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How to Make a Support System Scheduler for Care of the Dying

 Released: 04/03/2024

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Episode Show Notes

Navigating the Tender Journey of Caregiving in Life’s Final Chapter

Can we truly bear the weight of end-of-life care alone, or do we need a village to carry us through?

Join me, Suszanne O’Brien, as I tackle the often-overlooked yet essential questions that underpin the daily life of those offering care in the final chapters of a loved one’s life. In the heartfelt journey of caregiving, I shed light on the acute and safety issues that cannot be ignored, and underscore the importance of a support system scheduler – a cornerstone in preventing caregiver burnout and ensuring the comfort of our dear ones as they near the end. By weaving in the moving tale of a daughter accompanying her father through his last days, I paint a vivid picture of the profound impact caregiving has on families and the undeniable necessity of a well-structured support network.

As we navigate through the complexities of end-of-life care, this conversation extends beyond the immediate caregiver to the broader community. I discuss how a carefully coordinated support system, facilitated by a scheduler, can transform the daunting task of caregiving into a shared labor of love, efficiently involving friends and family in the care journey. Not only does this approach lift the shroud of isolation often felt by caregivers, but it also provides a pathway for others to offer support in meaningful ways, from meal trains to maintaining a tranquil environment for both the living and the dying. This episode goes further to offer hope and direction for those who feel called to this deeply rewarding work, announcing an upcoming free training for aspiring death doulas, fostering a future where compassionate end-of-life care is the norm, not the exception.

We dive into:

(10:29 – 11:41) Caregiver Support for End of Life
(17:25 – 18:56) Supporting Patients and Caregivers


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