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The Benefits of Forest Bathing

 Released: 06/18/2024

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Episode Show Notes

Transform Your Health and Happiness with Forest Bathing: A Journey Through Nature Therapy

Have you ever felt the healing power of nature wash over you during a simple walk in the park?

Join me, Suzanne O’Brien, on “Ask a Death Doula” as I recount my transformative experiences in Central Park and share the ancient wisdom behind the practice of forest bathing. Discover how immersing yourself in nature can rejuvenate your mind and body, with benefits like reduced cortisol levels, lowered blood pressure, and a boosted immune system. This episode delves into the holistic health benefits of reconnecting with natural elements and how such simple, cost-free practices can significantly enhance our quality of life.

We’ll explore the remarkable impact of forest bathing on mental well-being, from mitigating stress and inflammation to improving happiness and creativity. Learn about the spiritual benefits that come from moments of silence and meditation in nature, and hear why doctors are increasingly prescribing nature therapy as a holistic approach to health. Plus, join me on a 30-day forest bathing journey designed to foster growth, healing, and joy. Tune in for an episode filled with practical advice, personal stories, and an invitation to transform your life through the simple act of stepping into nature.

We dive into:

(00:02) Benefits of Forest Bathing and Wellness
(08:48) Benefits of Forest Bathing
(23:32) Healing Through Forest Bathing


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