Christine McBeath

Chris McBeath HS truth
Location: Canada
Skills: Certified End of Life Doula and International Doulagivers Institute Trained
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Through the years, my heart always knew a time would present itself for me to become a professional EOL companion. When I discovered the Doula Givers Institute, it so inspired my heart that I knew that time had arrived.

My background has involved many paths including tourism, raising a family, writing, travel and most recently, helping seniors transit from their lifelong homes to assisted living premises. An emotional journey for them, to be sure, and one that is usually filled with stories, treasures, memories and love.

It is enriching work but without doubt I can say that being an EOL Doula – sharing the companionship of heart alongside a solid body of knowledge to support and comfort those involved in the dying process – is one of my most precious life choices yet.


Serving British Columbia, CA

(604) 616-6762