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The Night I Slept in a Church

 Released: 02/13/2024

 Guest: None

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Episode Show Notes

Volunteer Chronicles: A Night of Compassion and Connection

Have you ever been awakened by a profound sense of community and connection?

Prepare to journey through an extraordinary night where Maple, my trusty canine companion, and I found ourselves amidst the sanctity of a Fifth Avenue church turned women’s shelter. This sacred encounter wasn’t just another New York City anecdote; it was a transformative experience, fueled by compassion and the unwavering spirit of an elderly woman’s dedication to those in need. Embark with me as we traverse a heartfelt story from opening the shelter doors to the emotional realizations of how a simple act of kindness can echo through the lives of many.

Our passage doesn’t end at dawn. We take a deep exploration into the tapestry of human consciousness, traversing the realms from a state of disconnection to the pinnacle of a superconscious unity. No guest is needed when the protagonists are the very stages of our collective human experience. From the echo of footsteps in a silent church hall to the life-changing philosophy behind selfless service, this episode is an odyssey of the soul. It’s a testament to the unseen threads that weave us all together, and a reminder that within each of us lies the potent frequency of oneness. Tune in, and let’s illuminate the power of community, compassion, and the transformative act of listening.

We dive into:

(00:02 – 01:59) Understanding Our Connected World
(04:00 – 05:35) Helping Women in a Church Shelter
(14:08 – 17:02) The Power of Selfless Service

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