Gail Wathen

Location: Maryland
Skills: Certified End of Life Doula
Tags: #eldercaredoula, #ENDOFLIFEDOULA, #endoflifedoulatraining, #eold, end of life doula, and find end of life doula

Hi I’m Gail, a Holistic Health Practitioner and End of Life Doula. The journey that brought me here has been molded over the past 20 years and began with my initial yoga teacher training. After completing my basic 200-hour program and teaching at various locations, it became apparent that my practice wasn’t accessible to the population who could really benefit from it. This sent me a new direction and an additional 300-hour training where I would learn to work with people who had cancer and suffered from chronic illness. Part of the training required an internship. During that time the universe kept sending me clients who were end of life. As a result, I found that I had a gift for holding space and just being present. They would let me know what they needed from me. Their requests would range from guided imageries to movement that helped relieve lymphedema. This was their journey and I was just happy that they trusted me to be a part of it. In 2017 it became very personal as I had the privilege and honor to care for my mom during the past three months of her life. My training and experiences were invaluable as I sat with her on her journey home. The support of hospice was wonderful once I got over the emotional turmoil of having to contact them. For me, it was like I was giving up on her. I’m sure a lot of caregivers go through the same thing. This was the tipping point for me or the push I needed to pursue additional training as an End of Life Doula. My desire is to bring holistic care, guidance, and companionship to both the client and their caregivers that would ensure a peaceful and beautiful transition. Everyone deserves this.