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The Difference Between Ego and Heart Guidance

 Released: 04/10/2024

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Episode Show Notes

Mastering Life’s Choices: Harmonizing the Ego and the Heart

Have you ever felt torn between the whispers of your heart and the logic of your mind?

Our latest conversation delves into the profound realization that we navigate life with not one, but two internal compasses: the ego and the heart. Together, we explore the subtle yet powerful cues these guides offer and introduce the ‘Ray technique,’ a transformative tool I’ve developed to help you harmonize these distinct voices. As we embark on this journey, you’ll learn to choose love over fear, reshaping not just your personal narrative but also contributing to our collective human tapestry with every heart-led step you take.

Embarking on a voyage through varying states of consciousness can be as disorienting as it is enlightening. In this conversation, we traverse from the fog of unconscious living, where the ego often leads us astray, to the clarity of a superconscious state, where our true purpose aligns with service to others. The empowering concept of co-creation with the universe is illuminated, contrasting the effortless flow of life’s currents with the struggle of ego-driven force. Discover how consulting your heart can provide solutions of a higher wisdom, fostering a deeper connection within and to the world around you.

Sometimes life demands a leap of faith, and I share my own experience of uprooting my life from the familiarity of New York City to the unknown of Charlotte, North Carolina. The universe spoke in angel numbers, offering peace and affirmation in a time of turmoil. I extend an invitation to all listeners to embark on a profound personal transformation with our free Level One End of Life Doula training. This isn’t just about acquiring new skills; it’s an opportunity to rediscover your passion for life and align with your true calling. Join us and see where your heart leads you.

We dive into:

(03:46 – 05:14) The Power of Saying Yes
(09:20 – 10:43) Holistic Understanding From End-of-Life Patients
(14:19 – 15:41) Understanding and Shifting Your Ego
(17:37 – 19:26) The Power of Alignment and Co-Creation
(25:31 – 27:21) Finding Signs on Your Path

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