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Ask a Death Doula How to Access ”The Healed State”

 Released: 07/26/2023

 Guest: Christianne Wolff

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Episode Show Notes

In this episode of Ask a Doulagiver,

I have the great pleasure of interviewing Christianne Wolff about her new book THE HEALED STATE!

The book shares beautiful stories, techniques and the science of how to heal. This episode is an impactful conversation between two holistic healers who are able to share the stories and importance of understanding we are energetic beings having a human experience.

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Topic #1 How Christianne learned she was a healer.

Topic #2 How you can heal your body through braking bad habits ( and instilling good ones) nutrition, gut health, nature, sound healing and more.

Topic #3 How nourishing and restoring your 4 bodies of energy will allow you to create the future to be anything you want it to be.- YES!!!!


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Hi everyone, and welcome to this episode of Ask a Death Doula. I am thrilled to bring you Christianne Wolff. Christianne Wolff is an award-winning bestselling author of Seven Bucks. That is amazing. She has been a healer and health mentor for over 30 years and runs regular healing retreats and online memberships from her home in Agar, Portugal. Thank you for being here, the Healing State. This is the book we are gonna talk about. This book is so beautiful. I’ll get into it in just a minute, and then we’re gonna ask questions. Took her three years to write and design, and it is all about healing, and it is time for our world to heal. Cne welcome to Ask a Death Doula. Thank you for being here.

Thank you so much for having me, Suzanne. I’m really, really excited to be on the call with you today.

Yes, me too. So I wanna start out by sharing this book is so well done and so beautiful as I go through it. Um, and, and, you know, I’m a connoisseur. I I really know this space as far as the teaching goes, and we’re gonna talk about health and wellness, but how you put every detail in this book of photographs and illustrations and the education is phenomenal. So I just, I love it. I love reading it. I love just picking up and going to a section and it’s just has such great energy. So thank you so much for writing this book.

Oh, thank you, Suzanne. That’s exactly the response that I wanted people to have. You know, I want to, even if you have no energy to read, which, you know, if you are in that frame of mind where you feel rock bottom and you, you, you need picking up, you need your energy picking up. Even if you can’t commit to, um, even wanting to heal just flicking through the book. I just want, you know, I just want it to make people feel safer and know that they’re supported and that there is healing energy. Even just that, just flicking through it because we are healed by color, we are healed by visuals. You know, there is energy within that in itself.

Okay, we’re gonna get into that because I love, um, there’s just pearls all over. Almost every, everything I open to, like, I just open to surrendering also is forgiving. And so like, there’s just, you’re right, like any, anywhere somebody flips on and looks at a, a picture and the page, there’s just wisdom and value, which I love, and it does feel really supportive and safe. So let’s start, if we may, and it’s so interesting ’cause people know me as the, you know, pioneer of the deaf doula movement and, and talking about death, but I’m talking about life and death is our greatest teacher about life, and it’s all about for me, what is this life’s journey about and how do we make the most out of it? And that’s where the healing right comes in. So, I wanna ask you first, how did you start on your path of being a healer?

Hmm. Wow. Good question. <laugh>. Um, I think at a very, very young age, I knew, I mean, I was brought up in a very strong Catholic family. I went to convents and went to church every day at school and, you know, every Sunday with the family. So I was very much brought up with the, the, the, the spiritual teachings. But I didn’t necessarily connect with everything I was taught. And, um, I remember as early as eight years old, I joined a school and it was a new convent. And I just remember having this spiritual conversation at the bottom of the playground. Um, and, you know, people thought it was a bit odd. I thought I was a bit odd, but I was just drawn to do that, you know, to know that I can ask a question and receive answers. And then, um, it wasn’t till a few years later, so I used to do sort of healing on myself and healing on my animals, and Ive very much felt I received healing from animals.

And also I was always in nature climbing trees, feeling healing from the trees, communicating with the trees. And, um, it wasn’t until I was late teens, I went on holiday in the Al Garv and I was with my granny. And I talk about this in the book, and it was a really strange day. Um, I picked up this book in her house called The Naked Ape by Desmond Morris. And it’s a, it’s a, it’s a really amazing book about nothing to do with healing, but it’s just a book about how animals in nature behave very differently to captive animals. And it was talking, one of the chapters was about the octopus and how incredibly intelligent the octopus is and how it can solve intricate mazes. And, um, and then my granny said, oh, we’re gonna go for a walk. We’re gonna go to the beach.

And to go to the beach, she had to walk across this very long bridge that we called the rickety Rackety bridge. And <laugh>, my granny was this amazing lady who was quite spiritual but also very glamorous. So she had a gold turbine on and gold high heels. And she was trussing along the bridge. And, um, and I and I, this bridge went over something called the rear for most in Portugal. And it was like a river that, that ran to the sea. And I suddenly saw this octopus. I was like, oh my God, I have never seen an octopus before. Um, I don’t think they’re normally in this river. And I’ve just read about it. So I was like, granny bro, I’ve just seen this octopus. I’ve just read about it. This is amazing. And it was really euphoric, you know, I really felt incredible in my energy.

And then they attracted a crowd. Everyone was like, wow, look at that octopus swimming and dancing, all its amazing glory. And then one of the, the people in the crowd jumped off the bridge, got a branch and bopped it on the head. And that was their dinner. And it was such a kind of shock <laugh> from being in this euphoria to like, I’ve just literally killed that octopus. ’cause I attracted the crowd to it. And I, I, it was so sort of devastating for me that I then jumped in the sea and I said, what do I do with this energy? I feel really, um, upset but also charged. And it, and it was a, it was a strange feeling and, and I just had this overwhelming energy within me. Like, you have to transmute this energy. You have to turn it into something positive.

And so I got, I got up to see, and I, and I went to my granny and I said, I feel this weird mag energy in my hand. I’m being told to transmute it. And she said, oh, why don’t you try and heal my knee? Dear <laugh>. And it really went from there. Um, I then, you know, this was, I was in my late teens then and in my twenties I learned reiki. I, you know, became a mastery master reiki. And I, I, I, I felt it was very important to learn a practice because just doing it myself, I wasn’t protecting myself. I wasn’t setting boundaries. And yeah,

You know, I, I really love that, that that is a really, um, intense and, and teaching story. But it’s interesting because the work that I do with those, at the end of life, we see so much of the non-physical reality of who we are, right? So we know that that non-physical energy, as people’s physical bodies are diminishing, their spiritual body’s growing. So this is organically at the end of life. And so they get at a certain point, their spiritual, i, their spiritual wisdom. There’s things that happen in the room. Pa loved ones who’ve died already, come back to cross them over. It is so validated and happen so often. And now physics is talking about the validation of that. But for the most part, in our world, we don’t live with that awareness that there’s a non-physical part of us and energy and, and healing and thoughts and all of that go along with it.

And I feel like that story that you told obviously started out so beautifully and then did have that painful part of it. But isn’t that almost like our world in general where we go through these beautiful experiences, but also very heavy and painful ones. And I think that that is all meant to be as part of our evolution, growth of who we are. So thank you for that. You had that innate journey and then you really got into, uh, being a healer and teaching. But I really love that you’ve brought in the holistic mindset, like the four bodies of energy. And I would like to talk to you a little bit about food and our spiritual growth, because this really does come up for me, and I think that I relay it to people sometimes when we talk about spiritual fasting, what happens with when we detox the body and how what we put into our body directly affects our mindset, the way things function, which really affects our energy in general. So not just from a, um, a healthy physical person, but like the whole spectrum of our being is a huge part of, of the food that we eat. Can you, can you share a little bit about what you’ve learned there and like that journey, because it’s so

Important. I would love to. Yeah, I would absolutely love to. And it’s not a question I get asked very often, so thank you for asking that because it’s so important. Um, so I’m qualified in nutrition and fitness and, you know, I went on a, a, a journey in my business of being an aerobics instructor, a personal trainer, yoga teacher, and so on. Lots of different facets of health and wellness. Um, and what I have, I mean, I, I had a lot of health issues as a child, so I had to go on my own healing journey with, with nutrition and um, mm-hmm. Mindset work. But what I’ve really found with my clients over the years and what I’ve learned through, uh, many different courses, but also much anecdotal evidence I’ve consumed from training clients, is that there are certain foods that really help you heal.

And there are certain foods that really mess with your nervous system. Um, your digestion, your stress, uh, your sleep. And it’s very difficult to heal and have a spiritual heightened state if you are having the wrong side of what the healing foods are. And they are your typical sugar, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, you know, um, in excess. Everybody is different on the spectrum of how much they can handle. Um, but there is no getting away from it. Sugar, caffeine, and alcohol affect your nervous system, you know, and they will, they speed up your heart rate, they send you into fight, flight, or freeze mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, so then you have to do extra work to bring yourself back down again. You have to do extra work to ground yourself. You have to do extra. You have to just by consuming sugar, your body needs extra magnesium, it needs extra vitamins because your body actually can’t cope with it.

So it’s, it’s having to, um, consume all those nutrients within you. So, um, it’s really so important. Now, some people can get away with it more than others. Some people have a much higher constitution analysis, some people don’t. Like, you know, I had a lot of, uh, problems as a child with my bladder, so I on a lot of antibiotics that’s affected how sensitive I am to certain foods. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. But then you’ve got on the other spectrum, you’ve got the most amazing healing foods. Um, you know, you’ve got, um, cacao, you’ve got phytonutrients, you’ve got, um, polyphenols, you, you, your gut microbiome is a whole entity within itself. And so if your gut microbiome is stimulated and, um, is fed the right food, it’s gonna make you flourish and make you heal. And then you can, then that’s all done for you. So then you can focus on the more, I can’t remember what your original question was, actually. No, I

Love it. Keep, keep going. No, keep going because this is so important C Ann, because I, I don’t think people understand that your gut, you know, they talk about it as the second brain. So your gut health, you know, I’m trying to give people in these podcasts and in a teaching these things that they can implement and understand right away to make a huge shift in their life. And if, one of the things that I think that we really wanna stay here for a minute is gut health, because if people understood that your gut health is dependent again on, you know, I kind of think of it as a garden, like the weeding and the nutrients at the same time, like what you put into there to have this ecosystem that’s healthy, but it’s responsible for your hormone development. Um, people don’t understand that it’s, it’s responsible for absorbing your vitamins and minerals.

Um, so if your gut is not healthy, and it also, there was a, there’s a, um, in Cork Ireland, there is an institute called the Microbiome Institute that did a study on mice, and they did a study on mice where they literally fed them certain bacteria for their gut, and it influenced the way that they thought the choices they made. And the same goes for us. And they made some really bad choices, like playing with, with cats that the cats really wanted to have them as dinner. But this is the same with us. If we don’t feed ourselves and give us not only for healing, but just for clarity and for direction, um, we’re going on autopilot and we’re usually going in a very bad direction. And I also just wanna share about, you mentioned foods that are healthy and, and, and supportive, and then foods that aren’t.

I just wanna share in the American diet for a minute, because it’s also the American, the Western diet has really infiltrated a lot of places in the world, and not only just sugar and caffeine in those categories, but just the lack of vitamins and nutrients and artificial means of food, but also the carbohydrates, the simple carbohydrates, which break down to sugar. If people are in aware and doing a proactive way of making sure they’re getting what they need, they’re surely not getting it. So if you’re feeling awful, if you’re having anxiety and depression and, and fatigue very much so, it could be the basis of your beautiful gut and the lack of health that’s there.

Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Yeah. So, I mean, the interesting thing with caffeine and alcohol, they’re, they’re, they’re okay in their small amounts. The problem is they’re all addicted. So, so it’s very difficult to have them in moderation. Um, now with my plan, I have a, a apply for the body rescue plan, and we do 12 weeks kind of abstinence of those, and then we introduce them so that we can introduce ’em without being addictive. So you can have them, um, without needing them. You have them for pure pleasure rather than, oh my God, I can’t wake up without it. I can’t go to sleep without it. Right. Um, but the pro the problem with sugar, caffeine, and alcohol is that they give you a full sense of energy so you can rely on them for energy. So then you don’t have your nutrients, you know, if you’re waking up in the morning having caffeine and then, uh, that’s fueling you, it’s a false fuel because you are, you are,

Oh no, she’ll be back there. You are my love. Just unmute yourself. You just popped off for a minute.

Sorry about that. I cut off. Um, yeah, so, so we’ve show you caffeine and alcohol. The, the problem with having them all the time is that you don’t then have the nutrients you need because you rely on them for energy rather than having pure energy in foods. And if you have pure energy in foods, like if you wake up in the morning and have a green smoothie, your, your body is satisfied. Doesn’t need the artificial stuff. But going back to, um, your gut microbiome, uh, there’s so much new research coming out and it’s so fascinating, and they, they really didn’t know the, the, the vast, um, complexity on how important your gut microbiome is. So 70% of your serotonin is made in your gut. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and serotonin is your feel good hormone. And serotonin is the hormone that people tend to lack in when they’re depressed.

And they, you know, if you have antidepressants, that’s giving you an artificial boost of serotonin. Um, but actually problem with that is that antidepressants can really mess with your gut microbiome. So the first port of call, if you’re feeling depressed, is to try and influence a stronger microbiome, because that will make you produce more serotonin naturally. Um, and the way you do that, it’s really, really simple. It’s so simple. First of all, consume more good bacteria. So you can do that by having kafi, kabocha, chichi pickles, um, what else? Uh, a fermented foods. So certain fermented foods will, you’ll consume the good bacteria. You can also buy probiotics, um, to, you know, from your chemist or from your health food shop. You can buy them in tablet form. Now, that’s just one part of the equation. ’cause people do that and they think, okay, I’m fine now that’s great, putting good bacteria into your body, which is, you know, flourishing your microbiome, but your good bacteria need feeding. So then we need to have, um, prebiotics, which are foods that are good bacteria eats, and they typically are fibrous foods. So plant-based foods. Yeah. But your good bacteria in particular really like polyphenols. And polyphenols are, um, in certain fiber. I mean, all fiber is, is great. Um, vegetables and fruit in particular, nuts and seeds as well. Um, so if you make sure that a lot of your diet is full of plant, you’re gonna be feeding the, the microphone.

Yeah. Love it. So those are such good tips. Um, you know, for me, I’m a registered nurse and I’ve really from very early on put together that there has to be a common denominator with the, uh, uptick in Alzheimer’s disease and also with autism. So at the be, and it’s interesting, the beginning of life and the end of life, and I, I, you know, was noticing, I was doing a lot of cesarean sections at one point when I was a nurse. And I thought, you know, babies are meant to come out the, the vaginal canal, which is their first introduction to being, uh, protected with the mother’s microbiome. And when we do the C-sections, they’re born into a sterile environment, so they have no protection. And the breastfeeding from mothers, which again, these numbers are down dramatically, is another way that people, the babies build their immunity.

And because of those two things, I think there’s, we’re seeing the uptick in autism. And then on the other side of the spectrum, our beautiful elders who are living very long right at this point, don’t have what they need. And it’s affecting their brain health with Alzheimer’s. It’s just an interesting thing how the microbiome, again, is so vital to not only health in the spectrums, but to every single day of your life. So we’re women of a certain age, and that’s a wonderful thing, but we wanna be women of a certain age that feel our best all the time, right. That have the energy and that, you know, don’t have aches and pains or as many as possible and just have clarity of mind. So let’s talk about the healed state. I love this book so much, and when I’m going through it, it’s interesting because it looks like it’s broken down into categories that you have outlined that almost seem to me as the human state, the challenges that we go through as we are evolving and then we become conscious and then we really be, can become healed and almost super conscious where we’re connected in that beautiful, um, unconditional one energy that, that people talk of that consciousness.

So can you tell me about how you started, uh, this idea to write this book and then what this book is about? ’cause it’s just wonderful.

Oh, thank you Suzanne. Um, yeah, just quickly, you were talking about Alzheimer’s. Um, when I did the research for this book, I came across, uh, it’s called the Ingo, and you can get amla powder. Um, Alzheimer’s is now referred to as type three diabetes because it’s very much affected by your blood sugar level. And, um, amla powder has been lots of scientific studies done in it. And

She will be back. She is pump. There you are. Okay. Continue on. We have people from around the world, sometimes the internet, depending on where they are. So she will go back, uh, she’ll be back. She’s talking about how Alzheimer’s is thought about now and considered in a category of, of, uh, diabetes type three. Here she is, we are admitting she is coming back on. This is our guest from Portugal. So yes, here we are. She’s connecting. Um, and that’s what happens when we work with people from all over the world. It’s all good. So I was just filling them in again, how we were talking about the type three diabetes now being categorized Alzheimer’s because it’s so prevalent and it’s related to sugar. And you were talking about an amazing powder.

Yeah, I’m la Powder. Um, uh, there’s been a lot of research done. It’s actually from the Indian gooseberry and there’s been a lot of research to show that’s very good for balancing blood sugars and very good for people with Alzheimer’s for memory. And actually since I’ve been taking it, I’ve really noticed my short-term memory massively improving. I would always lose my keys on my phone every day, <laugh> with my purse. No, just every day hopeless. Like saying to my husband, Robbie, where’s my phone? Where are my keys? And I’m not anymore. So anyway, um, it just wanted to quickly say that. Yes. So the heel state, I started writing the Hil estate in 2020 and I wrote it in the first lockdown that we had around April. And I wrote it because I really felt that people needed to know they could still heal themselves.

You know, everybody was full of fear, everybody was blaming everyone. There was huge polarity of opinion. And I was just like, oh man, I really want everyone to know that they have this incredible vessel that they live in. Yes. You know, because what I, what I saw people do was, okay, they, they were in lockdown, they were scared to get Coronavirus covid, but they then started having a lot more alcohol, a lot more junk food. They were much more stressed, they were much more sedentary, but they were scared of getting ill, you know, and it’s like, okay, well why don’t you use this opportunity to build your immune system? Now that’s easy, easiest said and done because people were scared. So it was really, it really stemmed from there. I want people to know they can heal their bodies in so many different ways and in, in very easy ways. Like I just explained. You wanna improve your gut microbiome, have a little bit of good bacteria and feed that bacteria. It is, you know, very simple. Yeah. Um, so I’ve put it into seven stages of healing and, uh, I can talk about the seven stages of healing if you want. Or how would you like me to <laugh> dissect this book?

We could do this for all day long, because I absolutely love it. Yeah. So we have the seven stages, which is wonderful, but let’s, and let’s let people know that there are stages that they can absolutely go into. I wanna hone into a couple of key points. I love the fact that you said that you have what you need to heal yourself. Yeah. And I need people to hear that because there is an over medication problem with how we usually do things. And I’m sure it’s in many other countries, definitely in the United States. And one of the things that I found so ironic in as a hospice nurse is that when people come on hospice services, which is end of life services, we take away all the medications on their medication lists that are not directly related to comfort for end of life. And guess what happens?

They tend to get better. And when I mean better, they tend to have more clear mind, and then they’re getting up a little bit more. And it’s just so crazy how these interact because your body is built to heal itself, given the right circumstances, nutrients, state of where you are, all of it in the holistic way. Um, and when we just jump to medications, and believe me, I understand that they’re, they’re wonderful when we need them, but we need to use them intelligently. Yeah. Not just as first line of defense. So I love that you said you can heal yourself because you really can. Now that being said, there are a lot of obstacles that we have in front of us, meaning the food source, which is supposed to be your major source of vitamins and minerals, usually isn’t because we, we have to look at what we’re eating.

So we have to make good choices. And not only that, but the soil in which we are growing our food has dramatically shifted because we’re not taking care of the earth. So the earth doesn’t have the richness anymore. So it’s, it’s this, this, uh, ripple effect. So we have to do that. Um, be mindful again of supplementing. So that’s beautiful. I wanna talk about forgiveness because you have a section in here about forgiveness. And to me, forgiveness is just about everything with our evolution of our learning and our growth and our healing. And I’m gonna say one thing and then I’m gonna hand it over to you. When we, we’ve studied spontaneous at the end of life, people who’ve had, you know, end of life diagnoses and, and serious things. When you look at the studies of what you call spontaneous recovery, there’s a common denominator in them.

And the common denominator is forgiveness. And I also, I know it’s super powerful. And so, and also when I was in Thailand in 2019, I was able to do 14 trainings all over the country. And one of the last places that I trained doula givers in is this temple that people would go for end of life. And I sat in circles with patients and families and patients would say that this was the happiest being in this temple that they’ve ever been in their life. Now, many of them were dying. They set, there was four modalities that they used to treat them. Number one was taking out all the sugar and processed, taking that out and having a plant-based diet, doing yoga, doing meditation, and doing forgiveness and the release of energy. And so this is something, and I’m handing it to you now, this is something that I tell people, ’cause it comes up at the end of life that you and I can utilize in our life today. And it can make the complete change of our energy and where we are going with our, not only with our journey, but everyday feeling lighter and happier and more on point back to you.

Oh, yeah. Amazing. I love that. Um, yeah, I read, I read a quote in the book, I can’t remember it exactly, but I, I think it’s some, goes something like being angry at someone. It is like holding a hot piece of coal and expecting them to be burnt. Yep. You’re the one that,


Um, it, it’s, so, so the way I approach this book is that I wanted to talk about, um, all the kind of spiritual journey I’ve been on, but also, you know, in religions and spirituality, there’s a lot of things that we are taught with no scientific backup. And I, I, what I’ve really done with this book is put eSuite meets West, here’s the science behind this, but here’s what we’ve named for thousands of years anyway. And, um, there’s been really incredible studies on forgiveness where people have healed so much more quickly when they’ve chosen to forgive. I, I talk about a study on some people with aids and they’re, you know, the ones that chose to forgive the person that gave them aids, um, either improved their health or even fully recovered. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, there’s, there’s, there’s lots of studies on people who spontaneously get better from diseases that should kill them, you know?

Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, so, so forgiveness is paramount and anger as well. And altruism also is, um, a really, really important aspects of healing. So there’s one study, a talk about where they just got two groups of people and they said to them, okay, you volunteer and you get paid. And the, the, the people who volunteered had a higher immunity than the people who got paid just by the altruistic. Um, so there’s so many different ways that our mindset set can affect, uh, our healing process. But forgiveness is a, is massive. And forgiveness doesn’t mean that you are letting somebody off, or you are, or you are condoning somebody’s behavior. It means that you are letting it go from you. It’s not stuck to you anymore. You know? Um, there’s, there’s, there’s a really beautiful Hawaiian mantra that you probably know, which is, uh, please forgive me, I’m sorry.

Thank you. I love you. And I find that a really helpful one to use. I I actually, throughout this book, I have meditations that you can do as, as part of the stages, the seven stages of healing in it. And um, that’s just one of the meditations I have. It’s very simple. You just listen to those words or you say those words, please forgive me, I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you. But it’s, you can get consumed with anger, can’t you, and resentment. And it’s just a way of processing it out. Um, the other thing that you were saying about, you know, you were saying that people can get better when they forgive is, um, I talk a lot about the placebo effect as well. Do you wanna go there?

Sure, yeah, yeah, yeah. Um,

So I mean, I’m sure as a nurse you’ve seen the effect of, of placebo and uh, the placebo effect is just so fascinating. So for those of you who dunno, the placebo effect generally refers to somebody getting either a sugar pill or an actual pill and seeing, you know, so one group of people getting the sugar pill, one group of people getting the actual pill or whatever it is that can help with their potential disease and seeing, you know, what percentage of people recover, people will always recover with, um, the placebo effect. There’s always a percentage of people. It’s normally around sort of 30%, I think. Yep. Um, so that’s fascinating within itself. But, um, there’s also something called no sibo. And no SIBO is when if, if you were to say to somebody who had cancer, right, I’m going to give you chemotherapy, pill, pill, it might give you side effects and you, they don’t tell you whether it, you know, it’s, uh, because it’s normally double blinded, which means that the person administering it doesn’t even know if it’s sugar or not. Um, but people’s hair can fall out, you know, so you can actually have, uh, what’s called the nocebo effect of something happening to you because your, your whole being thinks it’s gonna happen. So if your whole being thinks that your hair’s gonna fall out, your whole being can recover, can get better.

Yes. So here, so I love this so much. So everything that your book entails is really about energy and energy in all these different parts of us. And also then the healing modalities to that. And I think let’s, let’s really unpack what you just said about placebo and um, nocebo and all of that, because your mind and the way we think is the most powerful energy that we have and it can make us sick, our thoughts and it can makes us, well our thoughts. And one example that I use about that is the, um, post-traumatic stress disorder. So when somebody has a panic attack or something that’s hap from a thought that is triggers or something that happened, Remi, your body does not know the difference. It goes into all the chemical reactions as if it’s happening right now. So the power of your mind is, can change your chemical structure and we can use this reality to heal and to proactively.

And I love that when you said, please forgive me, I’m sorry, because this is rewiring, you know, our subconscious and what we’re doing to get, send that message to ourselves, which then frees us to be at an elevated frequency so that we are now getting inspired, ideas connected, joyful, that kind of thing relating and isn’t that, to me, that’s the goal of this human journey is to almost undo the human part and get back to that pure soul being and then contribute. And I love that you mentioned that because being of service without attachment is, is the best thing we could possibly do is just follow what your heart. And it’s not to be paid and it’s not for accolades, it’s just to be

So rich, so rich, what you have here. And I love this book because it really gives people a step-by-step plan on how to do that in each one of those areas. And then also, I do love that you validated and shared the science behind it because in a way I feel sad that sometimes we need that as people, but I also think that it really helps for people to understand the power behind the practice if there is some data behind it, if that’s what they need. And you’ve given it all in this book, so well, well done. Yeah.

Yeah. I, I think, you know, some people don’t need that, don’t they? They need the validation And, um, one way I explain placebo as well, because some people can think, oh, how can your mind possibly improve your body? You know? But if you were to think about it in reverse, if I was to say to you, okay, how, if I was to say to you, I will give you a million pounds. If you can spontaneously make yourself really unwell, what would you do? And we know what to do. We think bad thoughts, we eat bad foods. <laugh>. Yeah. We don’t wash, we consume really negative contents. We watch, you know, horrible. You, we surround ourself with horrible people. We’ll be in a polluted environment. We know what to do, we know how to get ourselves really unwell. So if we know how to get ourselves really unwell, we know how to get ourselves well, <laugh>, you know, it’s just, yeah,

We do. And I love that because, and it is sad that a lot of the things that you said, I’m like, oh, that’s available. That’s kind of how we live. You know, you just have to turn on the news or go on social media and there’s so much, uh, heaviness and anger out there. And you’re right. If we just looked in the other direction and surround ourselves in a happy environment with good thoughts, with healthy, and it starts with us, right? So I love the healed state because I always talk about us as individuals, but looking at the world and, and the kind of the chaos that we’re looking at out there, and it starts with us as individuals doing our own work and healing ourselves. ’cause when we do, then we do heal the world. So my beautiful friend, you are doing such a huge part on that. So can you please tell people how they can get in touch with you, get the healed state and also the other things you offer?

Absolutely, yes. Um, shall I give you a link to offer people? I’ll put,

I’ll put the Yeah, you can. I’ll put it down below. So yes, if you’d like to, we could do that. Yeah.

Um, my website’s the body rescue plan.com. But I will give a, a special link for, for the book. Yeah, <laugh>.

Okay, great. So we’ll have that special link for the book down below. Check out her website, check out this book. It’s beautiful and I know that so many of us are ready to heal. It’s time we’re being called to. So thank you for being a leader and helping us do that. Christianne Wolf, thank you for being a guest on Ask A Death Doula. I adore you. I can’t wait to see you again.

Oh, thank you Suzanne. So lovely. <laugh>.

Alright everyone. So again, this was the Healed state on Ask A Death Doula. Thank you so much and we will see you in the next episode. Thanks everybody.



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