Sarah Vincent

Location: British Colombia
Skills: Care Consultant, Certified End of Life Doula, Doulagivers Specialist, and Elder Care Doula
Tags: #doulagivers, #doulagiverstrained, #ENDOFLIFEDOULA, #endoflifedoulatraining, #eold, and death doula

I am born and raised in British Columbia, Canada. I love the variety of creation found here and find therapy in the crashing of ocean waves to the majestic mountain air. I spent my youth working as a backcountry guide, leading groups on river rafting, canoeing, climbing and hiking adventures through the Rocky Mountains and up into the wilderness of the Nahanni River.

For the last 12 years I have been a nurse, specializing in palliative end of life care. When I am not working at our local Hospice, I can be found travel nursing to remote communities such as Bella Coola, Bella Bella, Haida Gwaii, and Alert Bay. These work assignments allow me to learn about many sacred cultural traditions of the Indigenous in those communities.

It was the experience of my mother’s death that led me to my nursing career. My distress and grief during her end of life was greatly eased because of the wonderful care she received in Hospice. I knew I wanted to be an EOLD long before the role existed. As a nurse I enthusiastically jumped at every opportunity to get additional education specializing in Hospice, palliative and end of life care. At long last, the education and health care system has caught up with my passion and I was able to become certified through an End of Life Doula program. As a Doula I can provide support unique to each individual and their loved ones. Navigating through the loss and grief journey is different for everyone. The impending death of a parent, spouse, child, friend, or even a pet, will come with emotions and obstacles that are new, unexpected, and often very frightening. My promise, as an EOLD, is to be your guide on this final journey; to prepare, educate, and support you through the challenges of the EOL experience. I will be there for your loved ones, to lend them strength while they grieve, and to make your legacy and their memory of your final journey as sacred as possible.

Sarah Vincent EOLD


Phone: (250) 540-4017