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How To Build a Network Resource to Grow Your Death Doula Business

 Released: 05/14/2024


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Episode Show Notes

Fostering a Network for Impactful Doula Services at Life’s End

Have you ever considered how the knowledge of death might deepen your appreciation for life?

Suzanne shares her expertise on creating a vital network resource list, a toolkit that arms you with connections ranging from estate planning lawyers to eco-friendly burial options, ensuring that your doula practice is not only a beacon of support for grieving families but also a thriving business.

Step into the realm of ethical end-of-life guidance and learn how to seamlessly integrate these services into your community through our discussion on building a robust death doula resource network. Suzanne illuminates the path to crafting stress-free end-of-life plans, emphasizing the transformative impact meticulous preparation has on the experience of the dying and their loved ones. This episode is an invitation to harness the power of death doula resources, enriching your practice and profoundly altering the landscape of end-of-life care. Join us as we honor life’s final transition and the remarkable difference a well-prepared doula can make.

We dive into:

(00:02) Network Resource List for Deaf Doula
(10:01) Building Death Doula Resource Network
(20:08) Building a Deaf Doula Resource List

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