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The Global Love Project with Justin Lucci

 Released: 05/21/2024

 Guest: Justin Lucci

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Episode Show Notes

Chalk Marks and Heart Strings: A Journey of Authenticity

Discover the transformative power of love and art with Justin Lucci.

Justin is the founder and CEO of the Global Love Project, who joins us to share his heartrending yet inspirational journey. After a personal tragedy reshaped his world, Justin traded his corporate suit for sidewalk chalk, starting a movement that encourages us to connect with our most authentic selves. Throughout our conversation, he opens up about the pivotal moments that led him from loss to a life abundant with purpose, spreading messages of love that resonate in the hearts of those who encounter his chalk art.

Justin’s story is a testament to the undeniable impact of community and personal growth. I reveal the profound sense of unity and reflection fostered by a weekly chalk art event I host, demonstrating how such gatherings can serve as the bedrock for cultivating authentic happiness and deeper human connections. We delve into the concept that life’s most harrowing challenges can indeed be the catalyst for our most significant evolution, and how a collective effort in intentions and actions can magnify the beauty of our shared human experience.

Closing this episode, we reflect on purpose and creativity as forces that shape our existence. Chalk art emerges not just as a medium of expression but as a poignant metaphor for life’s transient nature and our innate yearning to express freely and fearlessly. Join us in celebrating the simplicity and power of purpose that lies in the energy we infuse into our daily lives. Justin’s journey inspires us to find our creative outlets and to come together in elevating love and growth within our communities, marking the pavement—and our lives—with vibrant hues of hope and connection.

We dive into:

(02:16 – 03:32) Healing and Intentions Through Loss
(06:40 – 07:41) Healing Through Chalk Artivism
(11:30 – 14:32) Sunday Chalk Art Community Event
(16:31 – 17:10) Finding Purpose Through Human Experience
(23:11 – 25:14) Elevating Consciousness Through Global Love


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