Cheryl Schade

Location: Ontario
Skills: Certified End of Life Doula
Tags: #doulagivers, #doulagiverstrained, #ENDOFLIFEDOULA, #endoflifedoulatraining, #eold, and death doula

Cheryl Schade is a certified End of Life Doula in addition to being a trained and certified Life Celebration Specialist who has performed hundreds of ceremonies, services and celebrations throughout the various stages of life, from birth to death. Her passion for serving individuals, couples and families flows from her deep desire to support, encourage, and facilitate memories and celebrations as they relate to all aspects of life. Having had the honour of being a primary caregiver to both her Dad and her Mom as they each neared end of life, she has experienced firsthand the importance of walking alongside others as they near end of life, to ensure that each person she serves may experience a peaceful passing, surrounded by those they love. Cheryl has earned a diploma in Social Services from Conestoga College and a Bachelor Degree in Religious Education and Counselling from Emmanuel Bible College and works as the Chaplain at a Long Term Care Facility.


Phone: (519) 496-3299