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Life and Death: Unlocking Higher Consciousness through Spiritual Growth | Doulagivers Institute

May 24, 2023

Higher Consciousness is a state of elevated awareness humans are capable of achieving by taking meaningful and consistent action in a few key areas of their lives. As the name suggests, it is an awakening to the true nature of reality and to oneself. This awareness requires us to connect with the present moment and observe the external and internal factors that influence our thoughts, feelings and decisions. It requires mindfulness, or paying attention to these elements of our lives in a way that is purposeful and nonjudgmental. This in turn allows us to set intentions and focus our thoughts, feelings and decisions toward desired outcomes. Being intentional is about deciding who you want to be rather than just what you want to do. When we concentrate on being before doing, we can align our intentions with our purpose (or find our purpose if we are feeling lost). Through this process, we grant ourselves the opportunity to decide who we are going to be in this life and how we want to show up in the world.

Once you’ve achieved a state of higher consciousness you can start to act consciously. Taking responsible actions becomes easier. When you are conscious of your behaviors, you consciously choose how to treat yourself and others. Things that may have once presented a serious challenge, such as behaviors and habits that depend on consistency and discipline, start to come more naturally to you as a byproduct of understanding the role they play in helping you become who you want to be. You may also become more conscious of important social issues affecting others in the world around you. This can help you find your purpose by cultivating the desire to be of service and have a positive impact in other people’s lives. Raising your consciousness requires becoming more aware of what is going on inside you, inside of others and in the world around you. It requires you to be in harmony with your own thoughts and feelings. You must choose who you want to be and how you are going to interact with the world. This is how you can become the best version of yourself for the world, and subsequently, live your best life!

My own journey to higher consciousness began when I was working with my patients as a hospice nurse. I have been saying for a long time that people at the end of life can teach us everything about living if we would only listen to them. As an End of Life practitioner, I was blown away by how much more enriched my life became after I started to work with those at the end of theirs. All the conventional things I had been told that make a “good life” were refuted by the wisdom shared by those reflecting on what the actual meaning of fulfillment was to them now that their story was nearing its end. Throughout my years of working at the bedside, what struck me the most were the common things that end of life patients would share with me. No matter what religion, culture, or socioeconomic status, there were common universal themes that they spoke of. I want to share with you the Top Four Things I Learned About Life by Working With Those Who Were Dying.

  1. Connection: Greater than anything I have ever experienced was the deep connection of caring for another person and their family at such an intense time in their lives. The immediate human bond formed with people I just met was so strong. End of life patients will often say things like, “Now I understand that we are all connected to one unconditional loving energy.” When you are privileged to be part of caring for someone at the end of life, you feel this energy and it changes you forever.
  2. Compassion: End of Life touches us all. No one is exempt from it. Death does not care who you are or what you have, it does not care what you look like or what god(s) you pray to. It is the equalizer that binds us all in our humanity. Compassion for the person going through their end of life phases and holding up their loved ones as they say goodbye is one of the greatest gifts that we can give to one another.
  3. Gratitude: I had never felt gratitude for every single thing in my life until I started working with End of Life patients. Your perception of just about everything changes and you feel a new level of gratitude as you realize you still have the ability right now to do things and have experiences that others cannot. Little things like being able to go to the gym or have lunch with an elderly relative is reborn in the awareness of death as privileges we get to enjoy right now that one day will no longer be available to us. Always be grateful for today and what it has to offer.
  4. Living Presently: It does not get any more real than the end of life. We tend to become realigned with the present moment when someone is told they have limited time left in their life. We show more genuine appreciation for the things we have, we say “I love you” more frequently and with deeper conviction, and most importantly – we forgive. We are faced with the reality that one day this journey will no longer be the way it is today and that the beauty of life, the true power of love, is living presently and being engaged with this very moment and those who are in it with us.

Human beings have been dying for thousands of years, yet it is only in the last 100 that we have pretended death is optional, started outsourcing care for our elderly to the medical system and made death the ultimate failure and enemy. I often think about how this dysfunctional relationship society has with something that is 100% guaranteed for us all is having on the already fragmented and struggling world we live in today. Have we removed the greatest teacher we have on how to live? I think so. 

When we remove the awareness of death from our lives we start to take life for granted as a consequence. We fail to hold the realization that this will all come to an end some day firmly in our minds. This often negatively impacts the decisions we make on a daily basis and the decisions we make each day ultimately determine the quality of our lives. When we operate under the fictional reality that we have unending time, we fail to prioritize what really matters – we don’t pursue our passions, we don’t find our purpose, we don’t live a life of service, and we don’t seek out joy in every instance. 

The failure to do these things results in one of the worst pains a human being can experience – regret at the end of their life. To know that we squandered the time we had on the trivial and vain and that we didn’t allow ourselves the freedom to try new things and explore our true nature. Understanding the wisdom I have gained from my end of life patients has made me acutely aware of what most people are getting wrong when it comes to living a fulfilling life of love, abundance, and connection. It has become a passion of mine to instill these teachings into a digestible learning experience and actionable practices that we all can take to reach a higher-level of consciousness and reconnect to our “soul self.” 

This is the concept behind my Universal Life Mastery Method. Through this training, I will take you on a transformational journey to find your life’s purpose so that when your time comes you can avoid the pain of regret and meet the moment with peace and grace. This program incorporates proven techniques and practices and provides the key elements of accountability, coaching, and community that are vital to any transformational shift. Through repetition and immersion I will guide you through the process of achieving higher consciousness so that you can access your inspired guidance system, align yourself with your true purpose and live the rest of your life with passion and fulfillment.

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If you want to begin the process of discarding ideas and habits that no longer serve you and start widening the horizons of your consciousness, I hope you will join me for this wonderful offering. Learning how to understand universal truths that govern the world around us and our reality, as well as discovering the inner truths about ourselves can result in completely changing our lives for the better. Achieving higher consciousness is an opportunity for opening our minds and adopting a new perspective on life. One that supports us on our mission to contribute something of value to the world. One that allows us to find connection with something so much greater than ourselves and to find ways to be of service. One that leads us down the path to our purpose so that our life can be the extraordinary and magnificent journey it was meant to be. 

Remember that all of us were born and all of us will die. Who we choose to become and what we choose to do in between the two is what will define our legacy and what our lives stood for. From working with over a thousand people at the end of life, I can confidently tell you that the only reasonable way to spend our lives is through conscious effort to reconnect with our “soul self.” To wake up from the ordinary and mundane and to grow out of our old and erroneous behaviors. To achieve a higher level of consciousness and become aware of who we really are and embrace the true essence of ourselves. To realize that we are all spirits with bodies, not bodies with spirits and that this human experience is here to help us evolve over time through the process of soul growth. 

This spiritual growth journey is rooted in our understanding of life, death, and the forces that bind them together. At Doulagivers Institute, we believe in living life to its fullest potential. We strive to help you unearth the deepest truths—the secrets hidden within your soul—so that you can live a truly meaningful existence. Achieving higher consciousness is essential for living a better, happier, and more harmonious life. Consider opening your heart and mind to the idea of befriending death and let it once again remind you of how lucky we are to have this life and all of its experiences. By compassionately connecting to one another and living each day presently and with a deep sense of gratitude, we can bring back a loving world for each and every one of us. It is time for all of us to raise our consciousness and make a positive impact in the world.

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