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Suzanne B O’Brien RN Talks Reuniting with Your Loved Ones with Glenn Klausner

 Released: 07/04/2019

 Guest: Glenn Klausner

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Episode Show Notes

In this episode of Ask a Death Doula, I am interviewing Glenn Klausner. Glenn Klausner is a nationally and internationally renowned Psychic Medium residing in New York City, who for over 20 years has been reuniting thousands of people from all over the world with their loved ones who have transitioned.

He exhibited intuitive abilities with communicating to Non-Physical Spirits at the age of four by making predictions and relaying messages for family, and friends. As a teenager, he further explored these abilities through his communications with The Spirit World, and by the early 1990’s he began conducting readings for a growing and steady clientele worldwide.

Glenn has been featured since 2002 as a Tested Legitimate Medium on Bob Olson’s website, www.bestpsychicmediums.com.

In addition to communicating with departed loved ones (humans & pets), he also gives psychic readings and intuitive coaching for every day life guidance. He is available for seminars, teaching classes, media appearances and consultations to assist families with intuitive children.

Since 1999, Glenn has been a featured guest on over 1,000 top radio programs heard worldwide including: Hay House Radio, XM Sirius Radio, CBS Sky Radio.com, Contact Talk Radio, Blog Talk Radio, Achieve Radio, Berkshire Community Radio, Centanni Broadcasting.com, Hey Z Radio, Lady Bug Live, Now Live.com, 12 Radio.com, IPR365.com, WCKT, WOLZ and K-Rock (Ft. Myers, Florida), 1660 AM (Naples, Florida), KRQ (Tucson, Arizona), KLLY (Bakersfield, California), End Online (Sacramento, California), WARL (Providence, Rhode Island), Horne Radio Network (Knoxville, Tennessee).

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For More Information on Glen Klausner Click Here: https://www.glennklausner.com



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