Project Description

“You matter because you are you,
You matter to the very last moment
Of your life,
And we will do all we can
Not only to help you die peacefully,
But to live until you die.”
Dame Cecily Sanders

Hi!  My name is Elizabeth Rawlins.  I am a Certified End-of-Life Doula through the award-winning Doulagivers program, and National End-of- Life Doula Alliance Proficient.  I am also a Social Worker and Bereavement Coordinator with Preferred Hospice in Lexington, Missouri.   We serve twelve counties in West Central Missouri.  We would be honored to serve you and your loved ones as you go through this unfamiliar territory of loss and life altering changes.

I grew up firmly believing I was the favorite grandchild to both of my wonderful grandmothers. Only as an adult did I realize that my sisters each felt that they were the favorite, also. In truth we were all equally adored by these amazing women. Though it has been many years since they passed, I can still hear their wise, kind voices, and feel their loss deeply.  As I began working at Preferred Hospice, I realized that every passing is a totally unique experience, and families need to be supported as they are going through the shock of transitioning as their loved one embark on the next step of the journey.

So many families do not realize that they and their loved ones are in control of their dying experience.  Whether at home or in a life care facility, Preferred Hospice and I are passionate about providing care, comfort and supporting options of the dying and those who love them.

For all inquiries and to reach Liz, call Preferred Hospice: