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How The Death Doula Training is a Life Course

 Released: 01/23/2024

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Episode Show Notes

Journey Beyond the Ego to Spiritual Fulfillment

Ever wondered how the wisdom gleaned from the brink of life’s final chapter could illuminate your day-to-day existence?

That’s exactly what we uncover in our latest episode, where I, Suzanne O’Brien, delve into the unexpected life lessons from my path as a Death Doula. It’s an exploration that takes us from the heart-wrenching moments of end-of-life care to the heart-led decisions that guide us towards a life of joy, flow, and yes, even miracles.

As we share stories of personal transformation, I open up about the profound impact listening to my heart over my ego has had on my life choices, including the inspired leap to write a book. This episode is an invitation to step away from the scarcity mindset and lean into the abundance of love and strength that comes from aligning with the universe’s higher purpose. Prepare to challenge your perceptions of what’s possible and embrace the power of living a life that’s true to your heart’s deepest guidance.

To cap off our journey, we look ahead to the “Universal Life Mastery” webinar, a space where we continue to unravel the threads of purpose and potential that weave through our lives. I’m thrilled to have you with me on this transformative voyage, and together, we’ll celebrate the courage it takes to create not just a good life, but an extraordinary one. Whether through selfless volunteering or stepping out on faith, we’re here to support each other in unlocking an existence filled with meaning and connection. Join me, and let’s begin crafting the remarkable chapters of our own stories.

We dive into:

(04:59 – 06:33) The Meaning of a Good Death
(11:32 – 12:36) Inspired Guidance and Life Transformation
(15:58 – 17:59) Finding Your Purpose Through Energetic Alignment
(19:49 – 20:58) Fear of Death and Life Lessons
(25:02 – 26:40) Remembering Our Spiritual Existence
(28:38 – 30:37) Connecting to Higher Frequency and Consciousness
(34:02 – 36:04) Embrace Life’s Opportunities for a Fulfilling Death


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