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Talking “Doula Houses” with Kim Adams from The Omega Home Network

 Released: 04/23/2024

 Guest: Kim Adams

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Episode Show Notes

Reimagining End of Life Care with Kim Adams and Community-Based Care

Imagine the impact of a world where the final stage of life is met with compassion, dignity, and a return to the caring embrace of community.

That’s the transformative vision Kim Adams, a passionate advocate in the death and dying movement, and I discuss during an enlightening conversation on end-of-life care. As we traverse the topics of home funerals, green burials, and the necessity for community homes for the dying, we uncover the profound differences these services make for those facing their twilight years without the support of family.

Venturing into the realm of the Omega Home Network, we shed light on the inspiring endeavor to create non-medical, social model homes that serve as an alternative to traditional medical facilities. These havens prioritize the human experience over clinical treatment, offering around-the-clock caregiving as an extension of family. We examine the collaborative spirit that forges multiple homes into a collective, emphasizing the importance of local support and the synergy with hospice services. Our discussion navigates the complexities of regulations, ethical considerations, and the practical steps involved in establishing these compassionate communities.

In an era when the conversation around death is often shrouded in discomfort, our dialogue aims to dismantle taboos and foster open discussions about end-of-life care. We explore how the upcoming conference in Indianapolis can serve as a nexus for education, networking, and the sharing of resources to aid in the creation of non-medical care homes. By extending an invitation to join this movement, we underscore our shared commitment to ensuring that everyone has access to a dignified and ‘good death.’ Join us on this journey to reimagine the final chapters of life as a celebration of legacy, love, and community care.

We dive into:

(00:00 – 00:21) Unity Through Shared Experiences
(06:30 – 07:33) The Family’s Role in End-of-Life Care
(13:45 – 14:36) Importance of End-of-Life Awareness
(20:47 – 23:03) Global Doula House Expansion Plans
(26:55 – 27:44) Community Collaboration for Social Change

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