Laureen M. Painter, OSF

Sr. Laureen Painter
Location: Ohio
Skills: Certified End of Life Doula and International Doulagivers Institute Trained
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Laureen Marie is a past educator having taught at the elementary and collegiate levels for 18 years. She also has nearly 30 years of healthcare administration experience serving in three national health care systems in Louisiana and Indiana. Her healthcare service included positions as a Vice President (Internal Medicine Specialists, Emergency Medicine, Life Air Rescue, affiliate health services programs, Mission Integration, Spiritual Care, colleague formation, to name a few areas of responsibility) and as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). She served on the Board of Trustees of a national healthcare system and was also the Chair of the Clinical Ethics Committee of a healthcare system. In her earliest professional career, Laureen served her local community as an Emergency Medical Technician.

In addition to professional endeavors, Laureen was also very active in the communities in which she lived. She volunteered with groups that enhanced human dignity and provided access to basic life services. She served on multiple community Boards that worked with homeless families and individuals, troubled teens, cancer patients, the underserved, and medically indigent persons. She is the past Chair of HealthLinc, the largest federally qualified health center system in north-central Indiana, is a founding member of the Community Benefit Coalition of 50 agencies offering a broad spectrum of services, and is a founding member of the Honoring Choices Board that educates people on end-of-life healthcare choices and the ethical decisions therein.

Laureen is a member of the Sisters of Saint Francis of Sylvania, Ohio and relocated to northwest Ohio in 2020. She hopes to find various avenues of service wherein she is able to use her past education and experience by volunteering as a Certified End-of-Life Doula in hospices, physician offices, long-term care centers, and patient homes.


Laureen Marie Painter, OSF, MA, MHA, LFACHE, CEOLD, NEDA Proficient

Northwest Ohio