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The Deeper Meaning of Doula Work with Doulagivers Graduate Judi Arasi

 Released: 05/07/2024

 Guest: Judi Arasi

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Episode Show Notes

Guiding Lights in the Passage from Life to Death with Judi Arasi

Join us as we shine a spotlight on Judi Arasi, a remarkable graduate from the Dula Giver Practitioner program, whose journey into becoming a death doula is nothing short of inspiring. Judi shares the pivotal moment that propelled her towards this calling—the death of her mother-in-law—which revealed to her the pressing need for a more informed and compassionate approach to end-of-life care. Our conversation with Judi illuminates the critical role of death doulas in offering solace and support to families navigating this profound chapter of life, and underscores the burgeoning global recognition of death as an intrinsic human experience rather than a medical event. Listen in as Judi’s personal narrative captures the transformative power of embracing one’s true purpose in serving others during life’s final moments.

In this heartfelt exchange, I reflect on the life-altering lessons learned from my vocation in end-of-life care. The profound privilege of being invited into the intimate space of people’s homes during times of crisis has reshaped my outlook, instilling in me an appreciation for gratitude, forgiveness, and the art of cherishing human connections. I recount poignant interactions with patients and their families, emphasizing the deep bonds and the sense of extended family that emerges from this unique form of caregiving. This conversation culminates with the emotional recounting of being honored with the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization Volunteer of the Year Award for 2023, a testament to the significant impact that compassion and companionship have in the lives of those we serve. Tune in as we explore these touching moments and celebrate the indelible impact of end-of-life care on both the giver and receiver.

We dive into:

(04:47 – 06:03) Discovery of Doula Calling
(19:45 – 21:02) Supporting End-of-Life Choices With Doulas
(23:16 – 23:51) Becoming a Doula

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