Project Description

Jennifer Hoit is a Registered Nurse with ten years experience in homecare nursing.  She has worked extensively with patients from hospitalization and/or diagnosis of an illness through admission to Hospice, and ultimately end of life .  Oftentimes, her patients and their families avoided talking about death until a crisis situation arose and they often did not go into Hospice care until they were actively dying.  Jennifer felt that there had to be a better way to facilitate peace and acceptance for her patient and their families at end of life. Jennifer found her answer through completing Level 1 through Level 3 End of Life Doula Training with Suzanne O’Brien.  By teaching family members the art of caring for the dying, death is met more openly by the patient and their loved ones. Working with the Hospice nurses, the End of Life Doula bridges the gap between Hospice Nurse visits by continuing teaching and supporting the patient and their family. Also, the conversation around death can be started before there is a health crisis bringing clarity and understanding to this part of life.  Jennifer believes that there is no less beauty at the end of life than in the beginning and her passion is fueled by her intention to bring the community together to support and care for the dying and their families. She is also a Doulagivers Care Consultant and is trained to discuss advanced directives, as well as end of life wishes. She lives in Upstate N.Y. with her two children and two German Shepherd Dogs.

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