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I live in a state of glorious gratefulness.  Experiences in this life school have been profound.  I started as a caregiver for my Dad and subsequently my Mom. After her death, her wish was that I prepare her body. That precious gift led me to the realization that I had a calling assisting the dying and began to volunteer at a local hospice. Green burials and historical books on caring for the dying at home, as well as learning about Death Cafes etc, became my reading fare.
I began to study quantum physics and everything clicked for me.  Consciousness,  Oneness and Non-Separation have so much to do with Love and Compassion for each other.

In 2004, I discovered the world of energy medicine and knew instantly I had found my passion. I studied the Bodytalk system in the USA and actually became certified in So. Africa.  I was amazed  by the number of people who found my practice.I was thrilled and humbled witnessing their bodies heal themselves physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally, in an holistic  manner, and according to the bodies own priority.  After taking several advanced courses I was qualified to  participate in the Animal Talk classes and became certified to practice on domestic animals. Reiki had been my “go to” and after my experience with Bodytalk, it became my preferred modality.

After relocating  to Tarpon Springs, FL in 2013, I volunteered for Suncoast Hospice where I could only work with Reiki and had the opportunity to hold space for our dying patients. These past years have given me some of the richest experiences of my life.

Last year, and I can’t truly remember how, I came upon Doulgivers. A lightbulb moment. I had no idea that death doulas existed.  I received my specialized training from the award winning Doulagivers program with Suzanne B. O’Brien and am proud to call myself a certified end of life doula. Suzanne’s training encompasses many choices from our menu of services that a family can consider including providing practical, emotional, mental, and spiritual assistance to them and their dying loved one in all three phases of end of life. We can also include support after the passing of their loved one / friend. We hold space, decrease stress, help to ground and guide families. We are here to support loved ones through the entire journey. A good death is a fundamental right.. It is important to know that you have control.

Today,  I am excited to focus on educating the Tampa Bay area about the support we offer and how we can make a deeply profound difference in a loved ones dying process as well as their families. The need for our advocacy is growing each day. Please contact me  FREE presentations and our Peace of Mind Planner

I am offering services at:

‘Transition Companion of Tampa Bay’ and can be reached at:
FB: Tampa Bay Doula Giver

(954) 934-6929 cell

“Let us walk each other home.”
Ram Dass

Serving Florida