Emily Pinzur

Location: Washington
Skills: Certified End of Life Doula and International Doulagivers Institute Trained

Khalil Gibran said “Work is love made visible.”

Emily is a certified end-of-life doula providing spiritual, emotional, and practical  support to patients and families.  She likes to say that end of life work is in her heart and soul. She graduated from Hunter College School of Social Work in New York City in 2003, and her doula practice is informed by nearly 20 years of experience as a medical social worker.   She has worked with a diverse group of people, in a variety of settings, but nothing grabbed her attention and heart like end of life care.

She is passionate about providing care, comfort and choice to the dying and those who love them.  She sees the need every single day, people struggling to start conversations about death and dying. After the conversations, she witnesses their joy, relief, freedom and peace.  It is her intention and deep desire to bring this peace to all. Emily believes that a death that reflects one’s values in life is everyone’s right.  She is proud to help her clients find the sacred during a most sacred time.

Emily loves supporting people during transitions, and death and dying is the biggest transition of all.  Her biggest personal transition was becoming an end of life doula.  Before that, she spent time with end of life patients and their medical teams as a social worker in home health, hospice and inpatient palliative care.  Emily learned a lot  and had many beautiful experiences but she saw that many of the patients and families needed more, and she did too…more information, more chocies, more flexibility, creativity and freedom.  More spiritual support.  More “whole person” care.  As a doula, she enjoys the flexibility to provide exactly what her patients and families need.  As a doula, she is a listener, an advocate, a healer, a guide, and a witness.

Doulas meet people at the bookends of life. Emily loves to sit with people in the sticky spaces where real life happens…the spaces of opportunity and reflection.

Emily is a born listener who believes in the power of story to teach and heal. She is a doula because she values the power of choice.  She loves to help her clients find what feels right for them as they tap into their sense of curiosity, gratitude and wonder about what’s possible.  Every person’s life should be honored in the way that’s perfect for them.

Emily’s End of Life doula practice, Silver Wheel End of Life Doula Care, is located in Seattle, Washington.  She serves clients virtually all over the country.