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Securing Your Pet’s Future: The Essentials of Pet Trusts with Ingrid Harrison

 Released: 06/04/2024

 Guest: Ingrid Harrison

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Episode Show Notes

Steps to Safeguard Your Pet’s Well-being

What would happen to your beloved pet if something were to happen to you?

Join us for a heartwarming and crucial conversation with Ingrid Harrison, a passionate advocate for animal welfare, as we delve into the world of pet trusts. Ingrid’s touching journey, originating from her childhood on a dairy farm, offers a unique perspective on the profound emotional bonds between humans and their pets. Together, we explore the importance of setting up pet trusts, especially for animals with long lifespans such as birds, horses, and reptiles, ensuring they are cared for if their owners become incapacitated or pass away.

In this episode, we outline the essential steps in planning a pet trust, from selecting potential caregivers to compiling detailed information about your pet’s needs. Learn why it’s important to have emergency contacts and care plans readily accessible, particularly for those who live alone. Ingrid shares her decades of dedication to animal advocacy, offering valuable resources and inspiration for all pet owners. Wrap up with Suzanne’s heartfelt gratitude towards Ingrid’s work and her own plans to secure her pet’s future, inspiring listeners to take immediate action. Don’t miss this enlightening discussion that underscores the responsibility and love we owe to our animal companions.


We dive into:

(02:52 – 04:15) Love for Animals From Childhood
(04:17 – 06:26) Learning From Animal Connections
(11:50 – 13:30) Importance of Pet Care Awareness
(16:16 – 17:16) Importance of Having Conversations About Inheritance
(28:03 – 29:01) Navigating Pet Trusts and Obituaries


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