Doulagivers License Agency Trainings

The Doulagivers Trainings are The New Gold Standard in Elder Care and End of Life Care. Awarded “Worldwide Leader In Health Care” by The International Nurses Association, Doulagivers is desired and raising the level of care in both medical and non-medical Home Health Care Agencies, Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals, and Long Term Care facilities.

Doulagivers is the new specialized, holistic, non-medical area of health care for the elderly. Now licensed and being offered to agencies and organizations to add this much needed area of care to our 78 million Americans over the age of 65 who prefer to stay at home as they age and reach end of life.

How It Works: Agencies must apply for licensure. After being accepted, there are 2 different packages offered. The exclusive territory package and the non-exclusive territory package. The employees that are accepted into the program will participate in an online Doula “classroom” for a total of 12 modules, live weekly webinars and at least one year of on-going support and continuing education in The End of Life Doula Network. After purchasing the Doulagivers Training, the agency has an option to bring in a live trainer for an intensive training weekend or continue through online webinars, case studies and support. There will be patient case studies, comprehension assessments, and a minimum number of at least 30 contact hours at the bedside, as well as a background check before certifications are awarded.

Agency/Organization benefits for having Doulagivers as part of there service offerings:

1) Being One of The First to Have The New Gold Standard in Elder Care. It is time to thoroughly train those who care for the elderly with the best holistic model of care. Doulagivers is recognized internationally by multiple organizations and has been the recipient of several awards and more importantly family testimonials.

2) Marketing Advantage Over Competitors. Our senior population will reach the largest demographic by 2030. There is going to be a huge demand for specialized elder caregivers. Consumers have a choice and will be choosing a provider that has taken the extra measures to ensure and train the best elder caregivers possible. It is time to bring back the highest quality of holistic care to our very precious elder population and the people who care for them.

3) Use of The Doulagivers logo, name and Level 1 Community Caregiver Training. Doulagivers is recognized internationally. Adding this name to your services and website will draw people to your business. Agencies/organizations who attain licensure are allowed to offer the Level 1 End of Life Doula Community Caregiver Training. This is a wonderful way to support and educate family caregivers in your community and let them know you are now offering Doulagivers as part of your services.

4) Listing on the website. All Agencies and Organizations that have purchased The Doulagivers Training Certification Program will be listed on the Doulagivers website under “Find a Certified Doulagiver” section. This is free marketing that will bring many more consumers to the participating agency or organization.