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Suzanne B O’Brien RN Talks to RedLily Founder Kerrie Lee Brown on how to “Take Charge of Your Health”

 Released: 07/23/2019

 Guest: Kerrie Lee Brown

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Episode Show Notes

Optimized-Kerrie_Headshot.jpgIn this episode of “Ask a Death Doula,” my guest, Kerrie Lee Brown and I talk about health, healing and the power of the word “No”. We also announce the launch of RedLily August 2019! RedLily™ is a cool, new digital platform that celebrates real women, real-life experiences, and more. A place where women can turn their “mess” into an important message. Unlike other outlets that focus on celebrities simply because they sell… We believe well-being should be a given; not a goal. RedLily™ is for ALL women. We want to provide a platform for you to inspire and be inspired. It’s YOUR positivity portal. All heartfelt content. Your place to learn, share and grow. RedLily™ is for women who crave more from their heart’s core.™ Visit RedLilyLife.com.

About Kerrie Lee Brown:

Kerrie Lee Brown
Founder of RedLily™ / Publisher of RedLilyLife.com
Originally from Toronto, Canada, Kerrie Lee Brown is a sought-after corporate storyteller, magazine editor, and serial entrepreneur. Now based in Denver, Colorado, Kerrie-Lee works with a variety of global clients in the areas of health and fitness, real estate, personal development, publishing, and education. After advancing through a number of media positions (most notably as editor-in-chief of Oxygen Women’s Fitness and founding editor of American Health & Fitness magazines), Kerrie-Lee moved to the role of vice president, communications for an international mind/body organization to build their marketing and creative divisions. Throughout her career, Kerrie-Lee has written for more than 100 magazines worldwide and has appeared on numerous television shows as a women’s health expert. She is also the author of “My Heart, My Self” a memoir about her heart-health scare at the age of 39; available on Amazon. Today, she has made it her mission to inspire women with her new lifestyle brand RedLily™ launching this Summer. For official launch details, visit RedLilyLife.com or to contact Kerrie-Lee, check out KerrieLeeBrown.com.

This interview includes:

  • How stress is the secret killer affecting us all
  • How most women put themselves last in life
  • How self care is not optional
  • The power of “No”
  • How gratitude can be your access point to reducing stress day to day
  • The transforming and healing benefits of women supporting one another
  • How you can “Take Charge of Your Health

Links mentioned in this episode: You can purchase the book by clicking the link below!

My Heart, My Self: A Heartfelt Guide For Women Who Do Too Much

Kerrie Lee Brown social media links are:
Facebook @kerrieleebrown and @redlilylife (your heartfelt lifestyle brand)
Instagram @redlilylife
Twitter @redlily_life
Email for people to send their story ideas or article pitches: editors@redlilylife.com
New URL: redlilylife.com (sign up to learn more about official launch details)


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