving, giving, supporting, educating and advocating. I strive to help your journey be about peace and balance rather than fear and anxiety. I’ve seen too many families go through this during the end of a loved one’s life. I’ve learned with a little planning and mindfulness, I can help make your experience be one filled with calmness and peace.

Life allowed me to take my business experience and tie it into my creative passions. By inter-twining the two together, I’m able to bring empathetic guidance and support into many homes and assist family’s during their sacred time. I bring a plethora of Legacy Projects to value for a lifetime to come. These projects are not only for the family, they help the patient leave the world feeling more valued and with closure. We find unique ways to celebrate a life well lived and complete. I helped lift the fog, I guide, educate and help your last chapter to be the most fulfilling one possible.

Today, I serve as a Hospice Volunteer in Suffolk County. I am a Certified Care Consultant (Advance Directives), Certified Elder Care Specialist and a Certified End of Life Doula having trained with the award winning Doulagivers Program in New York City with Suzanne O’brien. Now in my own practice, I’m here to help you travel your road serenely and peacefully.

I am a proud mother of two boys. My passions include photography and I’m a self published author. I love music and travelling to new places. I am creative in all that I do and enjoy bringing this into the many lives I help. Unfortunately, I’ve lost many loved ones over the last few years. I found there was a disconnect in getting the help I needed. There was a gap that was not being addressed. Answers to questions were not being received and the extra care we needed, was not there. I come in and take these fears away, focusing on you, right now when you need it the most.

I’ve learned that our death is natural. We come into the world for only a short time. Death should be a loving and sacred experience for both the patient and their family, my goal is to help facilitate this in the best way possible.


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