Project Description

Hello, I am Jennifer Jayanti Atkins, Certified Doulagiver, Certified Yoga Specialist, BS in Kinesiology (CU Boulder), and owner and operator of Adaptive Yoga Specialist LLC.

As a longtime yoga instructor specializing in adapting yoga for people with movement disorders, I have worked closely with dementia, PD, MS, TBI and other degenerative conditions for years. I provide a lot of personalized one-on-one support for my clients and always seem to develop close caring relationships with them. As I have supported several beloved clients through their end-of-life processes, I realize that the kind of holistic support I provide quite naturally spills over into end-of-life care. When I heard about Doulagivers Institute, I knew instantly that I needed this high-quality education and expertise.

Having now successfully completed my training, I am actively practicing as a Certified End Of Life Doula. In addition, I am expanding my expertise as a Doulagiver Specialist. This prepares me to provide skilled holistic support for Elder Care, as well as provide end-of-life planning support as a Care Consultant with our detailed Peace of Mind Planner.

I am skilled in delivering online services, helping to bring together loved ones and provide needed support whenever and wherever the need arises.

I am very inspired to be doing this work and am passionate about helping people have a good end of life through death experience.

No one should die alone, and no matter how one’s life experience has been, everyone deserves a good end-of-life – in comfort, peace and loving support.


(541) 292-7563