End of Life Doula Practitioners Certification Training Program

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This Training is for those who wish to be Certified End of Life Doulas. Doulagiver certified End of Life Doulas Learn everything to do from the time when a person gets a terminal diagnosis all they way through to helping families to re-enter life after loss. Please see full course curriculum below. Time Magazine just named End of Life Doulas as one of the top seven new professions in 2017. This independent practice makes $40,000-$70,000 dollars annually. This is the new specialized area of non-medical health care. This Training is for those who have a calling and desire to support and guide both patients and families through the end of life process. There is no national or international governing body for End of Life Doulas. This is a human skill. Following in the footsteps of the birthing doula movement that has been a successful specialized non-medical field in the area of childbirth for decades, now is the time for us to offer the same care and support at for those at end of life.


Doulagivers is at the forefront of the end of life movement. Awarded “Worldwide Leader in Healthcare” by The International Nurses Association, Doulagivers is part of The International Hospice and Palliative Care Association for  as part of their Global Directory of Education Programs, as well as being featured in numerous articles and TV shows such as Healthlink on PBS, Nyberg, CBS NEWS, The Hospice Times, E-Hospice, The London Times just to name a few. Certification with Doulagivers is of the highest in education, integrity and recognition.

The Definition of Certification:

Certification is the process through which an organization grants recognition to an individual, organization, process, service, or product that meets certain established criteria. For certification of individuals, the individuals usually have to meet eligibility requirements (such as education or years of experience), pass an examination, and pay a fee. There are also usually ongoing requirements that need to be met, such as retesting or participating in a minimum number of continuing education activities.

It is with these criteria that Doulagivers offers the highest industry standards of End of Life Doula Training.  Before being awarded certification, students must have a minimum of 30 hours of bedside experience, successfully complete all learning modules, pass the Doulagivers final exam, and pass a level 2 background check. Every Doula will be required to be an active member of the Doulagiver Membership in order to keep updated with the most current education and evaluation of their ethical practice. 

[/fusion_text][fusion_text]The Doulagivers Practitioners Certification Training is a non-medical course. Doulagiver Certified End of Life Doulas are highly educated. Learning everything to do from the time a patient receives a terminal diagnosis all the way through the time of death and even how to support families after their loved one has passed. The Certifed Practitioners Course is one of the most comprehensive, all encompassing end of life educational programs available to assist patients and families holistically at this very precious time in their lives. They go through extensive educational training and are required to have a minimum of 30 bedside contact hours with end of life patients. [/fusion_text][fusion_text] [/fusion_text][fusion_text]Level 3 Certified Doulagivers/ End of Life Doulas is a global community of heart-centered practitioners growing by the day. Certification Includes: 12 Online Modules- See The Doulagivers Certification Curriculum below.

  1. The Shock Phase
  2. The Stabilization Phase
  3. The Transition Phase
  4. Building a Sacred Space
  5. The Most Common Medication Used in End of Life Care
  6. The Top 10 End of Life Disease Processes
  7. When Science Meets the Bedside
  8. Your Doula Comfort Kit
  9. Advance Directives, Creating a Self-Care Practice For Yourself
  10. End of Life planning, Obituaries, Eulogies, Creating Legacy and Remembrances with Your Patient,End of Life Options, Funerals, cremations,green/Natural Burials, Home Wakes/Home Funerals, Life Celebrants
  11. What to do When Your patient Dies, The Truth about Children and Death, Grieving/Mourning/Bereavement, Learning Skills for Healthy Grieving, End of Life Doula Mission Statement and Code of Ethics
  12. Starting Your End of Life Doula Practice, End of Life Doula Interview Checklist,End of Life Doula Family agreement, End of Life Doula Patient Template, End of Life Doula Network- The Global Community, Marketing Your Doulagivers Practice

[/fusion_text][fusion_text]Doulagivers Certification also Includes:-Lifetime access to all 3 Levels in The End of Life Doula Classroom.

-Access to the live monthly webinars, podcasts, or vlogs.

-Lifetime membership to the End of Life Doula Network- The Global Community. Monthly conference calls with the latest Doula news, education, business building techniques & Q&A.

-Lifetime membership in the End Of Life Doula Level 3 FB Community.

-Ongoing mentorship and coaching support.

-Business Building and Marketing Your Doulagivers Practice Series.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]The Certified Practitioners Training Course Time: Completion of 12 online modules and 30 hours of bedside contact hours required for graduation. This course is a self-study online program with live one-on-one coaching support all during the training whenever students need it.  1 full workshop day (optional) at the International Doulagivers Institute in NYC is offered monthly for those who have completed the online course and would like an opportunity to practice case studies, participate in group discussions, and learn business building techniques. This live workshop is an additional Fee of $297.00 for those who wish to participate. There are only 10 spots available for each monthly workshop to maximize learning. Early registration is strongly advised. Certification Course time: 30 hours of study time. 30 hours of bedside contact hours. Course requirements for certification. 1) Successful completion of all modules in the online classroom. 2) 30 hours of bedside experience with End of Life Patients. 3) Passing score on the End of Life Doula Practitioners Certification exam. 4) A level 2 background clearance. 5) Proof of Liability insurance to practice as an End of Life Doula.

Click Bellow To Register. Regular Price $997.00.  Doulagivers End of Life Doula Certified Practitioners Training. This course requires a phone interview prior to acceptance. Please call The International Doulagivers Institute @ 646-883-6534 to schedule your interview and for more information. 

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