Doulagivers Trains North Hawaii Hospice!

Doulagivers is proud to announce another End of Life Doula Hospice Training!


Doulagivers is now a part of North Hawaii Hospice! Our End of Life Doula Training is now being offered by hospices and medical agency trainings. Doulagivers End of life Doulas are the perfect adjunct to Hospice care. Hospice has been the recognized leader in End of Life Care since the 1970’s. It is a beautiful, holistic model of care, however, due to Medicare restrictions, Hospice is usually just not able to give the amount of support that patients and families need in the home at end of life. This is where Doulagivers End of Life Doulas come in benefiting Hospice, Patients and Staff. Doulas can fill in the time and guidance families so desperately need at this precious and often, overwhelming time.

Congratulations NHH!

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