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Suzanne B. O’Brien RN Talks Life and Death with Reverend Bohdi Be

 Released: 07/11/2019

 Guest: Reverend Bodhi Be

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Episode Show Notes

Reverend Bodhi BeMy guest Reverend Bodhi Be has been caring for the dying and teaching others how to provide conscious and compassionate care for those at the end of life through his non-profit organization Doorway Into Light since 2006. Reverend Bodhi Be is an ordained interfaith minister and is the Executive Director of Doorway Into Light.

He operates Hawaii’s only nonprofit funeral home, as well as The Death Store, an educational resource center and store on Maui.

Bodhi is a funeral director, death doula, end-of-life and bereavement counselor, hospice volunteer, a teacher and trainer of death doulas, a speaker and workshop leader in the fields of wholehearted and sacred living and dying, and a ceremonial guide.

Bodhi hosts a weekly radio show, ‘Death Tracks’ which streams online. He is a Notary Public, Coffin Maker, Reiki Practitioner and, together with his wife, children, and grandchildren, are off-the-grid organic homesteaders on Maui.


This interview includes:

  • How Reverend Bohdi Be first became interested in working with dying patients
  • A look back at death and dying 100 years ago and the changes that have taken place over time
  • The greatest challenges we face today in offering quality care to the dying
  • The current Healthcare system and the answer to the aging and end of life crisis.
  • The importance of empowering families and communities with holistic, sustainable and family-based tools, skills and information in the care of the dying and the dead.
  • The secret to transforming our culture is by transforming attitudes and relationships with aging, dying and death
  • How to reclaim the care of the dying and the dead as ‘village building’ work and sacred service.
  • How to Protect and preserve land by utilizing a green burial ground as an economic engine to maintain the land as public commons.
  • How to be part of the 2019 International Death Doula Training April 25th-29th Maui, HI


“To change our culture, to change our lives, requires the transformation of consciousness, and few things shift consciousness as quickly as an awareness of death.” -Reverend Bodhi Be

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