Kathy Bray

Location: Washington
Skills: Care Consultant, Doulagivers Specialist, and Elder Care Doula
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While We’re Still Here Doula Services, LLC

Kathy Bray has been a certified death doula since October 2023. Her experiences around dying and death began long before 2023, however. She has worked with the elderly since 1987 in many capacities and found her work to be an enriching experience through conversation, assistance, emotional, physical, and spiritual support. Kathy has a medical background as well, which placed her around the elderly and infirm. This taught her patience, empathy, and compassion. It also has allowed Kathy to see dying for what it is: a natural part of life.

Hello, I am Kathy Bray. Whether my experience has been a quick phone call to say hello, a delivery of a meal or medications, or a long conversation at the bedside or sofa, all of it has led me here, to becoming a death doula. I’ve heard some people say that the doula job “chose them”. I made the choice to become a doula once I realized how much I had already been doing this work with friends and loved ones, through my work in the medical field, within my church family, and as a volunteer for Meals on Wheels and Hospice.

I believe that talking about the end of our life is important—crucial—to having as peaceful and loving experience as possible. When we acknowledge that we will die, our living transforms into seizing opportunities to share kindness, love, conversation and sometimes restoration of strained relationships. If we have contemplated our own death we can imagine what we want our last days to look like and perhaps how we’d like to be remembered. We also can consider how to show love and gratitude for the people in our lives who have loved and supported us along the way.

When we ‘live like we’re dying’, we say the important things, express long-held emotions, create a legacy for our young by giving them a window into our generation’s lifestyle and history, and live the life we have left to the full.
If you’d like to explore how I may be of help as a death doula, please contact me. I offer a 30-minute virtual or telephone conversation to see if I would be a fit for your needs.

You can contact me at kathy@whilewerestillhere.com or call 509-619-0771.

Website: https://whilewerestillhere.com
Location: Richland, Washington