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Sound Healing for Health

 Released: 02/02/2023

 Guest: David Hulse

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Episode Show Notes

SomaEnergetics is a series of Sound Therapy Techniques developed by David Hulse at the turn of the century using the power of the ancient frequencies of the solfeggio. We use the highest quality Solfeggio Tuning forks, which are custom-made for SomaEnergetics by a manufacturer who has over 4 decades of experience developing quality, custom tuning forks. We offer training in live workshops and via Self-Study Online Courses. Our Color Solfeggio Energy Tuners and Body Tuners are available exclusively from SomaEnergetics.

This wonderful quote from Dr. Horowitz and Dr. Puleo’s, book – Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse sums up the importance of this work: “Nature and Grace”—the physical and the spiritual—reflect each other and reveal “the great fact” that there is a secret tone scale—or set of sounds—that vibrates at the exact frequencies required to transform spirit to matter, or matter to spirit”


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Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (00:02)

Hi everyone, and welcome to this episode of Ask a Death Doula. I am thrilled about today’s podcast.  Today we have David Hals. David Hals is a C V S M T a certified vibrational sound master teacher. He  combined his 50 years of experience as a motivational speaker with years of research in metaphysics,  science, sound, and spirituality to bring you a unique and empowering experience. At the turn of the  century, David’s accelerating interest and research into the lost frequency of the ancient sagio, served as  the spirit guided catalyst for Soma energetics, a technique whereby the sofe tuning forks help facilitate  the releasing of energy to flow more easily. David believes that these sacred tones actually serve as a  vibrational bridge to holistically reigniting the physical, integrating the physical, mental, emotional, and  spiritual aspects of the individual as well as all of humanity collectively. Welcome David. Thank you so  much for being here. 

David Hulse (01:17)

Oh, thank you for having me. I’m looking forward to our time together. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (01:21)

Yes. Um, I have taken multiple trainings with you and it has been so life-affirming, but on so many levels,  so I can’t wait to share you with all of our listeners. So the first thing that we really wanna cover is what  is sound healing? 

David Hulse (01:38)

Sound healing is, uh, really a return, like you were saying. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> to the more  indigenous mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you know, you take the Aborigines of Australia, they were doing  this 40,000 years ago with the Ger Dew. They understood the power of vibration and sound in the  healing form. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So it’s not new. So it’s a misnomer to call it new age. Mm-hmm.  <affirmative>, because actually it’s restoring of old, ancient, um, uh, techniques. Uh, and I think people  back then were more in tune with nature. I think they understood more how things had a, uh, presence,  a sound, and, and I think we’ve lost that through this, uh, many, uh, years in centuries of, uh, uh,  industrialism and materialism. So this is a great, exciting thing, uh, that is returning back to us at this  time. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (02:29)

Fantastic. I love that very much because, um, as I’m always saying with our doula givers work is that this  is just, you know, a rebirth of what has been. We’ve been dying for thousands of years. There have been  amazing techniques and holistic ways to live this world with, like you just said, connection to animals,  the planet, each other. And we have completely lost that for the most part. And now it’s an exciting  moment that it’s coming back. So I just wanna hone into the vibration for a minute. When I work as the  end of life doula giver with people at the end of their lives, never has it been more apparent that we are  vibrational beings. So as, and I’ve been doing this for two decades now, and seeing that physical body  diminish and seeing that spiritual energy growing and what happens and then everything. 


So then I went out to study it. Everything is energy and everything is vibrational, and there’s a higher  frequency, and obviously lower frequency and a no judgment here, but this tuning technique and this  beautiful offering that you’re sharing is a wonderful modality for us to become that higher frequency  cell. So we’re gonna get into all of that in a minute, but it gives me chills cuz it’s very exciting. So we cs, everything is  energy. So can I just get you to share how it works in a nutshell? Or, or something that people can really  understand? 

David Hulse (04:02)

Right. Well, um, growing up I had a really interesting relationship with music. Mm. And not just popular  music, but some indigenous type music mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, I would go over to the African  American church and they were kind of singing on notes that we didn’t at the, at our church. And I had  just began to realize that there’s levels of vibration within vibration. Mm-hmm. And that was very early.  So I think that’s because that’s part of what I was gonna do mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, in the future  was work with sound and vibration. Now, as you know, my background for many, many years was in a  theological, uh, sense of learning, uh, theologies and whatever. So in my understanding of this idea of  vibration, uh, of course I was told it’s not in the Bible, for instance. Right. Well, I started looking up, I  found this interesting, uh, and God moved across the face of the deep in Genesis. 


God moved across the face of the deep. And that caught my attention. I thought, what does that mean?  God moved across the face of the deep. So I began to look into this word moved, and I found, uh, uh, an  older concordance that said, God fluttered across the face of the deep. And I thought, that’s interesting,  but an interesting picture to think of something fluttering like wings of a bird fluttering. And then I  

finally found an older one that said, and God vibrated across the face of deep. And I thought, you know,  vibration must be in the original formula for creating things and manifesting things. Right. So that’s kind  of the seed that was early planted in me that prepared me for Yeah. You know, uh, over 20 some years  ago when I began to really realize that there was a return back into vibration. 


Yeah. I wanna say the XiO, uh, frequencies are very ancient. We don’t know how far they go back. Mm hmm. <affirmative>, we really don’t mm-hmm. <affirmative>, some say to Atlantis, we know Egypt, uh,  had certain frequencies. We know that the early, early church before it was organized, uh, used these  frequencies and was causing tremendous healings and manifestations in the early, early years before it  became so organized and changed. And of course, we changed the tuning, uh, method here in the west  from a four 40 to a, uh, to a 4 44 to a four 40. And that changed everything too. So this really, as, as we  started out this conversation, this is a return back to restoring us back into things that really has gotten  us out of tune. Yeah. I don’t know, p anybody I’ve not met in the years I’ve done this, that does not say  

to me, you know, there are just some days I don’t feel that things are in tune <laugh>. Yep. And, and  because of magnetic fields and things like that. And I think it’s because we’re missing frequencies Yeah.  That need to be restored back to us. And the XiO to me is one of those, uh, groups of frequencies that is  being restored at this time mm-hmm. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (07:09)

<affirmative>. Yeah. So, so exciting that there’s so many things being, uh, rebirthed, but also with more  knowledge that we have now so we can really accelerate, you know, the education and the, the learning  and the tools. Uh, how did it get lost in your opinion, with no judgment? How did we lose touch with the  foundation of sound healing throughout the, the time of our humanity? 

David Hulse (07:33)

I’m sorry, I didn’t get the question.

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (07:35)

How did we actually lose touch with this? Oh, like modality. If, if you can pinpoint something with no  judgment, just, it’s so fascinating, the journey. 

David Hulse (07:45)

I think it’s just one of those things through time mm-hmm. <affirmative> that I think the more we went  outside of ourself mm-hmm. And the more we begin to become more material thinking mm-hmm.  <affirmative>. And we lost the fact that we, uh, our energy mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, that I think we  kind of just lost it. Uh, although not everybody, now you have, uh, people in the east, in the Hindu and  Buddhist that actually didn’t do that mm-hmm. <affirmative> and stayed within meditating and  whatever. And those are the ones that kind of kept alive this idea, the importance of bells and sounds  and wheels, you know, all of those things the Buddhists do. And, uh, also the Hindu people. So it wasn’t  completely lost, but it wasn’t the west no doubt about it. We just became more, uh, central as body  beings, you know, rather than spiritual or Right. Whatever. So that’s what’s been lost that I think is  returning back, uh, to us. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (08:45)

Oh, it definitely is. And it’s an exciting moment for that. So for me in my work, the identification that we  really are human being, so there’s that human ego, mental programmed part of us that, again, I feel like  that’s the removal of a lot of these other modalities and then the spiritual soul wisdom being part of us.  And there is an awakening to that as we know. And it’s so exciting to bring that back. But for us to  

understand really that there’s those two parts that make up this journey for us, and that we have the  ability, again, to learn things like this, to become whole, to tap into the higher frequency and wisdom  that can guide us and direct us on a journey that can seem very challenging as our world is right now.  Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So when you, when you share that this can help heal humanity, I absolutely  agree with that. So may you expand on the fact that we are all energy, but we are individually have our  

energy, but then there’s a collective that we’re part of as well. And where we vibrate is where we’re  gonna have that momentum. 

David Hulse (09:59)

Yes. Hmm. Um, I really like what you’re saying. I think that’s important, uh, what you just shared. Uh,  but I, I think that this, uh, what we call this new birth, this new beginning has brought us back to a time  that we need to retune mm-hmm. <affirmative> ourselves. And that’s why things like tuning forks now,  there’s a lot of things out there that can be used for sound, bells, bowls, whatever. And I think they’re all  wonderful, but there’s nothing like a raw vibration of a tuning fork. And the reason is you don’t have to  plug it into the grid. It doesn’t have to be computerized, and it doesn’t have attached to it a melody. See,  a lot of songs have a melody and melodies put you in an emotional body mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I  mean, that puts down in your emotional body, you start feeling emotions like maybe you’re breaking up  with somebody or just falling in love with somebody or somebody, you’ll associate it. 


But a Toni Park takes you nowhere. It just keeps you in the vibration. Nice. And that’s a very important  thing, uh, about tuning forks that, that I really love. They, they, they’re very primitive tools. Yeah. But  they’re very, uh, important tools. Yes. Uh, at this time. So, uh, we, uh, we end So energetics, I want to  say this to you. We don’t really call ourself healers per se, as you know, now we use the term spiritual  healer mm-hmm. <affirmative> because of, uh, the laws of the land mm-hmm. <affirmative> mm-hmm. 

<affirmative>, uh, we can’t say we’re healers if we’re not medical or make claims mm-hmm.  <affirmative>. But if we say we’re spiritual healers, they take that as a, we are, we are, uh, channels for  the divine to move through and heal us. So one of the things that we love is a Robert Frost saying that  says, we’re not just, uh, teachers, but we’re awakens. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So I think that the tuning  forks in these vibrations are to help people to move out of that slumber Yes. That sleep of illusion that  we have fallen into mm-hmm. <affirmative> and begin to awaken. Because I think there’s nothing that  we don’t have. We already have, but we’ve forgotten it. That’s right. So every time I tap two tuning forks  together and create that charge, uh, of the electrical system, I’m releasing a memory that has been  forgotten that expands a person’s consciousness. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (12:18)

I agree. Okay. So I wanna share what my patients have shared with me, because at the end of life,  everything, all the energy bubbles to the top, and that’s the place where forgiveness and, and pain and  trauma that we have stored and not dealt with, that stuck comes out. And I have had so many of my  patients who’ve said things like, I know why I got sick, I know why I got cancer. And I’ve had people say  that getting cancer or getting a terminal diagnosis was the best thing that happened to me because of  their, uh, their birthing of that connecting with the inside. But I wanna talk about the getting ill for a  minute when people say, I know why, and they get this spiritual awareness. This is very important  because, and then I want you to please share about how the tuning forks work, because as you have  talked about, and as I agree, a thought has energy and a thought then is the first sign of something being  created. 


And once it’s in the body, once it’s already there, it has been out in the energy field for quite some time.  Um, or maybe not manifesting in that tumor or something in the body until very late in the process. So I  think that again, tuning forks and helping to, and I love that you share that it goes, the tuning forks just  go right into the tune. It’s not taking you to the emotion, it’s not taking you to the past. It’s, we’re  getting right there. So. Right. Would you be kind enough to share with us how those work in relation to  what I just shared as well? 

David Hulse (13:49)

Sure. Um, these forks that are in front of me here are called our energy tuners. These are body, but  these are energy tuners. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and these you would not feel right on the physical  body because they’re made to work in the energy body that is just before the physical body. So  everybody thinks matter before energy. So we think the body has an aura. We teach the aura has, it  becomes a body. Yes. So everything is coming in before it goes out. Yeah. So it’s coming in from the  higher energy bodies mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, where we are more pure, more whole mm-hmm.  <affirmative>. And it comes in and finally when it gets down into our thoughts, motions, feelings, it  coalesce into a blueprint that’s called the etheric blueprint. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, which is about two  to four inches before the body. Now cells, when they replicate, they read that blueprint. 


Yep. So everybody’s out here trying to fix effect without changing, changing the cause. Right. And that’s  why people come to you and say, I know Yep. That I have something to do with this illness or this  sickness because there’s a difference in your belief system and your knowing system mm-hmm.  <affirmative>. Yeah. Even though they don’t understand or believe what they’re saying, they know that  something’s been going on for a while in their etheric blueprint mm-hmm. <affirmative>, that is a cause 

for what’s going to become disease. Right. Now what’s exciting that we know is that most of these mis  patternings of disease and illness is in the etheric body six to 12 months before they become physical.  Wow. And this is the hardest thing about this work and working with energy bodies. Mm-hmm.  <affirmative> is getting people to do work before things show up and be preventive. Right. You know, I, I  remember having cars where we had to get ’em tuned. 


I don’t think we do that now cause our computerized, but I remember making sure my car was tuned  mm-hmm. <affirmative>, I remember my folks making sure the guy come out with a little tuning fork  and tune the piano every year or two. Yeah. Now, we didn’t wait until the piano totally broke and the  strings broke. We waited because we didn’t want it to get there. Right, right. And we get our car  

because we didn’t want our car to break down. That’s right. But when it comes to our physical bodies in  the west, we wait until we get the diagnosis and then we start getting, uh, serious about it. So we’re  trying at some energetics to train people to do preventive work and try to change that mis uh,  perception, that mis emotion something that’s going on, uh, whether it’s in the live stream of past lives  or whatever. You believe you’re the SumTotal of your story. Uh, we can change that story and have a  different outcome out here in, in the outer realm. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (16:37)

Yes. Absolutely. So, I mean, my hope is to help people understand, again, the practice of taking care of  yourself daily on the, on the regular so that you are tuning at a higher frequency. And that even with  that, you just feel a more connected flow. So, you know, preventing medicine, uh, illness from down the  road for sure. Which we all, you know, are part of this journey. But also what about just feeling better  and more connected and heart opened and what a beautiful way to live daily. So that is my, my hope to  share that as well. So absolutely. May you just share again, the different bodies of energy and how it  works before it gets to that. Cause I want people to really hear that before it gets to the physical level. If  you could just share those levels so people know what we can do here with these team forks. 

David Hulse (17:26)

Well, my understanding is that we know we have the seven major shockers. We have more than that,  but we have the seven major energy centers, the first one being the crown, right? Mm-hmm.  <affirmative>. So the crown spins off and makes a subtle body called the cathar body. Mm-hmm.  <affirmative>. And that accord coming out of the crown is the most pure of the blueprint of our created  whole self. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So in a way, we can say we’re already whole. That’s right. Yeah.  We’re already whole, but we have forgotten that in the misperception of ourself as less than. Right. So  we have to look at the cathar. Cathar becomes a causal body. The causal becomes an astro body,  mental, emotional, all of those are interpreting the cathar wholeness. And if we have issues like, um,  told we were not good enough, we were not beautiful enough, that’s kind of stuck in the solar plex area. 


Mm-hmm. Or we’re not smart enough, or we’re not this enough, we start thinking of ourself as less than  what we would created to be. Right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So we get a false self. Many of us call  that the pseudo self or the ego self. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, it is not the self that was created. So  time, all of that gets down and coalesce into the blueprint of unfinished old emotions, karmic patterns,  et cetera, et cetera. It then is distorted in the blueprint. So the time it interprets itself, it’s lesser mm hmm. <affirmative>. So that’s what the sales are reading is a lesser blueprint than the created blueprint.  So our place is to go in there with tuning forks and vibration and intention and all the wonderful things of higher self and go in there and start helping that person release some of that stuff. Mm-hmm.  <affirmative>. Now, it’s not that we go in and do it, we assist them to do it. 


Right. So if a client comes to us that’s supposed to be with us, they’re ready at an unconscious or  subconscious level, they’re ready to get rid of some of their, uh, energy baggage. Yep. Or, or they  wouldn’t be coming to us. Yeah. So we create these portals, these vibrational pathways of tapping, say  two forks, and the two forks creates a pathway. So that means things can get through. Yeah. It’s like, it’s  like, uh, something on the highway, uh, has been shut down toward a wreck and your GPS is, but, but  we, we can go this way. So you can always go around all these things and, and, and, and release these  blockages. And the more we release those blockages, the more pure the original blueprint stays until it  gets down to the ether. And when that happens, our cells have an upgrade. Yeah. And the cells that  make up, you know, every six weeks we get a new kidney. 


Yeah. So people, people, uh, a liver, I’m sorry, it’s a liver. Every six weeks we get a new liver and people  say to me, well, if I had, uh, cancer the liver, then in six weeks I wouldn’t have it anymore. I said, no,  because you didn’t change the blueprint. Right. The same cells that made up the liver that has the, the  cancer or the disease in it, I is coming from the blueprint. That’s, so you gotta go in and change the  blueprint. And that’s what, so energetics is mostly about how can we assist people to heal themselves?  That’s right. By creating these vibrational pathways. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (20:48)

And, um, yeah. 

David Hulse (20:50)

So anyway, that’s kind of what that’s about. I guess. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (20:52)

I love that very much because, you know, a a a while back you had said you already have the knowledge  inside you, you already have the wisdom. But we’ve got, we’ve again kind of removed it from our  awareness consciousness and we’re just getting back in touch with it. I wanna talk about spontaneous  recovery and remission for my patients. I’ve studied that and where people have had, you know, stage  four cancer with lots of tumors, if they had spontaneous remissions. One of the factors, one of the main  factors was a change in perception with forgiveness, with forgiving things that they were holding on.  That was one of the dominant threads. And I understand, and that’s an energetic thing. So this is  documented in Harvard and major medical centers. So there’s a lot of scientific, uh, research to validate  this. But again, I just wanted to, to share that. Now I just wanna ask you why David is now an exciting  accelerated time for this shift and change that people can take part in. 

David Hulse (21:53)

Right. Well, we are in a definite, uh, more, it’s more than a shift. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, it’s an  evolutionary leap. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (22:02)

Yeah. There you go

David Hulse (22:03)

And this is why I disagree with a lot of so-called healers out there who feel that their function is to go  and fix 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (22:11)


David Hulse (22:12)

The 3d. Yeah. That we’re in this one. That we’re in. Yeah. We don’t have to do that. What we need is to  raise the vibration so that we can enter the next level of what it means to be a human being. Yeah. And  that’s my teaching. It’s called a new creation. It’s called a New Earth. It’s been called many different  things, but it’s what’s breaking through. Yes. It’s causing what’s breaking down. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (22:37)


David Hulse (22:38)

And I was asked 22 years ago, do you want to try to fix what’s breaking down or work with what’s  breaking through? And I had no idea at that time what that meant, but I learned that I chose before I  came to work with what’s breaking through. Yeah. So what’s breaking through I call is higher. Fifth  dimensional energy is breaking into the patterns of three dimensional models now that includes finance,  education, religion, science, and anything you can name that is an organized system today is peeling  breakdown because of breakthrough. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (23:11)


David Hulse (23:12)

Yeah. So we are using these forks to assist the breakthrough to come in. But the thing that I teach is if  things are breaking through and things are breaking down, the first sign of transformation is chaos. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (23:26)


David Hulse (23:27)

Yeah. They has to be the breakdown of old models, old patterns, and there has to be complete chaos  just as there is right now. And this tells me on a spiritual level, transformation has begun. Yeah. And this  transformation, uh, is wonderfully understood by the story of the caterpillar becoming the butterfly.  Yes. I know everybody’s heard that, but it’s such a great one to realize that the caterpillar doesn’t go  through all that, that it goes through to become an enlightened caterpillar. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (23:59)



David Hulse (23:59)

Right. It goes through that to break down into chaos at the molecular level so it can read a different  blueprint and reemerge itself as the species of the butterfly. Yes. So we are moving from the, you  mentioned a while ago, the hue man. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, think about the word hue. Man. Hue,  when I was in school, learned, I learned to Hugh colors by adding water and make it paler and paler and  paler and, and paylor. So we’re a down, we’re a, uh, a huge downed version of what was created. And so  vibration puts the color back in us and brings our vibration back up to exactly who and what we were  created, uh, to be. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (24:40)

Oh. So beautifully said. Um, and I think one of the things again that’s exciting is that when you see things  in disarray, just like you said, that means that there is something breaking through on the other side.  And I think the most important thing is to help people with individual tools and collectively to stay  grounded and centered within the chaos and the, and the, and what’s happening. And also to tune into  hear what direction and guidance you’re to go in. And I, and I, and I know these forks and tuning all help  with that because they’re so grounding and I love doing them myself, that I feel at peace when I find my  center no matter what the outside circumstances. And I really, again, put my trust and faith in. And I  know that there is an evolution taking place and this is part of the process. So I, I think it’s just so  beautiful and fantastic. Yeah. 

David Hulse (25:35)

On a spiritual level, we live in a great, you know, the, the saying is we live in the best and we live in the  worst of times, <laugh> mm-hmm. <affirmative>, we truly do. Yeah. The best on a spiritual level of the  bigger picture and the worst in the smaller picture breakdown. Right. But if we can, uh, you know, I feel  such a call for the light workers to step up Yeah. And begin to work with this light. Yes. This proton light  data. Yes. That’s breaking in from fifth dimension. That’s gonna make it clear who we are because I think  people are searching right now. Yes. I think people, the reason they’re not jobs and things, I think people  are searching, there’s something else for me to do that I need to do because these old contracts and  codes are going off in people for why they’re really here. Yep. Because we’ve spent all this time kind of  mandering around trying to figure out what it is, but it’s time to get clear. Yes. It’s just time to get clear  and we can help people, uh, to do that. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (26:28)

Yes. They, you definitely can. Because again, you can hear your inner guidance system the more, the  higher you vibrate and the frequency and your forks are wonderful at helping to do that. So can you  share with our listeners how they can, can get in touch with you and get more information about your  forks and what you 

David Hulse (26:45)

Do abs? Absolutely. We have quite a, uh, website so you can take your time, but there’s a lot of  information on there and I would encourage you to, uh, to get on there and uh, and educate yourself on,  uh, this whole new dimension that you can enter into with the sagio tuning forks. And you can do  that@somaenergetic.com. Soma energetics.com. And that’s Soma, which is Greek for body energetics  because I included the body as an energy system. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, uh, this time. I wanna say  something to you real quickly that you might be interested in, but I have worked a lot in the past with  people who were, uh, passing on and going through to the next level of their transition. And when I first got these forks, I, they would ask me to come over and just kind of, I didn’t know what to do with them.  This is years ago, but I would just use them and that person would just have the most easy passing away  into the next level. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And I knew it was because I think the tuning folks was  creating these portals for them Yeah. To make their transition easier. So I just wanted to say that to you  that yeah, this possibly could be something I know and the passion that you have that could be of great  help, uh, to those in hospice and other places. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (27:58)

Absolutely. And like I said, when I’m at the bedside with people and I, we get to that place that there’s  one part in the journey where they have one foot in this world and one foot in another. You can feel this  higher frequency people share, it’s so beautiful before they actually have their end of life. And to bring  in tuning forks to be able to facilitate raising the frequency for us individually today, and then also for  those in any modality that need that kind of support. I mean, it’s just such a wonderful tool, David. I’m  so excited. 

David Hulse (28:30)

Uh, if, if anybody’s out there and you just get confused cause there’s a lot of tuning forks. I always look  at the om tuner. The om tuner is such a all-purpose tuning fork. It’s something you can just use. I use it  every day on my thyroid and thymus. I use it on my sinuses. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, it’s great for  meditation and settling down the nervous system. It’s a grounding tool. Mm-hmm. And it truly is a  wonderful, uh, tuning for. So I thought I’ll just mention one thing. Yeah. That would be simple way to, to  start. But anyway, be sure and check this out. Uh, I’ve so enjoyed talking to you today. Yes. Anything else  that you wanna 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (29:09)

No, I just wanna let people know that I’ll have all your information down below as well for your websites  and I’ll probably be following up with a little bit about my personal experience in doing good 

David Hulse (29:18)

And showing good. Please 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (29:19)

Do. And I just wanna thank you for what you’ve done for the world and what you’ve brought in and  what you continue to do. It’s really wonderful and we need everyone to step forward, like you said, and  create that light and that new perspective. So David Hall, thank you. Thank you so very much, so much 

David Hulse (29:34)

Energetic. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah. 

Suzanne O’Brien, RN. (29:36)

Alright everyone, this was as doula and I will see you in the next episode. Thanks everybody.

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