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How to Start A Death Cafe to Start Your Death Doula Business

 Released: 02/06/2024

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Episode Show Notes

Embracing Life’s Final Chapter: The Rise of Death Cafes and Starting a Death Doula Business

Ever wondered how the contemplation of mortality could enrich your life?

Join me, Suzanne O’Brien, as I lead you through the enlightening world of Death Cafes and reveal the secret to starting a Death Doula business. We embark on a journey from the inception of Death Cafes by Bernard Crettaz to their global spread, thanks to John Underwood’s vision. I’ll share my personal experience of launching a Death Cafe in Millerton, New York, a place where profound community dialogues about death led to an unexpected deepening of life’s appreciation. Discover how these unique gatherings create a nurturing environment where the taboo of death is explored and embraced, paving the way for meaningful conversations and community bonds.

In the second act of our meaningful conversation, I take you behind the scenes of building a Death Doula practice, offering practical advice and heartfelt insights from my own transition from hospice nurse to creating a comprehensive end-of-life care program. I touch on the essence of being prepared, the intensity of supporting a family in their moment of need, and the importance of having a solid resource list. You will hear how Death Cafes can be a cornerstone for growth, both personally and professionally, for those in the Death Doula vocation. I conclude with the inspiring tale of how an accidental step led to the formation of a global community of practitioners, encouraging you to heed the call to service and experience the profound fulfillment it brings.

We dive into:

(00:30 – 01:59) The Global Movement of Death Cafes
(05:57 – 08:06) Death Cafes and Death Doulas’ Importance
(11:00 – 11:49) Death Doula Platform Building
(17:04 – 18:14) Building Business and Serving Community


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