Project Description

Hi My Name is Dorothy and I am the founder of Final Life Journey Doula Company. When my husband died six years ago, I knew I had to handle his death correctly for our seven yr old son. This was his first introduction to death and I needed to make sure our son was able to say his goodbye in his time and his way. This is what started me on my journey to becoming an end of life Doula. My mission is to change the way people view death and to help them to have a positive relationship with their grief. I help people to have a good death. We will all eventually die and dying a good death is just as important as living a good life it may be even more important. There is much to know about the many choices regarding end of life care and how to plan for it. I can help you make the transition easier for everyone involved. I am also a Grief Support Specialist with a focus on children and young adults. I can also provide guidance with legacy projects and memory boxes. I provide services for the states of Wisconsin and Illinois and will travel to wherever my assistance is needed.
I can be reached at: