Beverley Shiels

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Location: Canada
Skills: Certified End of Life Doula, Doulagivers Specialist, and Elder Care Doula
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I’m frequently asked what made me want to go into this field. On reflection, I guess it’s been a natural transition since childhood.

I was that friend everyone turned to in difficult times. This continued in my career and volunteer work. People gravitate to me for a listening ear, reassurance and support during times of change or crisis. I feel honored they choose to entrust me with their life and death stories.One day, thoughts of serving the sick and dying started bubbling up, but I couldn’t put a name to what I envisioned. That changed at a conference when I had to share something unfulfilled. Another attendee said it sounded like I wanted to be a Death Doula.

Instantly, that put all my thoughts and feelings into something tangible! My research confirmed this role is what I was being called to. Now, I tend to refer to myself as an “End of Life Doula” because my focus is not solely on death but also life. How amazed was I to discover my great-grandmother served her community during birth, death and everything in between! So, I guess you could say this calling is in my DNA!

It was In 2016, I made the decision to take my first action step to set in motion what I believe is my life’s purpose. It was imperative for me to capture in the name of my company, the emotional and physical courage it takes to face life’s heartbreaking milestones, especially when having to say goodbye to one’s health, life and loved ones. And so, Courageous Goodbyes® was born!

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Location: Alberta, Canada

Phone: (+1) 780-910-3496