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There is NO Need to Fear Death: A Discussion with Hospice Nurse Julie!

 Released: 06/11/2024

 Guest: Julie McFadden

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Episode Show Notes

Two hospice nurses sit down and have a heart to heart discussion about the end of life and dying experience. Sharing the TRUTH about this sacred experience, and what people need to know to have the “Good Death”.

Get ready to be inspired and to look at life and death through an entirely new lens!

Enter Julie McFadden, a hospice nurse whose journey from the fast-paced intensity of the ICU to the soulful realm of end-of-life care has shaped her into a poignant storyteller and advocate. She joins us to share the transitions and insights that have colored her career, offering a glimpse into the sacred moments that accompany someone’s final days. Her upcoming book, “Nothing to Fear,” emerges as a testament to her mission to educate and alleviate the fears surrounding death—a subject often shrouded in misconception and dread.

The conversation spirals into the heart of hospice care, where Julie and I illuminate the oft-misunderstood dying experience. We’re reminded of the natural progression of death, a path trodden by all but recognized by few. Reflecting on the language that doctors and nurses use, we question how reframing our perspective on death can not only be more honest but also more comforting. It’s about embracing the full cycle of life rather than viewing its conclusion as a battle lost. Julie’s insights challenge us to find beauty in the inevitability of death, and to see it as a part of our shared human experience, especially in times of great division.

In the delicate dance between life and the after, there are moments that seem to defy time itself—these are the sacred encounters at the threshold of mortality that Julie and I explore. Through personal stories and heart-centered conversations, we pay homage to the spiritual growth that often accompanies physical decline. We ponder the profound love and energy felt at the bedside of those passing, moments that hint at something far greater than what we understand. As our episode draws to a close, we share a sense of gratitude for the connective tissue of humanity that caring for the dying reveals and invite listeners to carry this episode’s message into their own lives and conversations.

We dive into:

(01:29 – 02:49) Becoming a Nurse
(04:48 – 06:48) From ICU to Hospice
(08:16 – 09:20) The Importance of Honest End-of-Life Conversations
(13:18 – 14:35) Patterns of the Body’s Natural Shutdown
(22:18 – 23:15) Impact of True Connection in Healthcare
(29:39 – 30:31) Bedside Visitations and Grief
(32:39 – 33:31) End-of-Life Experiences and Awareness
(37:57 – 38:39) Educating About the Dying Process


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