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"I am so glad you are here. This will be the best 90 minutes of your life!"

~ Suzanne B. O'Brien RN

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What people are saying:


For me, the biggest plus from this training is the amount of medical information it gives. It has helped me, a non-medical professional, feel more confident, comfortable, and capable when speaking with medical personnel.


Excellent program. This training was so inspiring. Thank You! I am a retired nurse with extensive experience in oncology, critical and palliative care. That was the best 90 minutes of clear, comprehensive education on EOL care I have ever heard. Excellent!


I am thankful I attended the free webinar on end of life Doula care. It speaks to everyone in the medical / caregiving professions. I so enjoyed listening to Suzanne, her presentation was so uplifting. And thorough. I have worked as a PT in a elder managed care program for over 8 years and have learned so much of what was shared here during those years, as well as managing and caring for 4 aging parents. As a therapist, my role is typically “rehab” focused, and is not included in hospice or end of life ( traditionally) but we know better in that it IS important as a supportive team member and a “safety” specialist .I am going to encourage my colleagues to do the same. You must have the heart to do the work of a Doula, but everyone should hear your presentation. I mean EVERYONE, as death spares none.