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Heather Honold

I am a Certified Conscious Dying Coach, End-of-Life Doula, Eldercare Doula, Advanced Care Consultant, Grief & Spiritual Coach, and Energy Healing Practitioner. I offer a range of services to support any person working through the human experience. This may look like conscious living coaching, spiritual coaching, end-of-life support, vigil sitting, legacy projects, energy healing, and…

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Tracy Leinbach

Hi, I want to introduce myself and tell you a little about me. My name is Tracy Leinbach and I currently live and work in beautiful Sun City West, Arizona. I work at a primary care clinic and have witnessed first hand a strong need for eldercare beyond our clinic doors, beyond the diagnosis. I…

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Marjorie Kendall

Hello, my name is Marjorie Kendall. I am a Certified EOL Doula in the Metropolitan Phoenix, Arizona area. Through the years, my heart always knew a time would present itself for me to become a professional EOL companion. When I discovered the Doulagivers Institute, it so inspired my heart that I knew that time had…

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Cat Serpone

Becoming an End of Life Doula is the answer to a dream that has been with me for a long time. Even though I spent years as a hospice volunteer I knew I could do more. When I found Doulagivers I knew that it was time to step into what I am called to do.…

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Astrid Balzer

Hello. My name is Astrid Balzer. I am a trained end-of-life doula. I have a Master in Social Work. I have 25 years of experience working with children, families and adults in the mental health field. I retired early and moved back home to take care of my parents. I became an end of life…

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Susan Luddy

Starting in my teenage years, I had some very interesting experiences surrounding the deaths of family and friends, and later on, caring for my elderly father for 10 years, and helping other loved ones as needed. While I have been called an empath, lightworker, earth angel, healer, guide and intuitive throughout my life, it wasn’t until the last decade that I started feeling a stirring in my soul, which led me to what I’m doing today.

After I enrolled in the Specialist program at the Doulagivers Institute and was immersed in completing this intensive certification training as an End of Life Doula, Elder Care Doula and Care Consultant, I realized I had found my calling, combined all of my gifts and stepped into my life purpose.

Since then, I’ve become credentialed by the National End-Of-Life Alliance (NEDA) and has earned the NEDA Proficient designation. From there I took additional training in Grief Counseling, became an Ordained Minister to lead end of life celebrations, and am a member of Lifespan Doulas. I have completed hospice training, background checks and am actively volunteering at and contracting with hospices, long-term care organizations and agencies, and work with private clients.

My main service areas include Sedona, the Verde Valley and Flagstaff in northern Arizona and additional areas within a 90-minute radius as needed. I also provide virtual services, educational opportunities and workshops online via www.theinfinitepath.com.

It is my honor to help with your end of life plans and journey while leading with love and sharing my light with you, your loved ones and our communities. I look forward to connecting with you.

Phone: 928-224-8499
Email: theinfinitepathdoula@gmail.com

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Janie Dalrymple

Janie Dalrymple

Janie Dalrymple, RN, BCPA, CEOLD, CLNC has over 15 years of experience in nursing including hospital-based bedside care, home health, and the outpatient clinical setting. She has a strong neurology background and was a Clinic Coordinator for an ALS Clinic for several years. Janie has been an independent advocate for others finding it difficult to…

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Cynthia Buckley

Being born an empath to a strict New England family in the 50’s, was not only a challenge to my parents, but also a challenge to me as well. Showing one’s emotions or expressing feelings was frowned upon. I tried desperately to hold these feelings inside, but the tears always fell down my cheeks and…

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