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How to Make a Full Time Income as a Death Doula

 Released: 01/16/2024

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Episode Show Notes

The Sacred Work of a Death Doula Explored

Discover the profound lessons and transformative experiences that arise from the unique and deeply meaningful work of a Death Doula. 

Embrace insights that will not only change how you view the end of life but also how you live each day to its fullest. Embark on an exploration of what it truly means to generate a sustainable income as a Death Doula. Learn about the Doulagivers Specialist Practitioner certification and the diverse range of services it encompasses, from elder care to grief support—all vital for creating a holistic practice that truly serves the needs of the dying and their families.

This episode uncovers the identity of the true client in end-of-life care, often the adult children of aging parents, while addressing common pitfalls new Death Doulas may encounter. Reflections on the changing landscape post-COVID-19 illuminates the critical role of Death Doulas in facilitating meaningful end-of-life experiences. Tune in for a candid discussion about the intersection of life, death, and the profound impact of those who guide us through our final chapters.

We dive into:

(01:30 – 02:23) Recognizing Calling, Balancing Work Hours
(02:24 – 04:41) Importance of Balance in End-of-Life Care
(06:17 – 07:11) Elder Support and End of Life Planning
(12:05 – 14:29) Expanding the Role of End-of-Life Doulas
(17:29 – 18:49) Benefits of Care Consultant’s Power
(25:23 – 25:50) Crisis in Elder Care


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