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How to Talk to Children About Death

 Released: 04/30/2024

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Episode Show Notes

Conversations at Life’s End with Tomorrow’s Generation

Could our silence on the subject of death be shaping our children’s fear of the inevitable?

This time, we peel back the layers of this taboo topic and reveal why it’s essential to introduce our youngest minds to the concept of mortality. As a hospice nurse, I’ve witnessed firsthand the impact of death on families and the profound intuitive understanding children can have when it’s explained with care. In sharing stories from the bedside, we uncover the lasting effects of shielding children from death and argue for their inclusion in the dying process. We’re not just discussing the end of life; we’re advocating for an early and healthy relationship with its reality.

This episode isn’t about the gloom of passing; it’s a call to live with authenticity and urgency. I share reflections from those in their twilight hours who wish they’d followed their hearts sooner. It’s a poignant reminder that our time is finite and that we should seize the moment to pursue our passions. I inspire you by sharing my own leap into learning Spanish and challenge you to align your life with what truly stirs your soul. Let’s break free from the cycle of stress and step into a life driven by inspiration and wonder.

To close, we touch on the importance of honest, open conversations about the cycle of life with our children. Providing resources and strategies, we explore how to talk about death in an age-appropriate way that fosters curiosity rather than fear. As we wrap up, I extend heartfelt thanks for your engagement in this crucial dialogue. It is my hope that you’ll be moved to integrate these insights into your life, as I continue to weave them into my own journey. Join me, and together let’s reshape the narrative around death—one conversation at a time.

We dive into:

(00:22 – 02:22) Talking to Children About Death
(15:27 – 16:53) Children’s Energy Awareness and Hospice Nursing
(22:53 – 24:53) Following Your Heart
(30:08 – 31:31) Teaching Children About Death and Purpose


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