Nancy Macke

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Location: Ohio
Skills: Care Consultant, Doulagivers Specialist, and Elder Care Doula
Tags: #doulagivers, #doulagiverstrained, #doulagviers, #eldercaredoula, #ENDOFLIFEDOULA, and #endoflifedoulatraining

After a career in healthcare, I found my calling as an End-of-Life Doula. I am passionate about demystifying “hospice” and building relationships with patients through their end of life journey. I believe that the earlier in the end of life process a Doula is able to begin working with patients and their families, the greater the opportunity to ensure clients find peace, let go of any unresolved conflict or guilt and are able to offer or receive forgiveness. I welcome the opportunity to help you write your story and transition from this life in a way that is uniquely your own. It would be my privilege to provide companionship and a supportive presence to you and your loved ones.

Location: South Lebanon, Ohio

Phone: (513) 268-6006