Project Description

Linda is a Certified End of Life Doula and founder of Heading Home OC

As people near the end of life, they often talk about “going home”.  While death is a certainty for all of us, few of us are prepared for the last leg of this earthly journey.  As a CEOLD, Linda helps families anticipate, prepare and honor those final preparations.  She has 34 years of nursing experience including certifications in geriatrics, hospice and palliative care.

Her career shifted when several family members and friends developed terminal diseases.  Linda realized that beyond nursing skills, what terminally ill patients and their families need is true compassion, advocacy and a knowledgeable and trusted companion for their journey.  Someone to guide them through the unknown intricacies along the end of life path.

Heading Home OC serves people Orange County, CA.  For information or talk to Linda, please visit:
phone: 949 329 2777