EOLD Testimonials

Nicole Smith

Doulagiver Institute graduate and Certified End of Life Doula Nicole Smith shares how she researched extensively before choosing the Doulagivers Training and what it has meant to her.

Adrian Allotey

Adrian Allotey, Doulagivers Certified End of Life Doula and Founder of You are Not Alone Eldercare, shares how when she trusted in the universe to live her greatest purpose – she found Doulagivers. Hear this woman’s incredible passion and how she is making the world a better place!

Amy Taylor

Meet Doulagiver Amy Taylor! In this video, Amy shares how taking the Doulagivers End of Life Doula Training prepared her to go out into the world and be of the highest service to others. As she says, the program was a transformative experience!

More to come as we certify more Doulas!