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Exciting News for the End of Life Doula Profession

Sep 5, 2019

Hey Suzanne B. O’Brien here,

Hospice News released this great article titled “Hospices Engage with Death Doulas to Support Patients.”

This article is a clear representation of the synergy that exists between End of Life Doulas and Hospice. This creats the most beneficial experiences for End of Life patients and their families. As we have projected, the non-medical healthcare profession (End of Life Doulas above all) is going to experience continuous growth. This will be for at least the next three decades, carving out and solidifying a permanent role in society as a go-to end of life care option for all.

Here is an excerpt from the Hospice News article:

“The benefits of hospices working  with EOLDs can be twofold. Non-medical doulas  spend more time with a patient than a hospice nurse or a volunteer can. Thus, leading to better support and satisfaction. Doulas are trained to spot medical issues when they arise. This can alert hospice to changes. This teamwork makes an difference in the care and safety of patients.

Secondly, the education that doulas provide to families can help alleviate anxiety and could help the patient move into hospice earlier in their illness. Earlier election allows patients and families to benefit fully from hospice services, improves the patient’s quality of life in their final days, and supports the hospice’s bottom line by increasing the number of patient care days.

Earlier election also provides a boost to hospices’ publicly reported family satisfaction surveys. The number one complaint that most families have hospice care is that they wished they could have received those services sooner, according to the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.”

Read the full article here:

This is an exciting time for the End of Life Doula Movement. As Hospices continue to show support for end of life doulas and validate the profession, we will see the momentum continue to surge into mainstream healthcare and households around the country and the world. There is no better time than right now to consider becoming a End of Life Doula. Could you be the first Doulagivers Certified End of Life Doula or Doulagivers Specialist in your community?

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Have a beautiful and joyous day!

Suzanne B. O’Brien RN


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